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Power Ups[edit]

Fire Mario[edit]

Fire Mario is practically the same as his previous incarnations. However, in KKE, Mario can lob fire balls upward by holding Up when pressing B. Fireballs can also melt frozen coins, ice blocks, frozen water surfaces and light up candles and blocks of wood.

Ice Mario[edit]

Ice Mario is Fire Mario's counter part. Ice Mario's ice balls bounce a bit higher than fire balls. Ice balls will turn certain enemies into ice, freeze the surface of water, put out flames.

Raccoon Mario[edit]

Raccoon Mario is practically the same as his SMB3 counter part. The difference is now he can deflect certain projectiles by tail whacking them.

Fire Fox Mario[edit]

Fire Fox Mario can tail whack, but cannot deflect projectiles. Instead, Fire Fox Mario can perform a fire dash by double tapping B. The fire dash can break through turn blocks and defeat some enemies. Fire Fox Mario can also swim in lava.

Poison Frog Mario[edit]

Poison Frog Mario can breathe under water and go into a "Poison Mode" by pressing Down + B and holding B. Poison Mode allows Mario to defeat enemies as if he were invincible.

Koopa Mario[edit]

Koopa Mario can turn into a shell if he ducks while moving, allowing him to act just like a twirling Koopa shell.

Sledge Mario[edit]

Sledge Mario is similar to Hammer Mario, but instead throws sledge hammers. These hammers can break through bricks and stones.

Ninja Mario[edit]

Ninja Mario can throw shurikens in 7 directions and wall jump by pressing into the direction of the wall he's against and jumping.