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New Block Types[edit]

Wall Conveyors[edit]

Some walls have conveyor belts that will carry Ninja Mario as he clings to the wall.

Air Currents[edit]

Some levels have air currents that will carry Mario in specific directions.

Rhythm Blocks[edit]

Blocks with a note symbol will change their property based on the beat of the music, such as being solid or wind current direction.


Stones are blocks that can be destroyed by Hammers or explosions.

Spinner Blocks[edit]

Spinner blocks are Super Mario World style blocks that will turn once bumped, making them able to move through temporarily. These blocks can be destroyed by Fire Fox Mario's Fire Dash attack.


Cherries are collected to equip badges.


Triggers will activate certain aspects of a level, such as Bullet Bill turrets.

Buoyant Water[edit]

Some pools of water will be buoyant, requiring extra weight to sink into.


E-switches are special switches that cause level events to occur.

New Objects[edit]

Block Makers/Block Eaters[edit]

Block makers will create solid blocks as they move across the level. Block eaters will destroy blocks as they move across the stage. Sometimes block makers and eaters appear together to produce a block train. Some block makers and eaters will toggle between being a maker and eater.

Tossed Bricks[edit]

Shy Guys can grab bricks from the level and toss them at Mario. These will hurt Mario and break on contact with the ground or a wall, releasing anything that was inside of it.


Keys can be carried and are used remove locks on doors.

Key Collection/Key Coins[edit]

Some levels will show key icons in the upper left hand corner. This indicates that key coins are found on the stage. Mario must find the key coins and fill the key icon meter completely. Once done, a key will appear in Mario's hands to be used to unlock a door.

Star Coins[edit]

When all the star coins are collected in an area a magic star will appear.


Only a few stages are timed. Stages that are timed will display a timer in the upper left hand corner. Clocks will add time to the timer.

Ice Blocks[edit]

Ice Mario can toss ice balls that will freeze enemies into ice blocks. Ice blocks will float in water and can be stood on. They can also be grabbed and kicked.

Red/Green/Gold Springs[edit]

Springs appear in a level and have various colors. The colors indicate the strength of the spring. Red ones are the weakest while gold springs are the strongest.