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The stage includes water streams that will force you forward if you step in it. Six parts.

The first section is a Forest Area.

The second section is a Cave Area.

Kany is the section 3 miniboss.

Crystal Shard
The first shard is is a reward for defeating Kany, it is above where Kany is fought (Section 3), Fire Stone Combo is needed, which can be found before the miniboss.
Crystal Shard 1
Kany is a large version of a crab monster.
Crystal Shard
You need to jump from a waterfall
Crystal Shard 2

The fourth section is a downhill river with a Boat

Crystal Shard
The third shard is found under the last waterfall in Section 5.
Crystal Shard 3

Section 5 is a downhill river.

The final section is an uphill river.


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