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Spying upon a desert convoy, Indiana Jones spots Elsa and a captured Brody, as well as Vogel in an imposing tank. The convoy soon notices that they're being spied, but they are immediately ambushed afterward by Kazim's men trying to protect the Holy Grail from the evil colonel's army. Now that they have a bunch of allies helping out, Indy and Sallah eagerly rush in to help, while Henry Jones Sr. takes a nap amidst the chaos.

  • True Adventurer: 100,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Sallah (Fez)
  • Characers Unlocked in Library: Elsa (Desert), Kazim (Desert)
  • Artifact: Ancient Amphora
  • Parcel: Treasure x10

Desert road[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, R2-D2

There is a blockade along the road that you cannot destroy for now. You must find a way to break through the blockade, but first you must find three crates and place them on the green spots around the broken down convoy. First things first, you must defeat the many enemy soldiers scattered along the road. A few of the Brotherhood members will help you to fight them off.

For the first crate, destroy every wheel on the lower-right truck to make it break down. Use the pieces from the broken-down truck to make the crate, then place it on the nearby pad. For the second crate, get to the very right end of the road. Jump into the horse, then leap to the ledge around the spire. Grab the crate there and carry it over to the green pad. The final crate is located on an alcove high on the ground. You must first destroy some wooden bars blocking a cave entrance to reach a new area.

Inside the cave, use Sallah to dig up some machine parts. Use the parts to rebuild the machine nearby, which operates the elevator that takes you to a higher level in the cave. Walk along the upper level of the cave until you see a tunnel, then go through it to return to the main area. Grab the crate and place it on the elevator to the right of the alcove to safely deliver it to the ground. Place it on the last green spot, then use all the pieces to construct a bulldozer. With the immense power of the bulldozer, you can now destroy the blockade on the road! Drive right through it to reach the next area.

Boss: Vogel's Tank[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 6, 7 and 8, Parcel

Indy and Sallah encounter Vogel once again, but this time he is equipped with a bazooka, as well as protected by the impenetrable armor of a tank. His bazooka shots are instant-death if you are hit, and neither fists nor shovel can dent the steel armor of the tank. Vogel will alternate between firing volleys of shots at you and driving around in the tank. You must build landmines and have Vogel drive the tank over them in order to damage the tank. For the first two landmines, simply direct Vogel's shots towards the two metallic carts to destroy them, giving you pieces to build two landmines.

The very last landmine requires a bit more work. Use the pieces by the left alcove to build a ladder leading up to it. Climb up the alcove, then jump across the two wooden plank bridges to reach a crate. Push the crate down to the ground, then use the pieces inside to build the landmine. Now you just have to wait until Vogel drives his tank over it to finish him off. With the tank severely damaged, Vogel drives it through the blockade at the back of the area to escape. You don't have to follow him immediately. With Vogel out of the area, you can now safely explore the rest of this clearing, collecting any studs remaining.

The tank battle continues[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 9 and 10

Vogel and his tank is still fit for battle, and his constant bazooka shots can make exploring the area quite difficult. You have to ride one of the horses to the lowest alcove, then leap off of the horse to land on the alcove. From there, jump to the ledges at the right, double-jumping the gaps bridged by the wooden planks that collapse if you land on them. Continue to the right to make Vogel crash through the boulders crash through some boulders and leave the area. Once again, you don't have to follow him into the next section. Stay and get any remaining studs or chests you have yet to collect.

Boss: Tanktop Vogel[edit]

Indy and Sallah make one more attempt at stopping Vogel, this time by jumping on to his tank and fighting him. However, to defeat Vogel, they must contend with his soldiers first. The boss battle is fairly straightforward. You are situated on Vogel's tank and touching the ground is instant death. Some trucks will frequently drive by, bringing soldiers to attack you. Simply defeat truck after truck of soldiers to make Vogel fight you directly. Instead of a bazooka, he will fight you with a pistol, so he is not as threatening now. Attack him a few times to make him jump back into the tank. Do this a few times to defeat Vogel!

With Vogel knocked out, the tank veers straight off a cliff. Indy narrowly jumps off the tank before it plummets into the ground. As Indy and Sallah celebrate their victory over Vogel, Henry angrily reminds them of the search of the Holy Grail.

Artifact List[edit]

  1. For the first chest, ride one of the horses on the road to the alcoves next to the blockade. Leap off the horses and on to the alcoves, then jump up to the top ledge reach the artifact.
  2. The next chest is in the cave. Place the lion's face lying by the entrance on to the lion statue to make the statue's head fall off, causing the chest to appear.
  3. (Free Play only) Near the lion statue are three metal boxes. Blow them up with an explosives user, then dig in the spot where the boxes stood to get a key. After repairing the lift, go along the ledge around the cave until you get to the top, where there is a crank. Insert the key and turn the crank to lower a spot for Indy's whip to grab on to. Swing across as Indy to the other side, then clear the rocks blocking the cave there to get the chest.
  4. (Free Play only) You should see a ledge with a hieroglyph panel near the exit of the cave. Destroy the containers below the ledge to get parts for you to build a ladder up the ledge. Solve the hieroglyph panel using a scholar character, then enter the opening revealed by the panel. Use explosives to destroy the metal barricade in the tunnel. At the end is an area with a Thuggee statue and another lion statue. Pray to the Thuggee statue with a Thuggee to cause the cave to vibrate, making the tiles on the wall fall off. Use the loose tiles to finish the checkerboard path behind the lion statue and push the statue to the wall. Dig in the lone tile-less spot the statue was hiding to find the chest.
  5. This chest requires you to destroy three metal objects with the bulldozer. The first is located right near where you start out. The second one is unfinished, and you must destroy one of the items nearby to complete it before it can be destroyed. The final object is buried along the road. Have Sallah dig it up to break it. The chest appears after all three are destroyed.
  6. This chest requires you to make Vogel aim at where you are standing, then quickly duck out of the blast. While going for the last landmine, make Vogel destroy the cart and cylinder with his bazooka, then use the debris to build an oil drill. The drill will not only spew out studs, it will also eventually cause a chest to burst out, covered in black oil.
  7. The chest must be obtained by first having Vogel destroy the two cylinders at the north section of the area. Use the parts from the destroyed cylinders to make a sprinkler that causes plants to grow nearby, as well as causing the chest to appear.
  8. For this chest, go up the ramp with the rails and have Sallah dig on the glowing spot at the top to unearth a box. Place the box on the green pad, then use the pieces inside to complete the mine cart. Push the mine cart down the tracks to have it crash into a mine entrance, letting you collect the chest hidden inside.
  9. (Free Play only) Destroy the crates blocking the crawlspace at the start of the second Vogel tank area. Crawl through the chute as a short character to emerge on a ledge with the artifact piece.
  10. Have Vogel blow up the metal crate near the entrance to the area, then grab the key that was inside. Insert the key into the crank on the alcove and turn it to make a platform rise. Go up the ramp on the alcove, then use the platform to jump to a ledge with the chest.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. Below the two flimsy wooden bridges is a glowing spot, where you can dig up the mailbox. Before pushing down the crate for the final landmine, use a female character to jump from the crate to the handrails on the cliff nearby. Climb up the handrails to reach a high ledge with the parcel. Carry the parcel to the mailbox to mail it away. The parcel of this stage contains Treasure x10, which multiplies the value of every stud you get by 10. Combined with all the other multipliers, you will effectively have a ridiculous 3840x multiplier active.

Finding R2-D2[edit]

After leaping to the ledge with the first chest, go left and use Indy's whip to pull down a machine. This will make R2-D2 drop down, one of five hidden Star Wars characters hidden in the game. Find them all to unlock a special secret!