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  • Spike: Hurts nearby enemies. Hold A button to extend the spikes.
  • Sword: Automatically swings at enemies that are near
  • Plasma: Flick the controls fast to charge, then release with A button

There are 5 charges, listed from weakest to strongest:

  1. Fires three bolts in a straight line.
  2. Fires 9 bolts in three lines.
  3. Fires three shots that spread out horizontally.
  4. Fires one powerful shot in one straight line, this shot homes in on enemies.
  5. Fires one HUGE bolt that homes in on enemies, very damaging. Can KO a compact in one hit.
  • Flame: Fires flaming shots in front of you that stay on the ground, a trail of fire also come out of the back.
  • Bomb: Shoots a bomb that explodes on contact and spreads. Hold A button to build power and throw the bomb farther.
  • Mike: Damages all enemies in a range, used immediately. Very weak.
  • Sleep: Puts Kirby to sleep. Wake him up by rapidly flicking the Control Stick left to right.
  • Wing: Turns you into winged Kirby. Good for gliding, and has a set speed.
  • Wheel: Turns you into a wheel. Very Fast on land. When it goes over a ledge, it gets a major boost.

Items (City Trial only)[edit]

  • Sensor Bomb: Places into the ground. Explodes if ANYTHING goes over it.
  • Spin: Makes you spin very fast and gives you a great offense.
  • Power up: Makes your offence higher for a brief time.
  • Star up: Increases your Top Speed, Boost, and Defense.
  • Gordo: Allows you to shoot Massive Spike Balls.
  • Cannon: Puts a cannon on your head and shoots fireworks.