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Mine Cavern[edit]

The first stage has seven parts, which also includes a mine cart ride with Waddle Dee. The mini-boss is simple and mainly an ambush of numerous falling objects.

Shard Locations[edit]

  1. The first shard is located on the left side of the first section as Kirby is falling down into the cave.
  2. The second shard is in the second room, the minecart ride with Waddle Dee. At a certain point, the railroads will split up and down, and Kirby will need to jump up to the top rail in order to get the second shard.
  3. In the fifth section, you will need the stone and bomb combo to get the third shard. Don't forget that when the Dynamite explodes, you will be damaged if you forget to press Down control to hide beneath your helmet. Because there is just no possible way on earth to get stone or bomb on this level, you can go back to Pop Star Course 2 where there will be a bomb and stone enemy at the start of the course.