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Players roam freely around the city, searching for vehicles and power ups. In this mode, you can actually customize your vehicle (It can either be balanced or suited for a certain challenge). Afterward, you will go to the Stadium for a random match (if you have the Stadium match set on Shuffle).

There are different kinds of power-ups that affect different aspects of your machine. However, gray power-ups will negatively affect your machine. They are all listed below.

  • Top Speed: Increases your machine's overall top speed.
  • Boost: Makes you go faster when you boost.
  • Turn: Improves your machine's handling, allowing it to turn better.
  • Charge: Decreases the length of time it takes to charge the vehicle, and increases the time it is allowed to stay charged, allowing you to charge for longer periods before the machine briefly shorts out.
  • Weight: Decreases your machine's weight, allowing it to go faster and glide farther.
  • Glide: Improves your machine's gliding capabilities, allowing it to glide farther, higher, and for longer periods.
  • Defense: Decreases the damage your machine receives. Best for Kirby Melee.
  • Offense: Increases the damage your machine deals. Best for Destruction Derby.
  • HP: Increases your HP bar, allowing you to take more hits. This helps on VS. King Dedede, 'cuz that hammer hurts.
  • All: Improves all of your machine's stats. This power-up is very rare, and only appears in TAC Challenge, Huge Pillar, and UFO event. To get the ones in UFO event, go to the sky garden and then fall onto the ufo to find some powerups. TAC and the huge pillar also drop some on occasion.

Note: There are no negative power-ups for All and HP.