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The level immediately starts with Kirby facing a Poppy Bros. Jr., who is followed by a few more enemies. Above some Bobos are platforms with Point Stars, following which are Frigis flying above Star Blocks with more Point Stars. The first area has several hills lined with enemies, with some Food items placed on platforms before the next area begins.

The second area is a tall cliff with a ladder leading upward. While ascending, Kirby will be attacked by several Pterans.

Crystal Shard
The first shard is found on top of the second igloo during the sledding phase.
Crystal Shard 1

After climbing the cliff, Waddle Dee will arrive in a sled and Kirby will get bumped into it. The third area is a sledding phase, with the hill filled with several Point Stars, enemies, and obstacles. At the end of the area, the sled will hit a log and Kirby will bounce into an igloo.

Crystal Shard
The second shard is found in the igloo where the Big Chilly is fought. By using a Fire-based ability, Kirby can melt the ice above to reveal the crystal.
Crystal Shard 2
Big Chilly
In the igloo, a boss fight with a Big Chilly will start. The Big Chilly attacks by sending out Frigis and protecting itself with an icy aura. It never attacks directly.
Crystal Shard
The third shard is at the end of the frozen ponds, underwater next to a trio of Slushies.
Crystal Shard 3

The fifth area has frozen ponds Kirby can walk on, being able to fall into them to explore below through cracks in the ice. Kirby can move between aquatic areas by going through caves in the structures.

The final area is a hilly snowscape with some Star Blocks and enemies. The area is covered with ice, which causes Kirby to slide around. At the top of some hills are Putts ready to roll a boulder down. When jumping over some gaps while descending the mountain, Maws will jump up and try to attack Kirby. Upon reaching the end of the level, Keke can be seen riding her broom in the background.