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2-1: Your first Starseal[edit]

Defeat the Cupie and get Cupid if you want. Go down and defeat 3 sparkies. Fall past a Gordo and defeat another Sparky, then destroy the blocks to your right and enter the door you reveal. Destroy a bomb block. Defeat the Metaltanx I (Dunno real name, just made that up) and Waddle dee on the way up the hill. Fight a Snooter, two Foleys, and a Waddle Dee, then defeat another Metaltanx I. Descend (Metal Ability Copyscroll helps here) while battling a Waddle dee, a Snooter, a Waddle Dee, and a Big Waddle Dee. Go through the door. Jump[ in the first cannon to shoot down to the second one. Shoot past the spikes to Cannon #3, which will send you flying through 5 Scarfies to Cannon 4. Shoot to the right to get the first chest. Blow up the Bomb Block and enter the door. Run up and defeat the Bubblehead (gives you bubble), Waddle Doo, Sparky, Sir Kibble, Heavy Knight, Blue Floaty, and Waddle Dee. Hit the first two Bomb blocks. Defeat the Big Waddle Dee while not hitting the third bomb block. Rather than break the next bomb block, jump over it, then take the lower path and grab the next chest. Defeat the Waddle Doo and progress through the door. The Big Chest (which you will notice to be shining) will be ahead of you in plain sight. Grab it and Spinni will appear. Fight him or run away. You'll run into Squeakers of all sorts - first the jumping Yellow Squeakers, then bomb-throwing Green Squeakers. A blue bomber Squeaker guards the door with big bombs. Exit the area.

2-2: Crystal Cave ends here![edit]

Run up and grab cutter, then enter the door. Descend the ladder, fighting off a Waddle dee and Waddle doo. You should find a Snooter and Sparky after that. Either go to the right and break the blocks or descend the ladder on the left. There will be three barrels. The one on the right has Fire, the other 2 have cherries. Climb down and defeat the Sparkies, then hit the switch and descend. Use the Waddle Doos or Pengies to get Beam or Ice if you want. Then defeat the Sparky and enter the door. Take out the Waddle Doo and climb down the ladder. Defeat the Snooter and Chip, then hit the bomb block and go around to the door it opens. Grab the 1/3 1up and go back through. Again, defeat the Snooter and Chip. Then take out a Sparky, a Batty, and a Scarfy. Float up and defeat another Scarfy, then hit the switch and dash through the gate. KO the Batty and enter the door to get a chest and 1/3 1up. Duck under the platform, then Defeat a Sparky and Parasol Waddle Dee and jump into the water to get a 1/3 1up. Jump down and dodge two Shotzos, defeat a Waddle dee, dodge two more shotzos, and defeat a Snooter. Enter the door. You will see Storo grab a chest above you. Hurry up and destroy the blocks, then float up and get the switch. Descend and get the chest (you may need to enter the lair), then float up. Grab the ? bubble and hit the switch, then exit quick.

2-3: Wheel Training[edit]

You should descend from a castle into a lush field. Go through the door. Defeat a wheelie and get wheel, then press B (I'm not bothering to write down enemies, you'll just plow through them) and watch. Go through the door once you reach it. You should see an Inedible Ooze. Take him out, then stand on the cracked blocks. Use wheel to get past the spikes and grab the chest. Doc will appear. Jump up and grab the wheel bubble, then roll with wheel until you hit a wall. Jump down and grab the 1/3 1up, then use wheel to reach the end. Enter the door. Defeat the Chip, two Bubble Heads, and another Chip. Make sure you use the Bubble ability to break the bomb block and grab a chest. Enter the door. Climb the ladder and jump down into the arena. Defeat the Big Beast and get Animal. Dig down and run under a Chip. Defeat a Waddle Dee and run under a Sir Kibble, then defeat a Firemaster (I dunno real name, made that up). Dig down and grab the Maxim Tomato. Now dig down lower and run past the Gordo. Jump over the dirt and defeat the Maniac Rabbit. Jump over the wall and fall past a Flamer, a Wall Spitty, and another flamer, then run up and defeat the Snooter. Dig down through the next layer of dirt, then dig your way to the next chest. Dig down to the door and enter it. Doc will come back, run through the level (you can find two Sparkies here) while avoiding the Squeakers' attacks. Remember to attack Doc for UFO or Laser if you like. Navigate the tunnels and enter the door to complete the level!

2-4: Boulders! AAAAAGH![edit]

Radish Ruins music! :) Go forward and get under the platform. Wait for the boulder to roll past, then go forward. You should see a Waddle Dee and some gray bomb blocks. Ignore the Waddle Dee and float into the thing above the Bomb Blocks. A boulder should break through the bomb blocks and the Waddle Dee should fall. Enter the door. Run up and defeat the Swordknight and Batty. Break the Bomb block and RUN LIKE CRAZY! You can either go down the ladder and defeat the Metaltanx 1, or run past the gap for a Maxim Tomato. Hit the Switch/Bomb block to get to the next bomb block. Hit it, then run down quick before the boulder can block up the gap that allows you to reach the chest. Exit the level thorugh the door. Kinda short, ain't it?

2-5: Unknown Cave[edit]

Defeat the Flamers and Scarfies while running through the first room of this cavern. Enter the door, then go get the Ice bubble and Pep Drink (The pep drink is blocked by fire, either float just above it or cool it down) and leave while defeating the Inedible Ooze. Defeat a Hot Head and two Waddle dees. Float above or cool down the fire while staying low. Enter the door to find Wheel (great here as it can roll through fire and get an element), a cherry, and the first chest. Enter the door and defeat another 2 Waddle Dees, a Firemaster, 3 more Waddle Dees, and a Batty. Break the bomb-block and enter the door. Get Beam or Cutter if you like, then defeat a Metaltanx II (Dunno real name, Just made that up) for Metal. If you have Hammer or Ufo, DO NOT get Metal! Break the Gray Blocks for a chest and defeat the Snooter, then enter the door. YOu should notice happy music came on :). Defeat the Boxin and 2 Parasol Waddle Doos. Then enter a strange platform area with 3 waddle dees, a big waddle dee, a waddle doo, an Inedible Ooze, and a Snooter. Get past it and enter the door. Spinni will appear and grab the big chest, now race him to the end! When you can hit him, defeat him, or hit him and take the chest. Exit.

2-Xtra: Super Double Special: Hammer and Throw![edit]

You should come out in the bushes. Defeat a Firemaster. Hit the Fire Block to defeat the 2 Snooters. Take out the 2 Scarfies, then defeat the Handswarm (Dunno real name, just made that up) and hit the Fire Block to burn the two Waddle Dees. Take out the Snooter you see in the cage, then hit the Fire Block to open up the cage. Normally the only thing left would be the Snooter and Meat, and the Snooter would steal your meat. But if you take him out, all that's left is the meat. Enter the door. Now run up the ladder. Avoid the Gordo and climb the next ladder. Hit the Bomb Block and, avoiding the Gordo, ascend the next ladder. Defreat the Scarfy and Sword Knight. Destroy the bomb block and fight Bonkers. Defeat him and get Hammer. Run up and pound the peg, then enter the door that appears. Grab the chest and cherry and enter the door. CLimb down past the Gordo and break the Gray Blocks to get a 1-up, then bust the brown blocks. Defeat two Inedible Oozes and break more gray blocks. TAKE THE LOW PATH! Hit the switch and eat the Flingy (Dunno real name, just made that up) for Throw. Defeat the snooter and destroy some blocks. Defeat the 2 Big Waddle Dees and destroy the big blocks. Defeat the Pengy (If you have the Throw Scroll, the water will freeze whenever Pengy touches it) and grab the Candy (KEEP THIS!!!). Enter the door. Run quickly to the switch and press it so the Gold Waddle Dee doesn't fall, then defeat it for a chest. Enter the door. You will see storo above you grab a chest. Run quick to the right and jump up past the platforms. Defeat the two Yellow Squeakers, then press the switch and defeat Storo (you may need to enter the lair). Get the chest and exit.