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While they're out of the castle, Indy and Henry are still not out of danger. They must travel across enemy territory, a daunting task to do on foot, especially with so many enemy soldiers around the area. Indy gets an idea to use motorcycles for the journey. They've made it to a garage safe from enemy soldiers, but how are they going to get motorcycles?

  • True Adventurer: 90,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: None
  • Library Characters Unlocked: Elsa (Officer)
  • Artifact: Gilt Frame Portrait
  • Parcel: Treasure x8


  • Collectables: Chests No. 1 and 2

Starting off, be sure to destroy every box and break open the cabinets in the garage. You can find a pistol, a submachine gun and a wrench. The wrench is obviously useful as a tool, but you should also get a weapon equipped, as you will encounter tons of enemies throughout the level. Now, you must find two motorcycles. Destroy the box in front of the unfinished lever to get pieces for the lever. Use the pieces to finish the lever, then pull on it to lower the bike at the top-right corner, letting you ride it.

For the second bike, you must find two crates full of bike parts. The first crate can be obtained by pulling the lever next to the conveyor belt, which will make the belt dispense the crate. The second crate is being held by a crane over the water. Destroy the boxes by the crane to get some blocks that you can use to build push pads on the crane. Push the crane clockwise until the crate is lowered on the ground. Take both crates to the green spots on the floor, then use the pieces to build the second bike. Use the wrench from the cabinet to the left of the right lever to fix the bike. Finally, park both bikes on to the two orange buttons to open the garage door, letting you exit.

Countryside path[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 3, 4 and 5

Be sure to keep your bikes close to you throughout the level, as you need them to advance. While you drive along the path, watch out for the bubbling mud puddles that cover the road. You can drive over them on bikes, but they will swallow you whole while on foot. Once you drive past a small hill, a group of soldiers will attack you from the background. Take them out, then continue down the path. You will soon come across a wide gap. You can't cross it with a double jump, so you must ride your bike on to the ramp to make it shoot across the chasm to the other side.

Further down the path, boulders will start tumbling down from the back. Obviously, you would want to avoid them. Watch for the ramps where they tumble from and steer clear of them when you can see a boulder coming from behind. Eventually, you will reach a checkpoint that prevents you from proceeding. There, you will be attacked by some enemy soldiers, including an enemy officer. Defeat the officer and grab the black cap he drops so that you get an army disguise. Knock on the window of the checkpoint guardhouse to fool the guard into opening the gate for you. Past the gate is a waterfall and another gap you must cross. Turn the crank beside the falls to raise the ramp, then drive your bike over the ramp to launch yourself to the other side.

You will now see bright red landmines strewn across the path. You should generally avoid them unless you want the studs they give out, but don't get too greedy that you lose a life trying to set them off. You will know a mine has been triggered once its beacon starts blinking, so get as far away as you can when you see it. You will soon come across another checkpoint, where you will be attacked by more soldiers. If you've lost your officer's cap, defeat the officer among them to get another one. With your disguise on, knock on the window of the guardhouse to fool the guard into opening the gate, letting you go through it to the next area.

Cliffside farm[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 6, 7 and 8, Parcel

As long as you are in this area, endless amounts of soldiers will regularly attack you, so try to get everything done here quickly. First, go to the bunker and have both characters pull the two levers at once. This will make two enemy soldiers and an enemy officer attack you. While it seems pointless, it is a good way to get another officer's cap if you've lost the ones from before. Knock on the guardhouse to the right of you while wearing an officer's cap to make the guard open the shed to the left. Grab the shovel inside, then go to the glowing spot at the side of the barn. Dig there to unearth a trampoline, which will let you jump up to the building's handrails and on to a ledge. Go round the ledge through the window to enter the barn.

Once inside, have Indy whip swing across the room to the other side. Destroy the crates here to expose a box full of parts. Grab the box, drop down and place it on the green area outside the cage. Use the parts from the box to build a crank, then turn the crank counter-clockwise to open up the cage, letting you grab the bazooka within. Take the bazooka and return outside. Use the bazooka to shoot the metal structures near the cliff, then use the blocks to build a rope-pulling mechanism. Pull the mechanism backward to raise the bridge, letting you cross the big gap. Finally, drive both motorcycles across the bridge and park them on both orange buttons at once to open the gate, letting you proceed to the next area.

Continuing on the path[edit]

Through the gate, the path is similar to the first stretch of country road. There are still deadly mud pits, dangerous landmines and a squad of soldiers. You will need to get off of your bikes often to defeat them. Along the landmine-filled path, you can either drive past them at full speed or weave between the mines' blast radius so that you can set them off and collect the studs they drop without getting injured. Just drive through the tunnel at the end to reach the final area.

Turret base[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 9 and 10

You are now trapped in a base with three turrets. Although they look deadly, the turrets only do a heart of damage, making them as much of a threat as pistols, but you must still find a way to destroy them. There will first be a squad of enemy soldiers coming out the left shed. Defeat them, and another group of soldiers will attack you from the right shed, which will let you obtain some bazookas from a box inside it. Once those soldiers are defeated, the last shed will open up, and will continuously spawn deadly bazooka troopers.

Your goal here is to destroy all 3 turrets. Each turret requires 4 bazooka shots to be destroyed, which is as much ammo as a bazooka holds, so you'll need to get a new one very often. The soldiers and bazooka troopers make this task even trickier, since you'll be under fire from not only turret shots, but also gunfire and lethal rockets. Once a turret is destroyed, the bazooka trooper operating it will come out and fight you. After you destroy all three turrets, the gate at the back will open up. Quickly drive through it to end the stage!

After a brief argument about their method of escape, Indy and Henry decide to board a zeppelin out of the country. While driving there, Indy manages to steal an army uniform from a soldier, then stealthily corners Elsa and forces her to return Henry's diary.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) On the pier to the south of the garage are two motorboats chained to the pier with a metal pole. Use explosives to destroy the chains, letting you use the boats. Ride the boat along the lake to the top right corner of the area, where a chest is visible. Switch to a female character to jump over the high wall, then jump again while under the chest to collect it.
  2. (Free Play only) There is a gate by the exit leading to a room at the back. Use explosives to destroy the metal locks chaining the gate, then go inside. Here, use explosives or Willie's scream to break the glass cabinet at the top-left. Carry the tile block inside and place it on the green spot, causing it to unfold into a tiled path. Push the cart all the way down the path to open up a hatch to the lake below, letting you collect the chest.
  3. There are three plants that you need to destroy to make them bloom. The first plant is found among the bushes before the first jump. The second plant can be found between the boulder ramps nearing the guardhouse. The final plant is located among the bushes after the waterfall. The chest appears after you find all three.
  4. (Free Play only) Halfway down the dirt path, you will come across a chest behind metal bars. Use explosives to destroy the bars, then ride the bike across the mud pits to collect the chest.
  5. This chest is hidden inside an abandoned barn along the country path. You can see its glow behind the barn doors.
  6. This chest is simply hidden in an alley north of where you enter the barn area.
  7. The chest can be pulled out of the well in the barnyard using the crank beside it.
  8. (Free Play only) In Free Play, there will be a broken tractor in the barnyard. Use a wrench character to fix it up twice to use it. Drive it outside and use it to plow three plots of land around the farm to make carrots sprout. Once all three carrots manage to sprout, the chest appears at the center of the bridge.
  9. Destroy the rightmost turret in the enemy base to make the trooper exit the turret, letting you get the chest inside.
  10. Destroy the two glass manholes in the turret base with the bazooka, then plant all of the seeds that spill out from the manholes to get the chest.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained in Free Play. Destroy the boxes by the windmill in the farm to get a key. Put the key in the crank by the windmill and turn it to make it send a box out. Lift the box and place it on the green spot, then switch to a female character to jump to the second level of the windmill. Grab the parcel there and take it to the mailbox by the well to mail it to Barnett College. The parcel contains Treasure x8, which makes every stud give 8 times their normal amount and stacks with other multipliers!