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Level 1-1: First Level[edit]

You start in a straight area. Defeat the enemies, and get Beam or Spark. Enter the door with up on D-Pad. Run up the hill and destroy the block, grab fire afterwards if you want. Break through a 5-block floor to get a cherry. Defeat a Bronto Burt, then destroy the big Star Block or jump over it. Take out the Snooter and enter the door. Float up and grab the 1-up, then enter the door. Jump up to the ledge and defeat or eat the Hothead and Snooter. You will see water and a Maxim Tomato. Jump into the water and get the Maxim Tomato. Jump past the drowning Waddle Dee and take out the Snooter, then destroy the bomb block to blow up the other blocks. Exit the level.

Level 1-2: Introduction to Bubbles[edit]

Walk through the first area and grab the Sword bubble. Progredd through the door. Defeat the Big Waddle Dee, then use a Cutting or Fire attack to get rid of the bush (sword is good for this). Take out the other bush for a cherry, and KO the Waddle Dee. Use the door. Grab the Meat bubble and Cherry bubble and mix them to get a Maxim Tomato. Use the door. Descend to the Sword Knight and KO him. If you lost Sword, now's time to get it back. Enter the door. Jump up and grab the chest. Defeat the Snooter and Sir Kibble (Sir Kibble drops Cutter, so maybe you might want it.). Defeat the Blue Floaty (I don't know his name) and fly over the pit. Take out the Chip and exit the area.

Level 1-3: Enter the Squeaks[edit]

Ah, Amazing Mirror music. Listen to the Rainbow Route music as you take down the Flamer (Since the old Burning ability and Fire ability are now combined, it gives you Fire) and Waddle Dee. Burn the bush to get a cherry. Defeat another Flamer. Burn three small bushes and the Big Waddle Dee will get burned by them. Finish him off and burn the next bush for the Cutter bubble. Take out yet another Flamer and cut down another bush, revealing a secret area with a 1-up in it! Defeat the Cloud Bomber (don't know if that's official name) (if you eat him, you get food!) and hit the Fire Block to take out a Snooter and a Big Waddle Dee. Enter the next room. KO the Waddle Dee, and climb or float to the thin platform. Defeat the Snooter while avoiding spikes and climb up the ladder. Grab the Fire bubble, then fly up to the Miniboss. If you have the Ghost Medal, it will be a big ghost. If you don't have the ghost medal, it will be Mr. Flosty. Get Ice (or Ghost) if you want, then enter the next room. Get the Meat, then defeat the Scarfies while staying above the water. Jump over a Gordo and two blocks, then hit the next block, causing the Gordo to fall down. Defeat the Maniac Rabbits (I don't think that's its real name), waddle dees, and Big Waddle Dees, and get Animal. Use Animal (or possess the Maniac Rabbit) to dig down and get the chest and a 1-up, but be careful to avoid the Gordo. Enter the door and jump to the Big Chest, which is in plain sight ahead of you, but be wary, for Spinni will attack! Cue catchy theme tune!

METHOD 1: Fight

Turn around and attack Spinni. Whale on him with your ability. If you don't have an ability, wait for him to throw a ninja star and eat it to get Ninja, but don't get close because he will then use a Melee attack with his metal fighting claw. If he steals your chest, hurry and get it back! When you defeat him, he drops the claw. Eat the claw to get Animal. Run forward and defeat the Blue Floaty and Yellow Squeaker, then enter the base for a Meat Bubble and a Spark Bubble. Exit, and whether or not the theme song continues, exit the area.

METHOD 2: Flight

Same as above, except you run from Spinni.

Level 1-4: Castle Heights[edit]

Jump onto the Warpstar to get to the next area. Fight the Pengy and continue through the door (don't forget to grab the cherry). Hit the switch and run through the gate it opens. Defeat the Sparky, climb the ladder, take down a Sir Kibble, climb up, and defeat a snooter. Jump up the ledge and defeat the Sparky. Climb down the ladders and defeat the Snooter, then progress through the door. Break the blocks and defeat the Sword Knight. You will see a Heavy Knight below you. Ignore him and destroy the blocks above you and ascend to find the chest. Break the next four blocks and climb up past the two Sword Knights. Hit the switch and grab the invincibility candy, then run to the right really fast. Run past the two Waddle dees, a snooter, a Chip, a waddle dee, a Big Waddle Dee, a Snooter, and a Hothead. Plummet down (if you ran out of invincibility candy, beware the spikes) to get the chest. Float back up and pass up a Bronto Burt. If you have Invincibility Candy left over, fall down and run past the Gordo to grab the cherry. If not, fly up. Either way, enter the door. The big chest will be right above you. As soon as you grab it, you will be attacked by Storo. You've got to defeat him. You got no choice, the screen doesn't scroll until you defeat him. Whale on him with whatever ability you may have, or grab the Fire bubble and toast him with that. Before he goes down, you may want to enter the lair for Ice and a Pep Drink. Once Storo is down, grab the Fire bubble if you didn't do that before and exit through the ladder.

Level 1-5: Extra life mania[edit]

Run up and defeat the Hothead. Now get the first 7 barrels:

  • Bottom Left Barrel: Cherry
  • Bottom Right Barrel: Cherry
  • Middle Left Barrel: 1/3 1up
  • Center Barrel: Waddle Dee
  • Middle Right Barrel: ? Bubble
  • Top Left Barrel: 1/3 1up
  • Top Right Barrel: 1/3 1up

Combine the 1/3 1ups to get a 1up! Then jump up and find a barrel with ANOTHER 1up in it on the left wall! Float to the top to find the chest in a barrel. Hit the switch and exit! This is the easiest way to earn extra lives!

Level 1-Extra: Extra Castle[edit]

You need the secret key in this area to enter here.

Fall down the ledge and defeat the Inedible Ooze (Not the real name). Remember, you CAN'T EAT HIM. Defeat the Biospark (You can get Ninja Ability here) and two Batties. Progress through the door. Defeat the Spitty (not real name), Noddy, Snooter, two Spitties, Foley (Eat to get bomb), Scarfy, Snooter, and Foley. Enter the door and GET TORNADO from the Twister! Break the blocks and defeat the two Noddies, Heavy Knight, two Scarfies, two noddies, and one Inedible Ooze. Progress through the door. Eat the Flying Pig (Not real name) to get Hi-Jump. Hi-Jump to hit two Waddle doos and a flying pig. WHEN THE PATH SPLITS, TAKE THE LEFT PATH and enter the door to get a 1/3 1up and a chest. Hi-jump past the Scarfy and Waddle Doo. Enter the door and defeat the two Parasol Waddle Dees (Get parasol if you like), Waddle Dee, Big Waddle Dee, and Bronto Burt. Jump over the two Shotzos and defeat the Scarfy. Defeat the Waddle Dee and Parasol Dee. Hit the Bronto Burt out of the sky, but don't mind the Scarfy, as it's suspended over a deadly pit. Jump onto the moving platform to get the big chest, then avoid Doc (or defeat him for UFO or Laser and escape! You will also find a Boxin. Get Fighter if you like.