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The level begins with Kirby facing a mountain. At the top is a large hole with a Zebon in it that will launch Kirby into the clouds above. On the other side of the mountain is a Point Star.

Crystal Shard
The first Crystal Shard appears after the first set of moving platforms. By falling into the large hole with the Bronto Burt, Kirby can fall to a lower platform and collect the shard to the left.
Crystal Shard 1

In the clouds, Kirby has to jump over some pits with Bronto Burts and a Sirkibble on top of some Star Blocks. After jumping across platforms with Pterans over it, Kirby will encounter a couple of Skuds before coming across moving platforms with Point Stars in their paths, followed by additional Pterans and another Skud. Keke can also be found in this area on occasion. Next is a large hole with a Bronto Burt, followed by a few floating platforms with Sirkibbles. Surrounding some of the later platforms is a wind current that will push Kirby upward, Food items being found at the bottom of the current.

Crystal Shard
The second Crystal Shard is in the area with the Zebon that circles around. By aiming at the line of Scarfy on the left, Kirby will be launched into the Crystal Shard.
Crystal Shard 2

In the next area is another Zebon that will launch Kirby upwards into more Zebons. The third Zebon will circle around, and pressing the A Button will launch Kirby in the direction it is facing, with additional Zebons being used to send Kirby back to the one he launched from. Upon reaching the top of the clouds, Kirby will encounter some Poppy Bros. Jrs., falling Mopoos, Cairns, and Gabons as he jumps across platforms. The pink and yellow platforms grow and shrink, and Ticks later on will make jumping across them more difficult.

After jumping up some platforms, Kirby will arrive in the next area. This area has some jumping Mopoos and more Pterans. When jumping across the pits with air currents, the second pit has a Maw that will jump out and attempt to eat Kirby. Mopoos will also jump out from the ceiling and ground in groups of three from here. After jumping across the large hole and a Sparky, a Maw will be waiting in each subsequent hole, and Mopoos will fall from the ceiling as Kirby reaches the next area.

Crystal Shard
The third Crystal Shard is in the chamber with the Big Mopoo. After defeating it, the shard will appear in the center of the square in the middle of the arena. Only the Needle-Spark ability can break the chamber and allow access to the shard.
Crystal Shard 3
Big Mopoo
When Kirby enters the cave, a boss fight with a Big Mopoo will begin. During the fight, the Big Mopoo will fly around while Propellers appear to swarm Kirby. The Big Mopoo is relatively easy to defeat, but the closed area with the swarm of Propellers can make targeting the Big Mopoo difficult.

After defeating the Big Mopoo, the level will end.