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K64 HR-H Enemy Info Card.png
K64 HR-E Enemy Info Card.png

HR-H is a giant robot with long arms and missile launchers. During the first phase, it attacks from the background, so the player needs to wait for an opportunity to attack. If Kirby does not have an ability, he can inhale one of the missiles that HR-H launches and hold it until there is a time to attack.

HR-H has four attack patterns. It will launch missiles, swipe with one of its arms, try to grab Kirby and slam him into the road, and fire a screen-wide laser beam. During attacks with its arms, Kirby is able to attack back, which can nullify the damage Kirby takes if HR-H is attacked while in the air. When slamming its arms down, HR-H will cause rocks to appear which Kirby can also use to quickly attack back.

During the second phase, HR-H changes into HR-E, which is a mobile tank that follows Kirby down the road. Like the last phase, it attacks by launching missiles, but also strikes with its claws and can send a larger missile down the road. It may also fly up and come back down on Kirby's position, trying to land on him. Kirby needs to attack the bottom of HR-E in order to damage it, but attacking with a physical ability rather than a ranged one will damage Kirby in turn. If the player takes too long to defeat HR-E, it will return to HR-H, but with the ground still falling apart.

Crystal Shard
Reward for defeating HR-H.
Crystal Shard