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Main Hall[edit]

Indy and his trusty sidekick will always start in the Main Hall.

The back of the hall contains the entrances to the three sections of the game: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. Standing near the corresponding green squares shows the current status of artifacts, true adventures, and packages collected in each section.

Standing on the hexagonal pattern in the middle of the Main Hall shows the overall status of artifacts, true adventures, and packages collected.

Going up the stairs and to the right leads Indy into the Artifact Room.

In the Front of the hall, there are six entrances to other rooms. On the right side is Indy's Office, the Mail Room, and the entrance to the Courtyard. On the left is the Theater, the Classroom, and the Library.

Artifact Room[edit]

Got lost in his own museum
30 Gamerscore points
Got lost in his own museum

Each artifact collected throughout Indy's travels will be displayed in this room. Stand on the orange squares to view a completed artifact, or the current progress of an incomplete artifact.

In the middle of the room is a pedestal. Pick up the jewel on the floor and place it on top of the pedestal. This will trigger the Achievement "Got lost in his own museum" for Xbox 360 players.

A switch should rise up from the floor. Insert the key found in Indy's Office, and turn to reveal three secret levels. These levels are only playable after the story modes of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade have been completed.

Jump over the balcony to reach the courtyard.

Indy's Office[edit]

There is a secret in Indy's Office!

Find five chests hidden around the office to unlock the secret. To do this, Indy will have to borrow other characters' powers.

In the middle/rear of Indy's Office, there is a ledge that only women can reach. Switch to a woman character, jump up to the ledge, and grab the chest. Deposit the chest on one of the green squares in the middle of the room.

Switch to a character who has a book. Go to the runes in the back of the room and follow the pattern it indicates. A secret panel will open revealing a chest. Pick up the chest and deposit it on a green square.

Switch to Willie, or a character with a bazooka or hand grenade. If you selected Willie, stand next to the chest in the back/ right corner and scream to break the glass. If you selected a character with explosives, aim at the glass and blow it up. Take the chest to a green square in the center.

Switch to a character with explosives if you haven't already. Blow up the shiny shields on the left wall of the Office. A shiny dirt patch will appear. Switch to a character with a shovel and dig up the chest. Take the chest to a green square in the center.

Switch to a Thuggee character (most of the characters wearing turbans are Thuggees.) Stand in front of the statue on the right wall of the office and wave to get his attention. A hatch will appear. Switch to a short character and go through the hatch. Grab the chest off the top shelf and deposit it in the center.

Put together the loose LEGO pieces to create a low platform. Destroy this platform to get a key! Take this key to the Artifact Room and complete the puzzle.

The Mail Room[edit]

Stand on the green square to view all mailed parcels.

Parcel Name Description Cost
Secret Characters Unlocks secret characters in select levels. 25,000
Fertilizer Gives animals the ability to poop. 7,500
Disguises Characters wear funny glasses. 12,500
Silhouettes Characters appear as all black shadows. 10,000
Beep Beep Vehicles can honk. 7,500
Ice Rink Causes characters to slide when they walk. 15,000
Fast Fix Fixing machines goes faster. 30,000
Super Slap Punches break things in one hit. 25,000
Treasure x2 All studs are doubled in value.[1] 1,000,000
Fast Dig Digging up items goes faster. 50,000
Fast Build Building objects goes faster. 40,000
Artifact Detector Provides hints as to where treasures are hidden.[2] 250,000
Treasure x4 All studs are quadrupled in value. 2,000,000
Poo Treasure Animals defecate studs. 70,000
Super Scream Willie can harm enemies with her scream. 80,000
Character Treasure Defeating enemies generates studs. 100,000
Treasure x6 All studs are worth 6 times their original value. 3,000,000
Regenerate Hearts Characters automatically regenerate hearts after getting hurt. 150,000
Parcel Detector Provides hints as to where parcels are hidden.[2] 125,000
Disarm Enemies Enemies cannot attack with weapons. 100,000
Treasure x8 Studs are worth 8 times their original values. 4,000,000
Treasure Magnet Studs can be collected from farther away. 100,000
Treasure x10 Studs are worth 10 times their original values. 5,000,000
Invincibility Characters cannot get hurt. 1,000,000
  1. If more than one treasure multiplier is activated, the value of each stud will be multiplied by the product of the active multipliers. For example, if Treasure x2 and Treasure x6 are both active, studs will be worth 12 times their original values. If all multipliers are active, studs are worth 3,840 times their original values.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Hints only appear in the section of the level where the treasure is hidden. Arrows will appear on the side of the screen to indicate the direction or location of the treasure. There are no hints on how to get the treasure.

The Theater[edit]

Stand on the green square to re-watch any clip from the game. There are a total of 78 clips.

The Classroom[edit]

If you know any cheats, stand on the green square at the front of the room and enter the correct number and letter combination to activate the cheats.

The Library[edit]

All extra characters must be purchased in the library.

Every time you finish a level, characters associated with that level become available for purchase.

The Courtyard/Art Room[edit]

Walk all the way to the end of the Courtyard to get to the Art Room.

Art Room[edit]

Hey! You call him Dr. Jones!
20 Gamerscore points
Hey! You call him Dr. Jones!
Create and name a custom build character.

Stand on the green rectangle to create an original LEGO character.

Scroll through the icons to change the character's hair/headgear, face, weapon, arms, hands, shirt, midsection, legs, and name. Select the silhouette icon with a question mark to generate a random character. Select the icon with two silhouettes to switch between the two custom LEGO characters. Select the icon of a person driving a car to walk your creation around the room.

Once you have saved your LEGO creation's appearance and name, an Achievement will unlock.