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The stage starts in a gloomy area, the Ripple Star fortress surrounded by dark clouds in the background. Waddle Dee directs Kirby to a manhole, which leads to an underground sewer system.

Crystal Shard
The first Crystal Shard can be found in the first room of the sewer, under the block in the center of the pool of water, which can only be broken by having a Spark ability.
Crystal Shard 1

The sewer starts with a piece of Food to the left and a door to the right. The next room is a channel of water that the player can only see through breaks in the walls, with Point Stars being visible. The water will lead to the inside of a cave, with out-of-water Floppers on the ground and a piece of Food to the left. Continuing through the enemies to the right, a boulder will fall and block Kirby's path, prompting King Dedede to come and smash it with his hammer.

Crystal Shard
The second Crystal Shard is found underwater after the hallways with holes, hiding to the left behind the food items.
Crystal Shard 2

The next room has a Glunk and Drops hanging from the ceiling, followed by a hole leaving further into the cave. Kirby has to continue downwards to progress, with a Maxim Tomato being found by flying up to the left of the third level down. By going up and around from the fourth floor down, the player can find a 1Up. Upon entering the hole with the blue ring, Kirby will fall into water. The underwater segment has various goodies to grab, and Kirby is able to exit the maze by swimming up to the hole on the right.

Crystal Shard
The third Crystal Shard is in the room with the Star Blocks and other items. The Cutter ability is needed to break the pillar leading to the Crystal Shard.
Crystal Shard 3

In the next area, Adeleine will paint an Invincibility Pop that will allow Kirby to destroy any Star Blocks and enemies in his path ahead. Various pillars block the way to goodies, which can only be destroyed by certain abilities. The door at the end will lead to an elevator that will bring Kirby to the end of the level.