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Having failed to obtain the Hovitos Idol, Indiana Jones sets his sights on another artifact, the Ark of the Covenant. He has figured out how to gain access to the crypt that supposedly hides the Ark. An amulet is needed for the process, which is currently the possession of a friend of Indy's, Marion. He decides to travel to Nepal to meet up with his old aquaintance. Little does he know, he's not the only person going after the amulet.

  • True Aventurer: 35,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Marion
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Major Toht, Colonel Dietrich, Enemy Guard (Mountains), Bazooka Trooper (Raiders), Sherpa Brawler, Sherpa Gunner
  • Artifact: Nepalese Altar
  • Parcel: Super Slap

The bar[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1 and 2

Do your standard destroying and stud collecting before doing anything else, as you will have a lot more to worry about after you trigger a certain event. Note that the torch holders on the walls can also be destroyed, but you need to use the various stools and bottles to throw at them. Once you're done, use Marion's high jump ability at the sparkling spot to reach a ladder on the second floor, which will cause a key to drop down and pull the ladder closer to the ground. Take the key and use it to operate the crank near the door, which will remove the plank barring it.

Boss: Major Toht and Sherpas[edit]

It looks like Major Toht had been waiting outside all along, preparing to take the amulet for himself with the help of some Sherpas. He will continuously send Sherpa Brawlers to fight you, which you can easily dispatch with a few punches. Major Toht himself can take 4 hits before he is defeated. He won't fight back, but he will try to escape if attacked.

Major Toht goes down easily, but he isn't giving up. He'll set fire to the bar than pit you against a deadlier foe: a Sherpa Gunner wielding a submachine gun. He'll be safe hiding behind the burning bar, so you'll need to use the various chairs and bottles around the room to throw at him. Sherpa Brawlers will continue to appear, but they only serve as a distraction from the real threat. You can construct a shield by destroying the center table and using the parts to make a barrier protecting you from bullets, but it will get destroyed after taking enough shots. Once the gunner has 1 heart remaining, he'll jump out of the bar and attack you more directly, making it harder to dodge his bullets but also making him vulnerable to your melee attacks.

Once you take down the gunner, Major Toht will return, now armed with a pistol. He's battle plan is still the same as before, but you have an even easier time defeating him if you pick up the submachine gun dropped by the gunner, since a three-shot burst from the gun is enough to take away all of his hearts.

Major Toht, having been defeated, manages to escape as the bar burns down. Marion and Indy also manage to escape in time, but Marion is not too happy about the arson of her inn.

Scaling the mountains[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 3, 4 and 5, Parcel

Outside, you will still have to contend with a constant stream of Sherpa Brawlers wielding pistols coming from the back alley. To make matters worse, some parts of the ground are covered with deep snow, slowing you down dramatically when moving through it. If you can defeat the ones holding guns, you can use their pistols to defeat further waves of Sherpa Brawlers.

To the right of the small village is a cave barred with shining metal. There happens to be a bundle of dynamite nearby, so grab a torch from one of the torch holders and light the fuse, then stand back as the resulting explosion blows the metal bars apart. The left over rubble can be used to contruct a snowman required for a chest and a white platform, which you must carry and place on top of a peculiar contraption. The motor operating it seems to be broken, but you don't have Jock with you. However, destroying a nearby toolbox lets you get a wrench, temporarily letting you gain the ability to fix things. Repair the motor and the contraption turns out to be an elevator, which will move you high enough to reach the grabbable ledge. Carefully hop to the other side.

You will quickly reach a large gap which Indy can swing across with his whip, but the bridge spanning the chasm is unfinished, and you need Marion over at the other side. You will also be greeted by another group of Sherpa Brawlers. Defeat them and assemble the bridge using the pile of blocks lying at one end, then push the bridge to the left to let Marion rejoin you.

There is a fair amount of dynamite here, and your path is blocked by a metal gate. Have Marion jump on to the checkerboard platform and push the barrel of dynamite there to the ground. Use those blocks to build a dynamite stack, then take another torch and light the fuse to blow apart the metal gate.

The entrance of the mountain cave[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 6 and 7, Luke

You will come across another chasm not far into this scene, which you can swing across using Indy's whip. Once you're across, destroy the barrel nearby and use the blocks to build a ledge for Marion to climb across. Now, have Marion leap to the alcove and operate the crank there, which will open the large stone gate nearby. You must then destroy the right statue for parts to build a small ledge, which will let you reach the top of the pillar (you can do a minor sequence break here by high jumping on to the pillar with Marion). Jump from there to the second floor and push the statue down to destroy it.

Using the blocks from the destroyed statue, build a small white platform and take it to the broken elevator. Then, fix the elevator to let you reach higher ground (if you lost the wrench after fixing the first elevator of just want another wrench for your partner, you can destroy the left statue for one). What comes next is a series of unstable ice that shatters as soon as you approach them, creating chasms that you must jump across. The third stretch of thin ice is too wide to make in a single jump, but it does reveal some interesting things below it. However, you can't do anything about them yet in Story Mode, so use the ledges to hop back up to the other side. Go through the small gate on the side of the mountain.

The cavern temple[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 8

A giant chasm lies between you and the exit, and you'll need to do a bit of climbing to cross it. First, destroy the left object near the stairs at the back to get a shovel. With the shovel, dig at the glowing spot to obtain a key, which goes in the crank near the entrance. Turn the crank to lower the rope, which will let you reach the ledges and platforms that line the walls. Carefully scale this section until reach a large statue. Switch to your partner and have them push the statue to the left, letting one player jump on to the statue. Then, push it all the way to the right, letting the player on the statue jump to a high alcove on the other side.

Switch to the player on the alcove and build a rope using the pile of blocks. With the rope, your partner can now join you on the alcove, which will trigger the pressure-sensitive button and lower a ledge. Jump from that ledge to a round platform, then jump to the alcove with the exit.

The canyon[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 9 and 10

Move to the right until you reach what appears to be an elevator. Ride the nearby horse on to the oranges switch to activate it. Ride the elevator to the top and grab the bazooka. With this powerful weapon you can destroy shiny metal objects, a fact you can test on the metal statue nearby. You can pull down the other statue with Indy's whip, which will let you cross the chasm on to a few alcoves containing studs, including the rare purple stud worth 10000 studs. Blow apart the metal box next to the bridge with the bazooka, and use the blocks to rebuild a crank. Turn the crank to raise the missing part of the bridge and a platform containing a box with a bazooka. You will be attacked by some guards, but they are easily defeated. A truck blocks your path to the end of the level. Three targeted shots from the bazooka will easily destroy it, letting you pass through the gate, and to the ending cutscene.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. The chest is located in the fireplace. You need to use Marion to reach the two ropes and pull them to lower the bars around the fireplace and extingush it.
  2. This chest can be obtained after you pull down the ladder with the key. On the second floor is an unfinished lever. Completing it and pulling it results in a dumb waiter containing barrels being pulled up, causing the barrels to smash into the room behind the bar, revealing a chest.
  3. (Free Play only) Dig multiple times in the glowing spots near the horse pen to unearth parts for a snowmobile. Assemble the snowmobile to cause five gates to pop out of the ground. You must pass through all of the gates while riding the snowmobile to make the chest appear beyond the fifth gate.
  4. (Free Play only) Use explosives to destroy the metal door of the cabin to the right of the burning inn. Go inside and move toward the window to collect the chest.
  5. You need to find and build three snowmen to get this chest. Destroy the logs beside the burning inn to get pieces for the first snowman. The second snowman can be built from the debris in the cave caused by the dynamite explosion. The last snowman is located past the bridge you need to push to cross the gap. Grab torch from the left side and go right, then light the fuse leading to boxes of dynamite. The pieces left behind is used to build the snowman, causing the chest to appear around it.
  6. (Free Play only) Near the start of the third area are some blocks of ice. Destroy one of them to reveal a chute behind them. Crawl through it as a short character to emerge on a ledge high above. Whip swing across to another ledge to take the chest.
  7. (Free Play only) After falling into the valley below the collapsing ice, grab on to the lowest ledge as a female character. Use either Willie's scream or an explosive to destroy the icy cage around the chest.
  8. (Free Play only) Near the exit of the mountain ruins is a hieroglyph panel. Decipher it with a scholar character to cause handrails to extend, leading to a chest that just appeared.
  9. After reaching the top of the elevator in the last area, move to the left and drop down into the gated area. Fix the motor (you can get a wrench by destroying one of the objects near the elevator) to open the gates. Destroy the objects near the exit of the temple until you get an object, than carry and put the object on the second contraption to destroy it, leaving a chest in its place.
  10. This chest involves the yellow bowl between the two statues. This bowl is actually a torch, and lighting it using a torch obtained from the previous scene will make it reveal a chest.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. After leaving the burning inn, head left to a building near some horses and knock on the guard window as a character with an enemy disguise. This lets you enter a building, which turns out to be an inviting cabin inside. Go right and climb up the ladder to reach a box. Grab the box, drop down and place it on the green spot. Use the pieces from the box to build a lever. Use Indy's whip to pull on it and extinguish the fire in the fireplace, causing Santa Claus to appear and run outside. Follow the jolly old man outside and you will find a parcel out in the open. Take it to the mailbox at the burning inn to mail it off. This parcel contains the Super Slap extra, which makes your melee attacks stronger against normal foes, usually ensuring that you kill them in one hit.

Defrosting Luke[edit]

At the location where you got Chest No. 7, there is also a large cave filled with ice. Use Willie's scream or explosives to destroy the ice, freeing Luke Skywalker from his icy prison. Luke is one of five hidden Star Wars characters. Be perseverant to get the special reward from finding them all.