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Crystal Shard
The first Crystal Shard is above the fifth escalator, with the Gordos, on the ledge above to the left.
Crystal Shard 1

Kirby starts outside a factory. Walking into it will lead Kirby to an escalator with falling Floras. At the top is a Sirkibble, followed by another escalator with Poppy Bros. Jrs. on it and another Sirkibble at the end. The next escalator has Bouncies and a Sirkibble at the end, with the next escalator having Point Stars, Bronto Burts, and a Putt at the end, along with a piece of Food on the ledge above. The fifth escalator has Point Stars and Gordos, with another Putt at the end.

An elevator will take Kirby to the next area with Mahalls and Sawyers. The next room consists of Fishbones and Gloms. The third room consists of Pupas and Ticks. The fourth room consists of I3s and Gordos. The fifth room consists of Poppy Bros. Jrs. and Shotzos.

Crystal Shard
The second Crystal Shard is revealed after defeating the Big Pupa.
Crystal Shard 2
Big Pupa
After these rooms is a fight with a Big Pupa. Two Bos will aid in the fight, but nothing will attack Kirby aside from physical contact.
Crystal Shard
The third Crystal Shard is revealed after pressing the correct color switches in the room after Adeleine's.
Crystal Shard 3

In the next area, Adeleine will paint three symbols to use as a hint for the switches in the next room. The next room contains Gobblins and Yarikos that will try to attack Kirby, followed by a room with falling structures. The next room is an aquarium with Gloms, Kanies, and Floppers. The next room contains large screws and bolts, containing Turbites and Sawyers. The next room is a TV station with Propellers, Bivolts, and a Plugg.

The final room is a circular path with three Shotzos in the middle and several Star Blocks, Foods, and Point Stars are placed along the path. There are some walls that can be used to protect Kirby from the Shotzos' cannonballs. The level ends after going through the door at the end of the room.