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Koopa Kingdom Escape
Box artwork for Koopa Kingdom Escape.
Release date(s)TBA
Genre(s)Adventure, Platform
ModesSingle player
Preceded byMario Adventure
SeriesMario Adventure
TwitchKoopa Kingdom Escape Channel

Koopa Kingdom Escape, a.k.a. KKE, is an up coming fan-made alteration of Super Mario Bros. 3. This is the spiritual successor to Mario Adventure, also developed by DahrkDaiz. Koopa Kingdom Escape is a pseudo-sequel, as the very first level involves the same end boss battle as Mario Adventure, albeit toned down in difficulty. The game expands on the many concepts found in Mario Adventure while adding even more new ideas and custom hacks to the original Super Mario Bros. 3 engine.

This game is based on the disassembly created by southbird3 who created Super Mario Bros. 3mix. DahrkDaiz created a custom editor, Reuben, to work with a brand new level format and many of the extended features he added to the game.

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