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The Squeak Squad is a team of thieving mice who will attack Kirby when he gets a big Chest. If they take a Chest to their Lair, you have to hurry to the Lair before the Squeak Squad boards it up and leaves. When they hit you (Excluding with bombs, Spinni's Ninja Stars, and Doc's arsenal of Projectile Weaponry), you drop a chest. If you have a Big Chest and a Small Chest(s), the Big Chest is dropped first. If you already have the treasure from the Big Chest but not from the Small Chest(s), you may want to use the Big Chest as a diversion to get away with the Small Chest(s).

  • Daroach: The boss of the Squeak Squad. He has a red hat. He is a boss appearing in the boss rooms of Areas 6 and 8. For more info, see the Bosses Section.
  • Spinni: Spinni is the Squeak with sunglasses. She attacks with Ninja Stars and a metal Fighting Claw. You can eat the Ninja Stars to get Ninja. When she gets knocked out, she may drop her Fighting Claw, which can be eaten for Animal. Spinni is the fastest Squeak.
  • Storo: Storo is the fat Squeak with the red hat and Eye Patch. He can swing his hammer and jump around, both of which produce stars. Since Storo is so big, he is hard to fight in a small area. He drops good food, but no abilities.
  • Doc: Doc is the Squeak with a mustache and UFO. He flies around and is relatively tricky to hit. He can shoot a laser, drop a bomb (Gives Bomb ability), or shoot some gas out. When he's knocked out, he drops a laser gun (Eat for Laser) or his UFO (Eat for UFO). He also controls Robokracko (Boss of World 3) and Robot Hermit Crab (Boss of World 4).
  • Squeakers: Simple minions. Yellow Squeakers jump around, Green Squeakers throw small bombs, and Blue Squeakers throw Big Bombs. The bombs don't give you bomb. Red Squeakers also exist- in the cutscene showing the Squeaks running away from King Dedede with the treasure, you can see a Red Squeaker, and in the Minigame Smash Ride, there are Red Squeakers which try to knock you off.