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Having made a journey across the Atlantic Ocean on a submarine, Indy arrives at a secret naval base. Donning an enemy disguise, Indy reunites with Marion and both decide to make one last attempt to get the ark back.

  • True Adventurer: 40000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Indiana Jones (Army Disguise), Marion (Nightgown)
  • Library Characters Unlocked: Enemy Guard
  • Artifact: Ark of the Covenant
  • Parcel: Artifact Detector

Submarine Dock[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1, 2, 3 and 4

First, pick up the box located near some crates and move it over the bridge on to the green pad of the submarine and place it there. Then, swim to the other side and dispatch the four soldiers there. Move to the left of the area and use Indy to pull down a ladder, then climb up it. Have one of your characters jump on the dark grey platform, then switch to the other character and turn the crank at the back wall to move the first to the other side. Switch again and pull on the orange switch to cause a ladder to drop down, letting both characters up easily. Have both pull the levers on either side of the door at the same time to open up a new room. Defeat the guards inside and pick up the box. Walk up to the crank near the water and switch characters to turn the crank (the computer partner will automatically do that if you're playing alone). Put the box on the green patch, then use the parts to build the submarine's gun. Two panels will open up revealing targets behind it. You need to hit both green targets enough times to raise the ladder between the two triangles. Once the ladder is up, climb it and move to the left for a rare purple stud, then to the right to the exit.

Gated Stronghold[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 5, 6 and 7, Parcel

Go down the path and into the compound, where you will be attacked by a few gun-toting soldiers. You can easily take them down with melee attacks or by taking one of the soldiers guns for yourself, but if you want to defeat them really quickly, you can destroy some weapon caches in the upper right of the area to find a machine gun. After the skirmish, jump on to the wooden platform as Indy and use your whip to pull some boxes down. Construct some handrails from the debris, and use them to get on another wooden platform. Use your whip to swing across, then build some more handrails with the loose pile of blocks to let Marion get to you.

Jump on to the rooftop with the two guards and quickly take them down, then take the wrench nearby. One of the soldiers also drops a shotgun, which you can pick up and use yourself. Prepare yourself for battle, as you will be attacked by a ton of soldiers once you drop down. Defeat them all, then use the wrench to repair the truck. Once you fix it, hop into it and drive it through the large gate to the left to bust it open. You must destroy the metal gate north of the area to escape this military base, but unfortunately you can't use the truck to do so, as there are some wooden posts on the ground preventing it from going there. Instead, drive to the left building and jump out of the vehicle to get on to its roof.

On this rooftop is a strange mechanism. There are a series of buttons on the floor that causes one of the panels on the large black wall at the back to flip and turn white, but only when something is pressing it down. Next to the black wall is a small sign with what looks like a 4 on it. You must create a 4 according to the sign, but both you and your partner can only press down two buttons at once. First, move the crate on to the bottom right button, then take the bucket and place it on the button above the crate. Have one of you stand on the middle button while the other stand on the upper left to create the 4. Once this is completed, the two doors below will open up. Inside there is a box containing two bazookas. Take the bazooka and blast the metal gate, then go through it to progress.

Indiana Jones and Marion threatens Belloq and his allies with a bazooka, asking them to hand over the ark. However, they are quickly surrounded by enemy soldiers. After being forced to go with them to the site of the ceremonial opening of the ark, Indy and Marion quickly fight off their captors. Can they stop Belloq before he unleashes the terrifying power within the Ark of the Covenant?

Boss: Belloq[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 8, 9 and 10

Your goal here is to defeat Belloq, but he is situated on high alcoves, making it hard to reach him. To make things worse, enemy soldiers will constantly respawn, so you must deal with continuous gunfire and dodge grenades while figuring out how to reach Belloq. First, grab the asymmetrical crate near where Belloq is standing and place it on the green spot. As Marion, use the crate to hop on to an alcove, then jump to the alcove where Bellow is standing on to fight him. He will quickly flee once you hit him, so go after him. Now, go to the right side of the area and construct a platform out of the loose bricks. Have a character climb up the stairs nearby while the other pull on the rope. This will cause the platform to rise, letting the first character to jump across to the alcove on the other side, where Belloq is standing. Hit him another time and he will flee yet again.

As Indy, move to the back of the level. Jump on to the lower ledge, then jump to the rope. From there, jump to the handrails and use them to reach the other side. Walk on to the wooden platform, then use your whip to pull the object above down. Jump up the stone formations nearby and the object you pulled down to reach Belloq, and hit him once more to knock him down. With nowhere left to hide, Belloq will desperately try to fight you. Hit him two more times to finish him off!

Belloq may be defeated, but Indy and Marion still have to contend Major Toht and Colonel Dietrich, as well as the countless soldiers surrounding them. They have no choice but to surrender, and are tied to a pole as Belloq starts the ceremony. Indy warns Marion to keep her eyes shut, as the spirits within burst out and fly around the area. Suddenly, the spirits become angered, attacking and literally melting all of the soldiers there, including Belloq and his cronies. After the ordeal, Indy and Marion are the only ones left alive, as the ark returns to its original state.

The Ark of the Covenant is shipped back to the United States, where it is taken by two government agents to be studied. Indy's curator friend is dismayed as he couldn't display the ark in his museum, while Indy starts dating Marion. Meanwhile, the Ark of the Covenant is securely stored in a crate, then left in a massive warehouse along with countless other crates, their contents unknown to everyone but a select few...

Artifact List[edit]

  1. Starting off as Indy in the army disguise, knock on the door of the guard post to the right of where you start out. Doing so will open a door to a new room. Here, destroy the crates and use the remaining pieces to fix the boat. Maneuver the boat to the platform and jump on it for the chest.
  2. (Free Play only) Use explosives to blow open the two shiny metal hatches on the submarine, revealing two buttons underneath. Depress both buttons at the same time with both characters to cause the artifact to appear on the submarine.
  3. At the submarine dock, swim into the hidden alcove below the rightmost ladder for the chest.
  4. (Free Play only) After pulling down the ladder in the dock, change into a short character and crawl through the chute to end up on a ledge with the chest.
  5. As Indy in the area with the truck, you can fool the officer in the guard post near where the broken truck is, which will make him open up a gate nearby. Enter it to find yourself in what appears to be a room for leisure. You can destroy the objects in there for studs, but destroying the birthday cake also nets you a chest.
  6. (Free Play only) In the horse pen, simply switch to a character with a shovel and dig in the glowing spot to unearth the chest.
  7. There is a door at the right side of the stronghold that contains a similar sign as the one on the rooftop, but with a seven. You only need to move one character to create a seven once you've created the four. Simply have the character stepping on the middle button step on the button above to make it. The door with the seven will open, and inside is the chest.
  8. This chest requires a shovel, which can be found by destroying the crates near the starting area of the Belloq boss battle. Dig up some blocks to the left of where you spawn, then use the blocks to construct a moving video camera. Push it down the path into the box to make it project a chest that you can collect.
  9. Run to the cave north of the ark and dig in the glowing spot there to find the hidden chest. You can use the shovel from Chest No. 8 if doing this in Story Mode.
  10. (Free Play only) Near the ark is a wall with a hieroglyph panel on it. Use a scholar character to decipher the hieroglyphs and destroy the wall. The artifact is in the cave behind it.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. Behind the broken down truck is a hieroglyph panel. Use a character holding a blue book to decipher it, which causes a staircase to appear nearby, descending into a secret underground chamber. Inside, push the yellow pyramid along the tiled floor all the way to the right, which will cause the top of the pyramid to pop up. Move down and destroy the crate to get tiles, which you can use to finish the bottom tiled floor. Push the pyramid here to the left to make its top pop up. Use the ramps to get both characters standing on each pyramid at the same time. This will cause the large panel on the ground to open up, letting you access the parcel and some parts below. Use the parts to assemble a staircase out of the hole, then carry the parcel out and to the mailbox in the upper-right corner of the room.

This parcel contains the Artifact Detector extra. When it is active, there will be an arrow pointing you toward the general location of any artifacts you may have missed. It's not very useful, as the directions are often too vague and doesn't instruct you how exactly to obtain the artifacts. Of course, you won't need any in-game help with this walkthrough as guide!