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Korea Media Rating Board
Year founded1966
For the rating template, see {{KMRB}}.

The Korea Media Rating Board is a content-rating organisation in South Korea which rates movies, videos, stage performances and phonogrames. The board rated video games until 2006, when they were caught accepting a bribe to rate Sea Story – a gambling game – as suitable for all. After this, a separate organisation, the Game Rating Board was split off from the KMRB to handle video game ratings.


  • KMRB All.gif Everyone
  • KMRB E12+.png Everyone 12+
  • KMRB 15.gif Everyone 15+
  • Teen
  • KMRB R.gif Restricted

Updated on January 1, 2021[edit]

  • KMRB All.png Everyone
  • KMRB 12.png 12+
  • KMRB 15.png 15+
  • KMRB 18.png 18+
  • KMRB R.png Restricted