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Crystal Shard
The first Crystal Shard is in the open of the first area, between two Ghost Knights.
Crystal Shard 1

The first level of Ripple Star is a near-identical recreation of the first level of Pop Star, sharing the same layout, music theme, and Crystal Shard locations. The only differences are aesthetic and enemies. There is a piece of Food immediately behind where Kirby starts. The first area is a straight-forward path with several enemies. At the end is a Maxim Tomato, followed by a boss fight with a Big Sawyer.

Crystal Shard
The second Crystal Shard appears after defeating the Big Sawyer.
Crystal Shard 2
Big Sawyer
The Big Sawyer will go underground and come back up in different places. Bronto Burts will appear during the fight and fly toward Kirby.
Crystal Shard
The third Crystal Shard is under a rock in the river of the third area. The Needle-Bomb ability is required to break it.
Crystal Shard 3

The third area is another long path of enemies. In the garden area, there are two Food items and Shotzos on Star Blocks. The end of the level has another Maxim Tomato.