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For your first case on the Homicide desk, Captain Donelly gives you a murdered woman who's had her had bashed in. Your new partner Rusty Galloway is a salty old detective, who's not overly happy to have you. On the drive to the crime scene he'll explain about the Dahlia killer, although he doesn't think this one's related.

Crime Scene[edit]

After brushing the reporters off, head over to the body to talk to the coroner and start looking for clues in the surroundings.

Clue Location
Blunt force trauma
Victim's head
Missing jewelry
Victim's left hand
Size 8 shoe prints
Evidence B
Evidence A
Bamba Club lighter
Evidence C

The Bamba Club[edit]

Head inside and talk with the barman, who will direct you to the owner of the bar, Mr. McColl. Walk to the back of the bar and you'll find him in a large booth by himself.

Q: Suspect seen with victim

Q: Ring stolen from victim

Q: Knowledge of husband

The last thing McColl tells you is Mrs. Henry's address, so you have a new destination. Make a call on your way at the front desk out to check the license plate number you got for whoever left with Mrs. Henry.

Henry Residence[edit]

On the floor when you walk in the front door.

No one answers your knock at the door, so Rusty will check the back entrance. He finds a broken window and kicks in the door to find the place has been gone over. Take a look around to see if there are any clues.

Clue Location
Female shoe
Dining room floor
Forced entry
Broken window in kitchen
Jacob's address
Refrigerator in kitchen
Missing jewelry box
Vanity in bedroom
Picture of Celine Henry
Vanity in bedroom
Marital problems
Talk to neighbor

After finding the clues and talking to the neighbor, it's time to go see what Mr. Henry has to say.

Jacob Henry's Apartment[edit]

You'll bust in on Mr. Henry and tell him he's under arrest for the murder of his wife and he's visibly shaken. He'll sit down and Rusty will watch him while you search the apartment.

Clue Location
Death threat note
Notepad on entryway counter
Size eleven shoes
Suitcase in bedroom

When you're ready, interview Mr. Henry and see if you can get any new information.

Q: Movements of victim
Lie — Husband's alibi

Q: Last contact with victim

Q: Motive for murder
Lie — Death threat note

Your partner will go a little too far pushing Mr. Henry, and he'll get a punch in the mouth for his troubles. Fight the suspect, then make a call on the phone in the kitchen for someone to come pick him up. While you're on the phone, you'll talk to the coroner who will update you on the victim's cause of death, and the operator finally has the owner of the license plates you asked for. The captain also wants you back at the police station.

Central Police Station[edit]

Even though you have a solid lead, the captain wants you to take a crack at Mr. Henry to save time. Head into the interview room and question Henry again.

Q: Access to murder weapon
Lie — Husband's alibi

Q: Lipstick markings

Q: Deterioration of marriage
Lie — Marital problems

Q: Missing jewelry

The captain's not happy with you not getting a confession, but maybe you'll have more luck with the Mendez lead.

Mendez's Apartment[edit]

Check the mailboxes outside to find out that he's in apartment 16, and inside a sign will tell you it's on the fourth floor. Kick the door in and search the apartment before Mendez gets back.

Clue Location
Size 8 shoes
Bedroom floor
Used lipstick
Box on bedroom floor
Socket wrench
Box on bedroom floor

Once you've found the murder weapon, you'll head back to the station but run into Mendez coming back home. When you try to put him under arrest he'll run and you'll need to chase him. While you chase him out the window and across the rooftops, your partner will go downstairs to get the car. When you get back down to the street, Mendez will carjack someone and you'll need to follow him and take him out. When he crashes, whether from Rusty shooting his tires out or you spinning him out, you can take him in where he'll be charged with the murder.