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K64 Miracle Matter Enemy Info Card.png

Kirby has made his way all the way here. He's ready to fight the leader behind this, and it's...Miracle Matter?

Although the dice-like object may have you stumped, it's something to fear. In its dice form, it cannot be hit by anything–but it can't do anything when it is like this, either.

To attack, Miracle Matter changes form, and attacks depending on the form he's in. He is impervious to all damage, except attacks of the same type. So, if he uses a Cutter shape against you, use a Cutter move on him to damage him (if you have a Mix Copy Ability, the Cutter can be either part). You can also spit the move type at him instead of using an ability.

All the forms:

Form Strategy
Cutter Miracle Matter will orbit around the center of the screen. The tail can be inhaled to be shot at him or copied.
Ice He will turn into an ice cube and move in a set pattern around the screen, with a sattelite of ice shards surrounding him. The shards can be inhaled.
Bomb He will transform into a bubble, with four smaller ones surrounding him. They will soon leave him and bounce around the screen, similar to Pong. After a bit, each of the four bubbles will split, and the new bubbles will also bounce around. After this, they all pop, leaving behind a dark sphere. This can be inhaled.
Burn He will turn into a fireball, which shoots many fireballs, which can be swallowed
Spark He will turn into and electric ball, and then shoot lasers that turn into swallowable balls.
Stone He will turn into a giant rock, and spawns little stones. When finished, he rolls around and around.
Needle He turns into a spikeball, and shoots out needles that leave swallowable points.
Crystal Shard
Reward for defeating Miracle Matter.
Crystal Shard