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After navigating through most of the mines, Indy finds a mine cart that could be their way out of there. However, there are still many Thuggees hunting the trio down. Can they get the mine cart going, and subsequently make it out of the mine?

  • True Adventurer: 120,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: None
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: None
  • Artifact: Pankot Diamond
  • Mailbox: Treasure x6

Prepare for escape[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1, 2, 3 and 4, Parcel

There are a lot of Thuggees around the area, so defeat them first before exploring the room. Your objective here is to get two minecarts to the door of the exit tunnel at the left side of the room so that all three characters can escape. There is a red machine near where you start off. Pull the lever next to it to make it dispense dynamite. Throw a bundle of dynamite at the metal debris to the right of it to turn them into loose blocks, which you can use to build the left minecart. It still needs some repairs, so grab the wrench halfway along the tracks and use it to fix the minecart.

You can now move the minecart, but the tracks leading to the door is incomplete. At where you found the wrench, destroy the objects nearby and use the blocks they left to rebuild part of the track. Then, take the long rail at the left side of the room and carry it over to the track and place it there to complete it. Push the minecart down the tracks to the very end. The checkpoints you pass by will give you studs, so be sure to collect them. Go to the bottom-left corner of the room and have Indy stand on the brown platform. Switch to another character and turn the crank beside the platform, making it rise. Switch back to Indy and swing across the gap, then pull the lever at the end to make a ladder drop down. Jump to the orange platform and have the other two characters join you to raise the platform beneath the minecart. Climb up to where the minecart is using the ladder to the right of it and push the minecart forward until the switch turns green.

Mine cart coaster[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests 5, 6 and 7

As many hostile Thuggees catch up to them, Indy escapes on one minecart while Willie and Short Round escape on the other. You will start off riding the mine carts in a constant loop, and you must attack three switches along the way to advance. You can bank left or right to collect studs or attack objects beside you. You will also need to switch between both carts to progress. There are quite a few chests and purple studs in this segment, so you can concentrate on getting them first before attempting to hit the switches. You can also try hitting the crates found along the tracks for some extra studs.

Once you've collected everything, you can now focus on hitting the switches. You will receive ample warning about when a switch will show up, from a notification telling you to switch carts if you're on the wrong side to three signs with roman numerals as the switch nears. The switches themselves emit rays similar to that of a chest, so you can see them from afar. The first switch is between both carts not long after the beginning, and you can reach it by leaning either cart toward the center. The second switch is located after the section with the lava pool. You must lean left on Indy's cart to be able to attack it. The last switch is at the very right, near the end of the loop. Lean right on Willie's cart to reach it. Once you've activated all three switches, a door will open and you can descend to a lower level.

Chaotic cart ride[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 8, 9 and 10

The second cart ride segment is similar to the first, except that now there is a branching path in the middle of the track. By default, you will travel down the right path, but you can switch paths by attacking the switches on either side of the track as the split nears. These track switches have similar auras and preceding signs as normal switches, and attacking a switch on one side will make you go down the tracks in that direction. To collect everything and activate all the switches, you have to go down both paths at least once. There is no time limit, and there are a lot of stuff to collect, so feel free to take your time getting all the chests and studs as well as familiarize yourself with the whole track before attempting to escape.

There are five switches on the track this time around. The first switch comes up almost immediately after the start of the loop. Bank left from Indy's cart so you can reach and attack it. The second switch will appear soon after the first, and requires the exact same method as the first to reach. The next two switches are located at the end of the two paths. For both paths, you must lean right on Willie's cart to reach it. The final switch is just before the exit. Just like the two other switches on the main track, lean left on Indy's cart to reach it. Once you activate all five switches, the cart can now go down the tunnel to freedom!

The trio has survived the high-speed cart ride, but Mola Ram has another obstacle in mind. He orders some Thuggees to tip over a huge bucket of water, using it to drown the three heroes and flush them out of the mine.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. The first chest is floating above a ledge. Use Willie to jump from the fence at the end of the tracks to the ledge, then to the chest.
  2. The second chest is south of the first, on a wooden platform hanging off the ledge.
  3. The third chest is inside a tunnel at the left half of the area. Again, have Willie jump to the tunnel to obtain it.
  4. (Free Play only) Under the gap that must be crossed with a whip swing, there is a crawlspace. Switch to a short character and crawl through it to reach an alcove with a Thuggee statue. Switch to a Thuggee character and pray to the statue to make the chest appear.
  5. The chest is out in the open, shortly after the third switch. Have Indy bank left to collect it.
  6. This chest requires you to defeat three Thuggee carts, and the chest will be collected immediately upon doing so. The Thuggee carts will always appear when there is a third track running beside the two you're on. Lean toward them and swing your shovel to deal damage to them, though you'll need a few hits in order to defeat them.
  7. This chest requires you to destroy three overhead containers, and the chest will be collected immediately upon doing so. Hitting the overhead containers are a bit tricky, as you have to time your attacks to hit it as you pass by it, although you don't need to bank in either direction.
  8. The chest can be found immediately after you start. Switch to Indy's cart and lean left to collect it.
  9. This chest appears the same way as before, by defeating three Thuggee carts. The first cart will appear right where you start off, while the other two will appear on the two branching paths, meaning that you have to round at least two turns around the track to defeat them all.
  10. This chest appears the same way as before, by destroying three overhead containers. The overhead containers don't appear on the branching paths, so you don't have to worry about which path you choose to take, but you can only get the second one you see after one full turn around the track.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be acquired during Free Play. At the starting area, switch to a character with a blue book and use them to decipher the hieroglyph panel at the top left section of the area. This will open up a hole in the wall. Go through the whole down a short passage. At the end, switch to a digger and dig up the parcel. Take the parcel to the mailbox to the right of the mine cart tracks to mail it to Barnett College. This gives you the Treasure x6 extra, which will greatly increase the amount of studs you get, especially when used along the other multipliers.