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Indy and Elsa infiltrates the castle, knocking out the butler and locking him outside. They must now explore the castle's interior, trying to find Indy's father without the castle's owners being alerted about their presence. Can they find their way through the castle's many halls and corridors?

  • True Adventurer: 35,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Henry Jones
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Bazooka Trooper (Crusade), Enemy Butler, Enemy Radio Operator
  • Artifact: Suit of Armor
  • Parcel: Disarm Enemies

Entry hallway[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 1

You start out in a very small room with a few suit of armors. There are a lot of studs to collect but nothing else. To progress, simply grab a sword from one of the suit of armors and throw it at the counterbalance of the mechanism on the wall. This will open up the gate, letting you proceed to another hall.

The hallway of knights[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 2 and 3, Parcel

As you walk down the hallway, you will suddenly be attacked by pistol-wielding enemies. They are easy enough to defeat, but there is a much greater threat in the room ahead. An enemy officer is wielding a bazooka, which is powerful enough to destroy any of the metallic suit of armors. The explosion caused by the rockets are deadly, but they can also accidentally kill off some of the soldiers for you. Quickly clear the room of all enemies before you start exploring it.

It seems like another dead end, so you must find a way out of this section of the castle. There is a large window at the back that leads outside, but you must find a way to reach it. Push the table along the checkerboard floor to the right, then use it to jump to the right drawer. Have Indy use his whip to flip the window, breaking it and letting you jump through the window to the rooftops outside.

The castle's roof[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 4

Have Indy whip swing across the gap to the other side, where you will be attacked by a bazooka trooper and a pistol soldier. Take them out, then use the wooden boards on the left rooftop to build a bridge over the telephone wires, letting Elsa cross over to your side. Have Elsa jump on to the alcove with the gargoyle, then destroy the gargoyle to get parts to build a crank. Turn the crank to make the crane at the back swing nearer to you. Now you can use Indy to swing over to another window!

While holding Elsa, Indy swings into the window, straight into the room where Henry Jones Sr. is kept. Elsa is suddenly held hostage by Vogel, a high-ranking enemy officer. Indy is forced to hand over Henry's journal that contains the location of the Holy Grail. Elsa double crosses Indy, and soon he and his father find themselves tied up in the castle. Indy manages to inch Henry and himself to some candles, which causes the ropes tied around them to burn up, freeing them!

Burning room[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 5 and 6

While they are now free to move around, the candles that they knocked down has caused a fire to spread across the whole room. You must now find your way out without getting burned. The fire creates lethal boundaries that you cannot cross, so find a way to maneuver around them. Start off by destroying the objects near the bookshelf on the right wall. Use the pieces from the destroyed furniture to build a ladder, letting you climb on top of the bookshelf. Cross over the fire wall while on the bookshelf and drop down to the other side.

Now, jump up and grab the rope to pull the curtain all the way to the left, exposing a statue behind it. Destroy the statue and put the statue's shield on the leftmost golden statue. Then, destroy the lamp and use the pieces left behind to attach a shield to the right golden statue. Pull the orange panel between the statues to make the left statue rise temporarily, as well as making it hold its shield up. Climb up the rope and jump across the statues' shields to reach the top of the bookshelf to the left. Drop down once you're pass the fire wall there.

Push the bookcase with orange handles in the wall to make it slide into the ground, exposing a hieroglyph panel behind it. Have Henry solve the hieroglyph panel to make the weirdly-colored table nearby fold into a crank. Turn the crank to make the wall around the fireplace rotate. Go through the newly-created gap to enter a new area.

Broadcast center[edit]

As soon as you enter this room, you will be attacked by 4 enemy soldiers. Take them out quickly, then destroy everything in the room to reveal two disks and a pile of loose blocks. There is a huge glass window, but you don't have Willie's glass-shattering voice to break it. Instead, you must use another sound-based weapon to break down this barrier. Place the two disks on either green spot on the stereo at the top-right corner. Then, assemble the loose blocks on to the middle part of the stereo to finish it. Turn the crank next to the stereo to make it play a loud tune, causing both the stereo and the window to explode spectacularly. Jump through the broken window to go outside.

Boss: Enemy Radio Operator[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 7, 8 and 9

Naturally, the song and the ensuing explosion has alerted nearby enemy soldiers, so you will be attacked by a ton of them as soon as you step foot into the rooftop courtyard. Among them is a radio operator holding a key that you need for escaping. He wields a pistol like the other soldiers, but you can tell him apart by the headset he is wearing instead of a cap. Hit him a few times and he will escape up the stairs. Take care of the remaining soldiers, then go after him.

Once you run upstairs, the radio operator will once again try to fight you. Hit him two more times to make him flee yet again. Defeat the enemy soldiers that appear once he does, then chase after him. Now cornered, all it takes is two more hits to defeat him. With this straightforward boss fight finished, take the key the radio operator was holding. A radio tower and a large gap prevents you from progressing, so it's time to explore the rest of the courtyard.

Go back downstairs and insert the key into the crank. Turn the crank to activate a bomb siren, which will make a bunch of enemies run out, including a grenade-wielding enemy officer! However, this is actually beneficial to you, as you need to defeat the enemy officer to get his hat. With your newly-acquired disguise and having defeated the remaining soldiers, go back upstairs, this time going down the left path. You will see a guardhouse, so knock on its window while wearing the officer's hat to fool the guard into opening the gate.

Now that you are in the locked-off area, pull the lever to make a hatch open up, with a box full of bazookas within! Go back to where the radio tower is located. From a safe distance, make sure you are aimed at the metal canisters, than fire a rocket. The radio tower will topple over, creating a makeshift bridge for you to cross the gap. Be prepared to fight a few more enemies once you cross over. Finally, knock on the guard door with the officer's cap on (you can get another one if you lost it by activating the siren again). The guard will be fooled once again and open up the large gate, letting you go inside.

A secret passage[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 10

In this final room, push the chair down the checkerboard path until the end to tip it over. This will make the circular panel open up into a spiral staircase. Go down the staircase to end the level!

Henry and Indy have made it out of the castle, but deep in enemy territory with tons of soldiers looking for them, can they continue to evade capture? More importantly, can they manage to find the Holy Grail before Elsa and Vogel do?

Artifact List[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) You need to use explosives to destroy 4 suits of armor holding a red shield. The first of these suits of armor is right at the entry hall, so it's difficult to miss. The second suit is immediately to your left in the next area. Continue down the hallway to the back of the room to find the third suit of armor you have to destroy beside the large drawers. The last suit of armor can be found in the secret room behind the bookshelf mentioned in the procedure for getting Chest No. 3. The artifact will appear where it stood once you destroy all four.
  2. The chest is suspended above the left drawer in the room. Have Elsa jump up to reach it.
  3. (Free Play only) While in the room with the giant drawers, switch to a Thuggee and pray to the Thuggee statue at the right side of the room. This causes the bookshelf nearby to slide away, revealing a secret room. In one of the corners of the room are two grey drawers. Destroy both to get parts to build a crawlspace. Crawl through it with a short character to get on to a balcony where you can get the chest.
  4. (Free Play only) While on the ledge with the crank used for the crane, destroy the metal box next to the crane to make the chest appear. Jump to the ledge with the crane to collect it.
  5. Have Henry operate the hieroglyph panel to make it slide up, revealing the chest as well as some weapons that you can grab.
  6. (Free Play only) Near the exit to the burning library, there is a chest visible on a shelf. Destroy the books below it to reveal a hidden crawlspace. Go through it as a short character to get on to the shelf, letting you grab the chest.
  7. Upon getting the bazooka, you can get some of the next few chests if you conserve your ammo wisely. Blast open the metal gate near where you got the bazooka, then jump across the ledges behind it to reach the first chest of the three.
  8. Blow up the lock between some scaffolding to make a ladder drop down, letting you climb to the top and grab the chest above.
  9. After crossing the radio tower, jump on to the ledge with the gargoyle using the rope. Push the gargoyle down to break it open, revealing the chest inside.
  10. With your bazooka, destroy the metal cabinet to reveal the panel tile inside it. Put the tile on to the hieroglyph panel and have Henry decode it to make the chest appear.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained in Free Play. Follow the instructions for Chest No. 3 to access the secret room behind the bookshelf. There are two suits of armor in this sub-area, one of which is required for Chest No. 1. Destroy the other, more plain-looking suit to get parts for building a crank. Turn the crank to lower a rope, then pull on the rope to raise the nearby curtain, revealing the parcel behind it. Take the parcel to the mailbox in the same room to mail it. The parcel contains the Disarm Enemies extra, which makes enemies usually armed with weapons to only fight with their fists. It can be a lifesaver for levels with a lot of enemies.