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Most of the game is controlled via the Stylus button. Touch an option in a menu to select it. In battle, the Wisp's position on the upper screen matches the Stylus button position on the lower screen.

The Neutral dpad mirrors the buttons in its actions during battle, allowing left or right handed players a similar playing experience (ie A buttonB button correspond to Down dpadLeft dpad and X buttonY button correspond to Up dpadRight dpad).

Controls Actions
L button or R button
  • Hide (Battle)
  • Fast-forward through text (Event)
  • Switch information (Menu)
A button
  • Toggle pause (Battle)
  • Proceed through text (Event)
  • Switch info pages (Menu)
B button or Down dpad or Left dpad
  • Toggle pause (Battle)
  • Switch info pages (Menu)
X button or Y button or Up dpad or Right dpad
  • Hold to pause (Battle)
  • Switch info pages (Menu)
R button+L button+Start button+Select button
  • Reset the game