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Nintendo 64 GameCube Wii Classic Wii U (recommended)[1] Switch Online Action
Neutral dpad Neutral control, Neutral dpad Neutral lstick, Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Left and right moves Kirby in that direction. Tap left or right quickly in one direction to make him run. Up makes Kirby jump, pressing up repeatedly makes him fly. Press down to make Kirby duck (or swallow an enemy he has in his mouth).
Start button Start button Plus button Plus button Plus button Confirms selections. / Pauses the game.
A button A button A button A button, B button A button Confirms selections. / Jump.
B button B button B button X button, Y button B button Unconfirms selections. / Inhale an enemy. / Use Kirby's current ability.
L button, R button, any C button L button, R button L button, R button ZL button, ZR button, Neutral rstick Neutral rstick, L button, R button Lifts inhaled enemy. / Throws lifted enemy upwards.
  1. Map the minus button to the VC menu. The analog stick doesn’t function unlike what you might expect