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King Dedede[edit]

At the beginning, grab the two bubbles. If you don't currently have an ability, use the beam ability and save the ice for later. (Tornado or any projectile move will work. Enter the room and start the fight. At the start of the fight, run up to him and use beam until he starts coming closer. Fly over his head and do the same thing on the other side. Repeat hitting him until he is defeated. Grab the chest and continue to the next world.

Ms. Moley[edit]

Grab the three bubbles and see what's in the ? Bubble. If it's something not very good, use the fire ability and start the fight. When Ms. Moley sticks her head out of the hole, use fire on her until she starts throwing objects. Dodge these (or eat them, as some give out abilities) until she goes underground again. If he is in one of the background holes, stand in the very middle until the shadow over you changes from small to big. When this happens, run to the left side as fast as you can. Just use fire until she gets up and goes back in the hole. Keep on doing these things until she is KO'd. Grab the chest and continue to the next world.

Mecha Kracko[edit]

Grab the two bubbles and use the tornado ability. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE FIRE! It will disintegrate the clouds and you'll fall to your doom. Start the fight and wait until Daroach is gone. Just keep on using the tornado ability on Mecha Kracko until his health is depleted. After that, his health will come back and destroy the cloud that you were standing on. Float around (or tornado him) until he creates another cloud for you to stand on. CAREFULLY attack him with the tornado ability again until his health is gone again. This time you have beaten him for real. Grab the chest and continue to the next world. If you lose tornado, you're in for it. Use a final cutter (NOT WITH FIRE SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!) or eat the StarMen to get Hi-Jump. You can also shoot Waddle dees/Waddle Doos at him. Dodge the electrical force field that homes at you and the 3 sparks


Grab the two bubbles and use the tornado ability. Start the fight and wait until Daroach is gone. Yadogaine will appear. Rocks and Gordos fall on you all through the battle. He can use a laser attack and make a bunch of blocks fly out. Just keep on using tornado over and over agian until he is defeated. Grab the chest and continue to the next world. If you lose tornado, you're in for it. Just use Cutter's blades, lay bombs, or shoot rocks at him. (Remember if you hit a Gordo just timing once you stop you will get hurt)


Grab the two bubbles and use the hi-jump ability. (If you brought tornado, use that.) Before you start the fight, turn the volume on your DS up. It is easier to tell what he's about to do if you can hear him. When you start, stand on the right patch of land until he appears. He should make a squeaky kind of noise. Remember this sound, because it is important. Use the hi-jump or Fire Tornado on him repeatedly until he makes another squeak. Stand on the middle tile and he should dive towards you. Dodge it and he will hit the ground. This will take off a good amount of his health. Repeat this until he is defeated. Grab the chest and continue to the next world.


Get ready, because this is, by far, the hardest boss in this game so far. Grab the two bubbles and use the tornado ability. Start the battle and wait while his health goes up. IT IS IMPORTANT that if you have the tornado scroll, start on the ground so you have an ice tornado. This increases the damage to twice the amount. He will use four different abilities at random. The first ability is teleport. He does this the most often, and he can teleport anywhere on screen. The second is bomb. He does this pretty rarely, and it is very easy to dodge. The third is the Triple Star Rod. This is his second most often attack. It's very hard to dodge, so watch your guard. And the fourth is ice. It's pretty often, so watch out! After you beat him, grab the chest and move on.

Meta Knight[edit]

You will find a Beam Bubble and a Sword Bubble. They wont help much, but it is cool to have a sword fight with Meta Knight. I recommend tornado. He can use:

  • Slashing moves: Various slashing moves, his most common attack.
  • Fire Wave: He throws fire waves out of his sword. A dangerous move.
  • Spark Twister: A bunch of electricity goes around him. Just keep away.
  • Super Tornado: Get behind him if he charges his sword! This goes to the edge! If you can get behind him quick enough, he leaves himself vulnerable.

Dark Daroach[edit]

The bubbles you get are a ? bubble, a cutter bubble, and parasol. If you don't get tornado or another good ability, choose cutter. He'll viciously attack you with the same moves as last time, except:

  • His bombs are big and red. Once they explode, they make a pillar of fire, and this fire does NOT give you fire tornado if you touch it.
  • His Ice Beam is larger.
  • When he goes down, Dark Nebula stops possessing Daroach, then he drops the Triplestar. If you want the ability you have for Dark Nebula, let go of it and then put it in your mouth. DO NOT swallow it until you get Triplestar, then swallow it.

Dark Nebula[edit]

Ah, the last boss. Use Tornado, Triplestar, Hi-Jump, or UFO. He has three forms. Normal Attacks:

  • Star drop: He goes to the top of the screen and moves to the other end while dropping stars.
  • Star Flurry: He goes to a bottom corner and shoots out a bunch of stars, now's your chance to inhale these and blast him if you lost your abilities!
  • Star Wave: He shoots Four stars out.

Fire Form Attacks:

  • Flare Ball: He drops a fireball. If you let it remain, it shoots out a pillar of fire, and little fires spread across the floor.

Ice Form Attacks:

  • Ice Ray: Similar to Star Drop, except instead of dropping stars, he shoots an ice ray. It leaves ice o the floor, so if he does this, now's your chance to get Ice Tornado and hit him hard!

Spark Form Attacksl

  • Super Bolt: Lightning comes out in four directions , then shocks the edges of the screen. Very tricky to avoid.
  • Floating Movement: Oddly, he does this only in Spark Form. He moves across the bottom of the screen while floating up and down. Apparently, this is an imitation of Kracko's insanely speedy movements in Amazing Mirror. If it is, it's a poor imitation.

Just barrage him with Tornado, UFO, Triplestar, or Hi-Jump. I even did it with Cutter. Once he loses all his HP, pat yourself on the back, for you just completed Kirby: Squeak Squad!