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Kung-Fu Master cpanel.png


  • Arcade-Stick-Down.png: Press down to crouch.
  • Arcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png: Press left or right to walk in that direction.
  • Arcade-Stick-Up.png: Press up to jump, unless held.
  • Arcade-Stick-Left.png or Arcade-Stick-Right.png + Arcade-Stick-Up.png: Jumps in the direction you have been walking for at least three floor boards.

Levels 1, 3, and 5 advance to the left, levels 2 and 4 to the right.


  • Arcade-Button-Kick.png: Press to throw a standing kick. Press repeatedly for stationary rapid-fire kicks.
  • Arcade-Button-Punch.png: Press to throw a standing punch. Press repeatedly for stationary rapid-fire punches.
  • Arcade-Stick-Down.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png: Press to throw a crouching kick. Press repeatedly for stationary rapid-fire foot sweeps.
  • Arcade-Stick-Down.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png: Press to throw a crouching punch. Press repeatedly for stationary rapid-fire crouching punches.
  • Arcade-Stick-Up.png+Arcade-Button-Kick.png: Press up to jump, then press kick in mid-air for one jump kick. Hits most but not quite all targets that get hit by standing kicks.
  • Arcade-Stick-Up.png+Arcade-Button-Punch.png: Press up to jump, then press punch in mid-air for one jump punch. (Hits very rare targets too high even for jump kicks; consider ducking).



Kung-Fu Master Thomas.png

Thomas, an accomplished martial artist and the hero of the game, must punch and kick his way through a massive army of grunts, plus four bosses to advance through the five floors of the Devil's Temple. At the top floor, he must defeat the final boss, Mr. X, before he can at last rescue his girlfriend Sylvia.\


Kung-Fu Master Sylvia.png

Sylvia, Thomas' girlfriend, gets kidnapped while Thomas is busy defending himself, and is used to bait Thomas into the Devil's Temple, where she sits helplessly bound to a chair behind Mr. X at the very top of the temple. She can only be freed after Thomas defeats Mr. X in hand-to-hand combat.



Kung-Fu Master Gripper.png

Kick: 100 points. Punch: 200 points. Jump Kick: 200 points.
Grippers are the most common enemy in the Devil's Temple. They approach from either direction to try to grab Thomas, stopping him cold and draining his energy. The more Grippers grab Thomas, the faster his energy drains. Shake the joystick to get free and they will fall away. No more than four Grippers will appear at once.

  • If two Grippers get hit by the same jump kick, the second Gripper awards 400 points, for 600 points in all.
  • If three Grippers fall for the same jump kick, the second awards 400 points, the third 800 points, 1,400 points in all.
  • If the twelfth enemy you've consecutively knocked down is a Gripper, successfully jump kicking him awards 5,000 points.

Knife Thrower[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Knife Thrower.png

2nd Kick: 500 points. 2nd Punch: 800 points. 2nd Jump Kick: 1,000 points.
Knife Throwers have an infinite supply of knives to throw at either Thomas' neck, which must be ducked, or thigh, which must be jumped. Knife Throwers tend to keep away from Thomas, and sometimes run if Thomas chases. If you try to retreat, they always give chase. One Knife Thrower alone isn't so bad, but getting surrounded by two knife throwers can be tough. Focus on the one that threw a knife most recently and keep your eye on the other thrower to avoid getting hit with his knives. It's very difficult to dodge two knives if one throws high as the other throws low. Knife Throwers must be struck twice to be beaten. If the second strike does not immediately follow the first, he will throw another knife very soon after.

Tom Tom[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Tom Tom.png

Kick: 200 points. Punch: 300 points.
Like Grippers, Tom Toms (usually) try to grab Thomas' leg to drain energy, but Tom Toms are so short, they can only be hit by crouching attacks. However, every so often, a random Tom Tom will flip into the air. If you stay crouched, he stomps your head, which costs you some energy. If you stand or jump, he will bounce off your trunk harmlessly. If you happen to be jumping away from him as he flips, he will probably grab, but might flip again.
It is possible to jump straight up clean over one Tom Tom, or even forward jump over two, but only if perfectly timed and spaced.


Kung-Fu Master Snake Pot.png
Kung-Fu Master Snake.png

Kick Pot: 100 points. Punch Pot: 200 points
Snakes first appear in the first half of the 2nd Floor of the Devil's Temple from green pots that fall from the ceiling. They can be punched or kicked before landing. Any green pot that avoids Thomas will crash open on the floor, freeing an invulnerable snake who immediately goes after you, and must be jumped over so as to avoid its bite.


Kung-Fu Master Dragon Ball.png
Kung-Fu Master Dragon.png

Kick ball: 500 points. Punch ball: 600 points. Kick or Punch Dragon's mouth: 2,000 points.
Dragons first appear in the first half of Floor 2 from inside striped yellow balls that drop from the ceiling, which can also be destroyed before landing. Once they hit the ground, a motionless dragon appears, waits a moment, then spits hot fire in your face. If Thomas cannot punch or kick its mouth in time, duck under the fire, or stand clear. Once its breath weapon is exhausted, it disappears.

Confetti Ball[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Confetti Ball.png

Jump Attack: 1,000 points.
Confetti Balls also drop from the ceiling in the first half of Floor 2, but unlike Snake Pots and Dragon Balls, they hover in the air for a few seconds, then explode in three dangerous shards, any of which will harm Thomas if they hit him. Destroy them with a jump attack, get out of range, or evade the pieces, before they explode.

Poisonous Moth[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Moth.png

Kick: 500 points. Punch: 600 points.
Poisonous Moths first appear in the first half of Floor 4 from holes in the wall. They hover in the air and fly through the hallway, getting in the way. They can be punched or kicked, but they often change their level, sometimes making them challenging to hit. Generally, ignore moths behind you unless they catch you up for any reason. Moths in front of you should be avoided if possible, or attacked if necessary.


1st Floor[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Stick Fighter.png

2,000 points
The first boss of the Devil's Temple is the Stick Fighter. He wields a staff with long reach, but won't punch or kick. Thomas is safe inside his staff's range, from where Thomas should punch then kick the Stick Fighter. Thomas' punches and kicks push them away from each other, but the stick does not.

2nd Floor[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Boomerang.png

3,000 points
The second boss is the Boomerang Fighter. Much like the Knife Thrower, he tends to stand in place and toss boomerangs at Thomas, which must be avoided like knives, and then also avoided again as they swerve back. There is no way to predict if he will throw one or two boomerangs, if he will throw either of them high or low, or if either or both will change level or not for their round trip. He has no other attacks, and generally waits for both boomerangs to return before moving, giving ample time to defeat him.

3rd Floor[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Giant.png

3,000 points
The third floor boss is gigantic, making him an easy target, but his kicks hit harder than anything else, and his punches hit almost as hard. If he connects while you are in mid air, you'll also fly backwards a bit. Even at full health, any two of his kicks is enough to knock you out. If you are not out of range, the only other safe spot is crouched tight up against his leg.

4th Floor[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Fireball.png
Kung-Fu Master Magician.png

5,000 points
The fourth floor boss, The Black Magician, is deceptively difficult. He casts fireballs at your head which must be punched kicked or ducked, or toward your feet which must be punched kicked or jumped. Often, the fireballs transform into snakes, dragons, or even moths that swerve back from the extent of their travel. Defeating the Black Magician requires guesswork and luck. Between his face and his chest, only one target is undefended. Hitting the wrong one allows the Black Magician to freeze you while he teleports a short distance away. Occasionally, the Black Magician will conjure a fully functional double on Thomas' other side, but only one can be hurt, and it's not always the one on the right. Quick attacks and good judgment are your best bet against the Black Magician.

5th Floor[edit]

Kung-Fu Master Mr. X.png

10,000 points
Mr. X is your ultimate opponent. He has longer kicks than yours, he can block, and he can vary attacks from slow to lightning fast at will. As he begins each attack, if you make the wrong counter or are too slow, he almost always connects. The only way to best Mr. X is to slip his defense while stymieing his offense. Once you've defeated Mr. X, Sylvia is nearly rescued…