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Modified Enemies[edit]

Chain Chomps[edit]

Chain Chomps are now attached to solid blocks. If the solid block is removed, the Chain Chomp will be freed and will chase Mario.


Spikes now throw a different kind of spiked ball that will bounce on the ground and destroy bricks. They will shatter once they hit a wall that's not brick.

Fire Snake[edit]

Fire Snake will now catch the ground on fire. The flames are temporary. Fire Snake will also melt any ice blocks it comes in contact with. Fire Snake can also jump higher to reach Mario.

Hammer Bros[edit]

Hammer Bros' hammers will now break apart bricks and stone.


Bob-omb explosions will destroy stones and bricks. Bob-bombs will exploding instantly if a fireball hits them.

Flopping Cheeps[edit]

Cheep Cheeps now fly out of the surface of water and flop along the round. Some varieties will be upside down while others will ricochet off all solid objects.

Chasing Cheeps[edit]

Some Cheeps will give chase towards Mario.

Brand New Enemies[edit]

Fire Bars[edit]

Fire bars are bars of 5 fire balls that rotate clockwise or counter clockwise.

Ice Bars[edit]

Ice bars are bars of 5 ice balls that rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. Getting hit by one will freeze Mario and send you flying in the opposite direction.

Giant Chomps[edit]

Giant Chomps will fly into the air from the bottom of the screen and fly back down, eating away at all solid blocks. Flashing Giant Chomps will continuously chase Mario through out the stage.


From Super Mario Bros. 2, these guys will skim along walls and the ground. They come on two flavors, slow and fast moving.

Ricochet Podobo[edit]

From Super Mario World, these Podobos move diagonally and will bounce against solid objects.

Dry Cheep[edit]

Dry Cheeps are fire proof Cheeps that will shoot out of water and lava. If a Dry Cheep hits lava, it becomes Burning Dry Cheep. Burning Dry Cheep will hurt Mario if he tries to stomp it. Landing in water will extinguish the fire and return him to regular Dry Cheep.

Pipe Podobo[edit]

Pipe Podobo shoots in and out of pipes.

Ninja Bros.[edit]

Ninja Bros. throw shurikens that target Mario. They will also judge Mario's attempt to bop them.

Ice Bros.[edit]

Ice Bros. spit ice balls that can freeze Mario and water.

Pirate Bros.[edit]

Pirate Bros. spit canon balls at Mario.

Water Mines[edit]

Water mines will float to the top of water and explode on contact with Mario or solid blocks. The explosion will destroy bricks and stones.

Shy Guy[edit]

Red Shy Guys will grab blocks and toss them at Mario. If the block contained

Veggie Guy[edit]

Veggie Guys are green Shy Guys that will pluck veggies from the ground and toss them at Mario.

Snow Guys[edit]

Snow Guys will create snow balls and toss them at Mario. The snow balls roll along the ground and break apart when they hit a wall. If Mario is hit by a snow ball, he's frozen.


Ninjis will jump in the air and toss shurikens directly at Mario.


A spider that drops down on Mario, spinning a web along the way. If Mario defeats him, his web stays behind, allowing Mario to climb it.


A spider brother of Spintula, this spider will crawl along fences and spit fireballs at him.

Zombie Goomba[edit]

A green Goomba that wants Mario's brains. One touch from this Goomba will zombify Mario, reversing his left and right controls. If Mario is touched a second time while zombified, he will be hurt. To return to normal Mario must touch water.

Piranha Skull[edit]

Piranha Skulls pop out of pipes when Mario is close and will bounce towards him.


Pixiglace is a fairy that will chase Mario with an ice ball rotating it. The ice ball will freeze Mario and water. When defeated, the ice ball will be free to go in the direction it was last moving in.


Pixignate is a fairy that will chase Mario with an fire ball rotating it. The fire ball will hurt Mario and met ice. When defeated, the fire ball will be free to go in the direction it was last moving in.


Swoosh will breath in air and blow towards Mario, pushing Mario in the direction Swoosh is facing. Some Swooshes may give chase towards Mario.


Freezies are from the original Mario Bros. They can pop out of pipes and freeze the surface of water. They are ice proof and if they touch Mario, they explode and freeze Mario, sending him flying into the air.

Purple Koopa Troopa[edit]

Purple Koopa Troops will explode after a short time once they are shelled. They will always return, even if they are defeated.

Ice Piranha Plant[edit]

Ice Piranha Plants spit ice balls.

Toxic Piranha Plant[edit]

Toxic Piranhas spit acid blobs that will boil for a short time once they hit solid ground.

Homing Missile Bill[edit]

Homing Missile Bills will chase Mario and explode on contact. Their explosion can destroy bricks and stones. An ice ball will deactivate Missile Bill, causing it to move in the last direction it was face until it hits a wall or goes off screen.


Birdo is back from her SMB2 debut. She will shoot eggs at Mario that will turned him into "yolked" Mario. Defeating Birdo requires 3 fireballs or 2 deflected eggs.

Cowardly Boo[edit]

Cowardly Boo will run from Mario if he's invincible. If he's defeated, Cowardly Boo will retreat back to where he came from in order to regenerate.