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6-1: Let it snow![edit]

6-2: Snowy Forest[edit]

6-3: Fort Freezy[edit]

6-4: Icicle Warning![edit]

6-5: Squeak Squad Hideout[edit]

You will fall into a snowy place with cupid,ninja,a cherry,a meat and ? bubbles.Enter the door and you will see Spinni trying to grab the chest.Defeat him,grab the chest and enter the door.You will see sword,a cherry and ? bubbles. grab one and enter the door. Storo will grab the chest.Defeat him,get the chest and enter the door.You will see fire,a cherry and a ? bubble.Enter the door and Doc will just look at you and then get the chest.Defeat him, get the chest and exit the stage.

6-Xtra: Complete with Wheel course, annoying waterfalls, and a hidden door[edit]