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Section 1: Beach Area ~ Entering Sand Castle

Section 2: Beach Area ~ Leaving Sand Castle. Bomb and Cutter abilities can be found in Section 2.

Crystal Shard
The first shard requires the Cutter and Bomb combo. In Section 3, there will be a mountain-like figure with an entrance on top, you must use the combo in there.
Crystal Shard 1

Section 3: Tide Pool. Rock ability can be found at the end of Section 3, right before Dedede.

Section 4: Tide Pool ~ Brought by Dedede. Cutter ability can be found in Section 4.

Section 5 has Kapar.

Crystal Shard
The second shard is a reward for defeating Kapar
Crystal Shard 2
Kapar is a large version of a cactus monster.
Crystal Shard
The third shard requires Rock Cutter combo. The Shard will be on the left side in Section 6, keep switching forms until you are a hamster. While a hamster, hold Left control and tap A button rhythmically to climb the wall up to the shard.
Crystal Shard 3

Section 6: Cave Area.


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