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Can you solve it before we do?
Silver Trophy unlocked.png
25 Gamerscore points
Can you solve it before we do?
Complete all the challenges in the hub

Challenges are found in the hub and involve completing an objective several times, such as destroying an object. The phone displays a message each time progress is made. Challenges may be found either in one area or spread throughout the hub. Each completed challenge rewards a gold brick. On the map screen, press LB button or RB button to change tabs to the Challenge tab. There you can view clues for each challenge.

Bothersome Bats[edit]

Poster Painter[edit]

Peeping Penguins[edit]

Irritating Incisors[edit]

Runaway Roundup[edit]

Potent Plants[edit]

Telephone Terror[edit]

Sunflower Smasher[edit]

Hug Hunter[edit]

Bowtie Bandit[edit]

File Finder[edit]

Modest Misdemeanors[edit]

Transit Tycoon[edit]

Game Guru[edit]

Golden Graffiti[edit]