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Indiana Jones and Marion have now arrived in the Egyptian city of Cairo, where he intends to meet another old pal and find the excavation site of the tomb where the ark was supposedly buried. However, Belloq's troops are not giving up. They've hired bandits to take out Indy, and even a monkey trainer, when they need something more agile and sneaky. Indy and Marion's adventure is only going to get more perilous from her on out.

  • True Adventurer: 50,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Indiana Jones (Desert), Marion (Cairo)
  • Library Characters Unlocked: Bandit Swordsman, Enemy Officer, Enemy Solder (Desert), Monkey Man
  • Artifact: Monkey Statue
  • Parcel: Treasure x2

Monkeying around[edit]

Note that this is the first level to feature locals roaming around. These locals will generally mind their own business and won't get in your way, but they will fight back if attacked. Don't provoke unnecessary street fights if possible, and be careful of who you're aiming when attacked by actual enemies.

Right where you start off, you can see a monkey holding a wrench. There is also a broken machine nearby that is needed to access a higher area. Just like you've seen in the opening cutscene, you need to give the monkey a banana to get the wrench, and there just happens to be a bow full of bananas nearby. Toss a banana to the monkey to trade it for the wrench, then use the wrench to fix the elevator. Move up it and go through the door to enter the next scene.

The marketplace[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1, 2 and 3

On this street, you will start to get attacked regularly by bandits, so be on guard. There are a lot of destroyables and studs scattered around here which you can use to build up your stud count. There are a total of 5 stalls that have loose blocks which you can reassemble, giving you more studs. You need to get two keys to progress, and one is clearly visible on the roof of an alley entrance. Destroying a railing near a lever will let you rebuild a ladder leading to the rooftop, but the missing lever part is buried. Luckily, another monkey happens to have a shovel, so take a banana from a nearby stall to exchange it for the shovel.

There are two spots you can use the shovel. Dig on the mound of dirt to unearth parts that can be used to build a table with some barrels and brooms, which you can then destroy for some extra studs. Dig the ground below the lever to reveal the missing piece, which will automatically reattach itself to the lever. Pull the lever to fully extend the ladder. Climb the ladder and leap across the awnings to get the key, and then continue along the awnings to collect more studs. Take the key to the large gate and use it to operate one of the cranks, which will partially unlock the gate. You might attract the attention of some bandits, so take them out swiftly.

To the right of the gate is a small chute where you can get studs from in Free Play. Move to the area at the back and push the large cart to the left. Have Marion jump on to the awning and to the cart, then jump from there to the rope. Pulling the rope will permanently raise a platform that lets you reach an alcove with the second key. Take the key to the gate and use it to operate the other crank, fully unlocking the gate and letting you advance to the next area.

Bazaar plaza[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 4, 5 and 6

As soon as you enter the area, you will be under attack by two enemy officers riding on camels. More officers will spawn from the truck on the right, so you'll have to constantly fight them off. You can force the officers off of the camels by throwing objects at them, shooting them with another officer's pistols and hitting them with a shovel. Ultimately, you need to destroy a box near a large cart and use it to build a pull pad on the cart. Pull the cart backwards to open up an alley, which will let you proceed further. You can also destroy the blocks that fall out of the cart for more studs.

Alley to the roof[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 7

You will be attacked by two pairs of swordsmen the moment you enter, so dispatch them quickly. You will also be ambushed by some more bandits further along the alley, and more will come down when you reach the staircase. Defeat them and climb the staircase to reach the roof. There is an unfinished ladder with parts stored in a metal barrel, and the monkey just happens to have a bundle of dynamite. You can't throw a banana to it with the railings of the balcony blocking you, so have Indy pull down the balcony with his whip. Trade the banana for the dynamite and toss it at the barrel, which will reveal the missing section of the ladder, letting you climb higher.

The rooftops[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 8 and 9

You will arrive on a rooftop garden, and there is plenty of things for you to destroy. Rebuild the sprinkler next to the empty pots to make flowers grow from those pots, letting you destroy them. You can also place the lego blocks on to the barbecue for more studs. Once you're done, move towards the rusty dome. The dome's surface is too steep for you to climb, so push the smooth part of the dome away to reveal a staircase. Move up it to the top, then give the green sphere a push, making it hit the wooden plank on the opposite rooftop, creating a bridge.

Move across the rooftops until you reach an area consisted of stone pillars connected by wooden planks. Be quick and careful when crossing these planks, as they will collapse and fall if you stay on it too long, leaving only small handrails on the stone pillars to save yourself. After that section lies another stone pillar with an elusive purple stud. There's no planks to help you reach it, though a careful high jump should let you make it to the pillar and back. Take the banana and trade it for the key from the monkey, then use the key to operate the crank, which will extend a bridge to another roof.

Here, you'll need lift two objects on to the green pads to reach the next area. The first object is on an awning that is too slippery to stand on. You need to trade a banana for a wrench, then use it to fix the broken motor, which will retract the awning and let you get the object. For the second object, swing to the next building using Indy, then destroy the fence. Using the blocks from the fence, build a bridge to the previous building, then carry the object back. Once both objects are placed, use the blocks to build a large lever. Pull on one side of the lever to force the hatch open, then jump down.

Trespassing with force[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 10, Parcel, Chewbacca

It turns out that you've stumbled upon a heavily-patrolled military base, and the guards are not pleased with your presence. You will be constantly attacked by more pistol-wielding officers, but there are now officers with grey uniforms. These officers throw grenades, which are strong enough to instantly kill you, not to mention destroy metal objects. They also drop hats on death, which you can pick up and use as a disguise. With a disguise, go to the large gate with a guard post, then knock on the guard post window to fool the guard inside into letting you in. The soldiers on the other side of the gate won't fall for your disguise, and there are even bazooka troopers among them. Dispatch them quickly and rebuild the broken-down truck. Then, use the wrench nearby to repair the truck, and jump into it.

The truck is almost a juggernaut of a vehicle. It is able to smash straight through the gate you went in through, run over enemy guards and destroy metal objects. However, two gunshots will force you to jump out of the vehicle, losing a bunch of studs in the process, so be careful. The truck is a bit awkward to drive, as it needs time to turn and cannot drive backwards. You must drive the truck to another gate and smash through it, then jump out and escape through the doorway.

After a one-sided duel with a swordsman, Indy finally meets Sallah, his old friend and skilled digger. However, Marion is quickly kidnapped, though she leaves her amulet behind.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. There is an alley between two stalls that have a chest visible inside. You must loosen the dirt on the ground by punching it, causing flowers to grow. You must then destroy the flowers and use the parts left behind to build a ladder to reach the chest.
  2. (Free Play only) After climbing up the ladder activated by the lever, destroy the glass panels blocking you off from a small room with Willie's scream or an explosive weapon. Inside are some studs and an artifact chest.
  3. (Free Play only) As a character with an enemy disguise, knock on the guard post to the right of the gate to the next area. The guard will open up the metal door next to the post, letting you go inside the building. There is a strange machine and a lever inside, and pulling the lever will cause an enemy soldier to pop out and fight you! Pull the lever until all four lights on the machine are lit to make the chest appear.
  4. (Free Play only) As a character with an enemy disguise, knock on the guard post to the left of the area to make him open up the door to the building. Go inside and use the antennas in this sub-area to complete the television, making the chest appear.
  5. (Free Play only) There is a crawlspace at the area left of the exit. Crawl through it with a short character to emerge at a balcony. Switch to Indy and use the whip to pull off the lid of a nearby container. This will cause blocks to fall to the ground below, as well as the chest.
  6. (Free Play only) At the right side of the area is a doorway blocked by metal bars. Switch to an explosives user and destroy the metal bars. Go into the building and climb up the stairs to reach the roof. There is a box on the roof. Carry it to the green spot, then use the parts in the box to build a bigger crate. Push the crate along the checkerboard path to make it drop to the ground, revealing the chest inside.
  7. Destroy the crate filled with green blocks on the rooftop, then use the remaining pile of blocks to build a ladder. Climb the ladder and hop to a ledge, then jump to a blocked-off section of the rooftop. The chest is sneakily hidden around the corner of the roof, just out of sight.
  8. At a broken section of the rooftop railing there is a handrail visible below. Make a leap of faith off the building and move to the left to land on an alcove containing the chest.
  9. (Free Play only) On the balcony with the second object required to build the lever, there is a metal fan. Destroy it with the help of an explosives user and use the debris to build an upward-facing fan. Jump on the fan to get blown to the roof, where you can get the chest.
  10. (Free Play only) Near the gate where the truck is located, there is a crawlspace blocked by a metal grate. Destroy the grate with an explosives-wielding character and crawl through it with a short character to reach a small ledge with the chest.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

At the section where you can get the truck, go to the back and have a character with a blue book decipher the hieroglyph panel. This will cause the door to open, letting you get inside the building. It turns out to be the Mos Eisley cantina, having moved from Tatooine to Egypt! Use the pieces around the dance floor to build two stereos. This will activate the lights on the dance floor. Have both characters stand on the panels as they light up to turn them green. Once the entire dance floor is green, the parcel will appear. Carry it to the mailbox nearby. The parcel contains the Treasure x2 extra, letting you double the amount of studs you earn!

Finding Chewbacca[edit]

In the Mos Eisley cantina, crawl trough the crawlspace with a short character to reach a blocked off area of the cantina. You will find Chewbacca here, who will be shocked for a while and vanish. Chewbacca is one of five hidden Star Wars characters in the game. Can you find them all?