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This section is currently incomplete. If you know names of the enemies whose names i don't know, please edit them.

Waddle Dees[edit]

  • Waddle Dee: A simple enemy. Like Koopa Troopas and Octoroks, Waddle Dees are in every game in their series (which would be the Kirby series in this case). The Waddle Dee wields no ability, and can easily be dispatched in a single hit. It's best to spit these at other enemies. Waddle dees are dropped by RoboKracko, and may come out of Boxy's boxes.
  • Big Waddle Dee: This bloated Waddle Dee has a bit higher defense and you need to use a Super Inhale to eat it. Still not too tough though.
  • Waddle Doo: A Beam-wielding Waddle Dee with a bit of hair and one eye. Eat it to get Beam. Not a difficult enemy to defeat or dodge. Dropped by RoboKracko.
  • Parasol Waddle Dee: A Waddle Dee which falls slowly down due to a parasol it holds on to. Eat it to get Parasol.
  • Parasol Waddle Doo: A Waddle Doo with a parasol. If you eat it while it has its parasol, you get Parasol; otherwise, you get Beam.
  • Gold Waddle Dee: This waddle dee will run away from you (eventually to fall into a pit). It has a chest, so you want to defeat it before it falls off.

Elemental enemies[edit]

  • Hothead: This enemy will spit fireballs and fire streams at you. Both of these will burn Kirby. Eat for Fire Ability.
  • Flamer: Originally, this flame-tackling enemy gave the Burning ability. Now since burning and fire are combined into Fire, it gives Fire.
  • Sparky: Zzzt! Sparky can create a field of electricity around itself. Eat it for Spark.
  • Pengy: Pengy's ice breath can freeze Kirby on the spot! Eat it to get Ice.
  • UFO: Not really an elemental enemy, but UFO has a Beam attack (Spark) and Laser Attack (fire).

Underwater enemies[edit]

  • Blipper: Able to survive underwater, this fish will try to ram you.
  • Glunk: A water-dwelling plant, Glunk can shoot you with fireballs.
  • Torpedo (Not real name) : This enemy will swim toward you in an attempt to ram you. It gets stuck on walls.

Miscellaneous Ability Droppers[edit]

  • Blade: This enemy attacks with a sword. Eat for Sword.
  • Heavy knight: This large and powerful sword wielder is a force to be reckoned with. Eat for Sword.
  • Noddy: A sleeping foe who may wake up. Stealing his power is a hindrance as it makes you fall asleep.

Miscellaneous without Abilities[edit]

Coming soon