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3-1: Entering Cushy Cloud[edit]

You will fall into a rocky area. Defeat the Biospark, Waddle Doo, and Waddle Dee. Slide (and roll) past the Wall Spitty and take out the Snooter. Slide (and roll) past another two Wall Spitties and defeat the Waddle Dee and Snooter. Defeat the Waddle Dee, Big Waddle Dee, and Cupie. Cross the platforms while taking out two Scarfies and a Waddle Doo. Enter the door. Enter the door and take down the two Blue Floaties, Inedible Ooze, and Cloud Bomber (perfect place for him if i say so myself).

3-2: Aqua Time[edit]

3-3: Mountain Climbing[edit]

3-4: Into the clouds[edit]

3-5: Thunderclap Alley[edit]

3-Xtra: A room per Chest[edit]