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There are a grand total of 83 characters that you can choose from, not counting the two customizable characters. Despite the sheer number of characters, each character can be sorted into categories based on their abilities. These abilities are required to let you solve puzzles and access areas.

Note, every character has to be unlocked to get 100% completion.

Character types[edit]

Indiana Jones[edit]

The titular archaeologist needs no introduction. Indiana Jones and his alternate variants are the only characters that can use Indy's signature whip. The whip has a variety of uses, including crossing gaps, pulling at things and disarming enemies. Indiana Jones is featured in every level in the game, so you will use his whip to progress a lot. Another thing unique to Indiana Jones is his phobia of snakes, and Indy will be overwhelmed with fear if you go near one, crippling his movement.

Weapon users[edit]

From spears and scimitars to powerful submachine guns, weapon users encompass a broad range of characters. When met as enemies, you can usually obtain their weapons by defeating them, but you usually only get limited uses of it. The advantage of weapon users is that they can use their weapons infinitely. For instance, spearmen can throw as many spears as they can, while pistol wielders have a constant supply of bullets. This ability isn't required to get secret collectables most of the time, they simply let you kill enemies and destroy environmental objects faster. However, some levels do require you to throw bladed weapons to cut ropes, but this situation rarely arises.

Explosives users[edit]

A unique subset of weapon users are the characters that wield explosives. There are two kinds of explosives users in the game: grenade officers and bazooka troopers. Grenades act like thrown weapons while bazookas behave more like guns, but you can aim with both of them. Explosives are brutal and dangerous weapons. They unleash a shockwave whenever they explode, which destroys nearby objects and kills any non-boss characters in one hit, including you! The other use of explosives is to blow open objects that can't be destroyed with fists, which are glass and sparkling silvery metal.

Female characters[edit]

In the male-dominated field of early 20th century archaeology, it is pretty uncommon to run into women while adventuring. These characters are more nimble and agile; they sacrifice their double jump for a single high jump, which not only gives them extra airtime like a double jump but also lets them reach high ledges other characters can't get to. Willie, the woman Indy encounters during The Temple of Doom, has an additional ability. She can scream at the resonant frequency of glass, letting her destroy glass objects and containers by yelling in their vicinity. Unfortunately, you won't get to use this ability a lot, since explosives can destroy glass just as well.

Short characters[edit]

Some characters, mostly children, have shorter height than normal. This pint-sized body lets them crawl through chutes in the wall with ease, letting them reach higher ledges or inaccessible areas connected back to the main level with chutes.


Excavating things is one of the primary tasks of archaeology, so a shovel often comes in handy. Diggers are characters that always carry shovels, which lets them unearth objects buried in the ground. There is usually a colorful shining spot on the ground where something is buried, so it's not hard to seek them out. Diggers can also use their shovels as weapons, which while slower can send enemies flying with a powerful strike.


A wrench is to a mechanic as a shovel is to a digger. Mechanics always carry a wrench, so you can count on them to be able to fix any inoperable and malfunctioning machinery. These broken machines are usually a bright blue and have spars coming out from them. Like shovels, wrenches are also melee weapons, but their hit detection is really strange, making mechanics worse fighters than bare-handed characters.


Scholars are characters that have studied ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, carrying a blue book that lets them decipher hieroglyph panels. You can find these panels in many places, from Indy's office to the Temple of the Holy Grail. Solving hieroglyph panels requires you to play a basic memory game. 4 of 9 smaller panels will flash in a sequence, and you must recreate the four flashes in the correct order. If you fail, you'll simply see the pattern repeat and get a chance to try again.

Enemy disguise[edit]

Even in military strongholds, the soldiers that guard important entrances are pretty dumb. If you knock on their window in a plain outfit, they'll usually summon other soldiers to attack you. However, by playing as an enemy soldier or even wearing their caps, you can fool the guard into unlocking whatever entrance you need to pass through. You can't fool actual soldiers and officers with your disguise, unfortunately.


Thuggees are similar to characters with enemy disguises in that you can emulate their abilities by picking up their headgear. Thuggees usually wear turbans on their heads. They are able to pray to miniature Thuggee statues erected all over the world, which usually causes the area nearby to change.


Some characters have traits with negative effects called phobias. When confronted with the creature they are scared of, the character in question will be nearly paralyzed with fear, greatly restricting their movement. A good example of this is Indy's severe phobia of snakes. Creatures that trigger phobias are usually placed as obstacles, which often require you to bypass or clear them with another character.

Complete list[edit]

Name Abilities Available after Library Price
Indiana Jones Whip, snake phobia The Lost Temple Free
Satipo Digging The Lost Temple Free
Jock Mechanic The Lost Temple Free
Marion High jump Into the Mountains Free
Indiana Jones (Desert) Whip, snake phobia City of Danger Free
Marion (Cairo) High jump City of Danger Free
Sallah (Desert) Digging The Well of Souls Free
Marion (Evening Dress) High jump The Well of Souls Free
Indiana Jones (Army Disguise) Whip, enemy disguise, snake phobia Opening the Ark Free
Marion (Nightgown) High jump Opening the Ark Free
Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit) Whip, snake phobia Shanghai Showdown Free
Willie High jump, scream, bug phobia Shanghai Showdown Free
Short Round Shortness Shanghai Showdown Free
Willie (Pajamas) High jump, scream, bug phobia Pankot Secrets Free
Indiana Jones (Kali) Whip, snake phobia The Temple of Kali Free
Willie (Ceremony) High jump, scream, bug phobia Free the Slaves Free
Indiana Jones (Professor) Whip, snake phobia The Hunt for Sir Richard Free
Elsa High jump, blue book, rat phobia The Hunt for Sir Richard Free
Brody Blue book The Hunt for Sir Richard Free
Henry Jones Sr. Blue book, rat phobia Castle Rescue Free
Sallah (Fez) Digging Desert Ambush Free
Young Indy Whip Young Indy Free
Boy Scout None Young Indy Free
Hovitos Tribesman Spear The Lost Temple 18,000
Barranca Pistol The Lost Temple 18,000
Belloq (Jungle) Blue book The Lost Temple 50,000
Jungle Guide Pistol The Lost Temple 18,000
Major Toht Pistol, enemy disguise Into the Mountains 50,000
Colonel Dietrich Pistol, enemy disguise Into the Mountains 50,000
Enemy Guard (Mountains) Pistol, enemy disguise Into the Mountains 30,000
Bazooka Trooper (Raiders) Bazooka, enemy disguise Into the Mountains 30,000
Sherpa Brawler None Into the Mountains 18,000
Sherpa Gunner Submachine gun Into the Mountains 25,000
Masked Bandit Pistol City of Danger 18,000
Bandit Swordsman Sword City of Danger 25,000
Enemy Soldier (Desert) Pistol, enemy disguise City of Danger 18,000
Enemy Officer Grenades, enemy disguise City of Danger 30,000
Monkey Man None City of Danger 27,500
Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise) Whip, snake phobia The Well of Souls 27,500
Belloq Blue book The Well of Souls 50,000
Enemy Officer (Desert) Grenades, enemy disguise The Well of Souls 30,000
Bandit Digging The Well of Souls 15,000
Enemy Boxer None Pursuing the Ark 25,000
Captain Katanga Mechanic Pursuing the Ark 18,000
First Mate Mechanic Pursuing the Ark 12,500
Belloq (Robes) None Pursuing the Ark 50,000
Enemy Guard Pistol, enemy disguise Opening the Ark 18,000
Kao Kan Submachine gun Shanghai Showdown 25,000
Wu Han Submachine gun Shanghai Showdown 20,000
Lao Che Submachine gun Shanghai Showdown 19,000
Chen Submachine gun Shanghai Showdown 18,000
Dancing Girl High jump Shanghai Showdown 27,500
Maharajah Shortness, Thuggee Pankot Secrets 40,000
Pankot Assassin Sword Pankot Secrets 25,000
Pankot Guard Spear Pankot Secrets 18,000
Village Elder None Pankot Secrets 15,000
Village Dignitary None Pankot Secrets 15,000
Willie (Dinner Suit) High jump, scream, bug phobia Pankot Secrets 15,000
Willie (Pajamas) High jump, scream, bug phobia Pankot Secrets 15,000
Chatter Lal Thuggee Pankot Secrets 40,000
Chatter Lal (Thuggee) Thuggee The Temple of Kali 40,000
Thuggee Acolyte Thuggee The Temple of Kali 30,000
Thuggee Thuggee The Temple of Kali 18,000
Slave Child Shortness Free the Slaves 3,000
Thuggee Slave Driver Thuggee Free the Slaves 18,000
Mola Ram Thuggee Battle on the Bridge 50,000
British Officer Pistol Battle on the Bridge 25,000
British Soldier Pistol Battle on the Bridge 18,000
British Commander Pistol Battle in the Bridge 30,000
Kazim Pistol The Hunt for Sir Richard 30,000
Enemy Butler None Castle Rescue 15,000
Enemy Radio Operator Pistol, enemy disguise Castle Rescue 25,000
Bazooka Trooper (Crusade) Bazooka, enemy disguise Castle Rescue 30,000
Indiana Jones (Officer) Whip, enemy disguise, snake phobia Motorcycle Escape 18,500
Elsa (Officer) High jump, blue book, rat phobia Motorcycle Escape 15,000
Colonel Vogel Pistol, enemy disguise Trouble in the Sky 50,000
Enemy Pilot Pistol Trouble in the Sky 25,000
Kazim (Desert) Pistol Desert Ambush 30,000
Elsa (Desert) High jump, blue book, rat phobia Desert Ambush 15,000
Donovan Blue book Temple of the Grail 50,000
Grail Knight Sword Temple of the Grail 100,000
Fedora Pistol Young Indy 25,000
Han Solo Laser blaster Special 100,000
Custom Character 1 Dependent on equipped tool/hat Barnett College Free
Custom Character 2 Dependent on equipped tool/hat Barnett College Free

Secret Characters[edit]

There is an Extra available for purchase in Barnett College from the beginning called "Secret Characters". Activating this Extra causes a selection of characters not found on the main list in certain levels during Free Play. These characters aren't any stronger than the normal cast, so this feature is more of a fun easter egg.

  • Santa Claus: Only playable in the Into the Mountains level. No special abilities.
  • Dancing Girl 2: Alternate skin of Dancing Girl only playable in the Shanghai Showdown level. Can high jump like all female characters.
  • Shanghai Hoodlum: A Chinese gangster only playable in the Shanghai Showdown level. He is armed with a submachine gun.
  • Shanghai Hoodlum 2: A fellow mobster only playable in the Shanghai Showdown level. He is also armed with a submachine gun.
  • Grave Robber 1: One of the robbers who found the Cross of Coronado, only playable in the Young Indy bonus level. He is armed with a pistol.
  • Grave Robber 2: Another one of Fedora's lackeys, only playable in the Young Indy bonus level. He is armed with a pistol.

Unlocking Han Solo[edit]

The last character on the list barring the custom-made characters is Han Solo, Indiana Jones's doppelganger from a galaxy far, far away. Unlocking this character requires you to complete a sidequest spanning several levels, where you need to find 5 Star Wars characters hidden within some stages. Fans who have played LEGO Star Wars may be disappointed to find that Han Solo doesn't keep most of his abilities from that game, functioning more like a normal pistol user.

  • The Lost Temple: After getting the artifact in the cave adjacent to the idol's pedestal, explore the area to find a barrel with something golden hidden within. Destroy the barrel to find C-3PO.
  • Into the Mountains: At the end of the section with the fragile ice, you should fall into a valley where you can see Luke Skywalker encased in ice. Use Willie's scream or explosives to break the ice and free Luke.
  • City of Danger: Use a scholar to open a secret entrance behind where you find the truck, taking you to the Mos Eisley Cantina. Use a short character to crawl through a chute leading to Chewbacca, who is hanging out on one of the caged seats.
  • Free the Slaves: In the area with the slave cage, walk along the southern border until you see handrails leading down. Drop down to the ledge below and blow the metal debris up with explosives. Knock on the guardhouse with a character that possess an enemy disguise to gain access to the room within. Inside, you'll find Princess Leia.
  • Desert Ambush: At the starting area, ride a horse beside the cliff and leap on to the ledges above. Jump to the wooden platform as Indy and use your whip to pull down a container, freeing R2-D2.