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Having survived the plane crash and journeyed down a river, Indy, Willie and Short Round are discovered by the shaman of a small Indian village. According to him, an evil group of people stole a precious rock from their village, as well as kidnapping most of the village's children. He believes that the people in or nearby the prestigious Pankot Palace might have something to do with it. Seeing another possible adventure, Indy promises to retrieve the stone for the village. With some elephants to transport them, they begin the trek to Pankot Palace.

  • True Adventurer: 60000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Willie (Evening Dress)
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Maharajah, Pankot Assassin, Pankot Guard, Village Elder, Village Dignitary, Willie (Dinner Suit), Willie (Pajamas)
  • Artifact: Ivory Elephant
  • Mailbox: Poo Treasure

The jungle to Pankot[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 1, 2 and 3

A new obstacle presents itself in this dense jungle: deep patches of mud. These mud pits can swallow humans alive, resulting in an instant death if you fall in. However, elephants can cross these patches of mud without any problem, so you'll have to use them most of the time. You must also watch out for small bugs that appear whenever you destroy plants, as they will render Willie to scared to fight. There is a shovel among the boxes where you start, so have Indy pick it up. To cross this first mud pit, have any one of your characters ride the elephant across, then destroy the object holding the vine in place to free it, letting the others swing across.

There are a lot of snakes here, but riding on an elephant will let you trample them to death. You must now cross a crocodile-infested river, but the draw bridge is currently up. You must find two boxes of wood to build something that lets you pull it down. First, as Willie, jump up to the handrail over the treacherous snake pit nearby and climb it to the other side. Build a switch out of the pile of blocks there and pull it to make a wooden bridge rise over the snake pit, letting you cross safely. Take the box and move it to the green patch of ground near the bridge and place it there. Then, ride an elephant past the second mud pit, and pick up the box there using the elephant trunk. Carry it and place it on the remaining green patch of ground. Use the pile of blocks to make a wooden platform, letting Indy pull the drawbridge down with his whip. Now all of you can cross the river, including the elephants.

While on an elephant, make it stomp on the advancing army of spiders that appear once you cross the river. Use your shovel to dig up a key (you can get one as Indy on the opposite side of the mud pit in case you lost it), then swing to the other side as Indy. Put the key into the mechanism and turn it to raise the spiked log preventing you from crossing. Before you go past the gate, use Indy's whip to get a banana beside the mud pit. Use the banana to get the key the monkey is holding, then use it on the mechanism at the next gate. Turn the key to raise the spiked log there, then rise the elephant past it.

The final stretch of road leading to Pankot Palace is riddled with snakes and giant spiders. Luckily, you can kill all of them by trampling them with the elephant. Charge through the snake-filled path on the elephant until you reach the gate. Leave the elephant on the large button until it completely depresses to open the outer gate, then have all three characters stand on the three buttons to the right of the gate to make it open completely. Now you can enter Pankot Palace!

The lavish palace[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 4, 5 and 6, Parcel

At the palace, the group receives a warm welcome from the young Maharajah and his representative, being invited to a feast with tons of exotic foods. When asked about the problem at the village, the representative denies any claims of the stealing the stone or kidnapping children. As the Maharajah and the rest of the Pankot Palace's residents leave the dining hall, Indy, Willie and Short Round are suddenly attacked by the palace guards!

You will be attacked by a small group of guards, so take them out first before doing anything else. You're trapped in the dining hall, so you must find a way to get out. Before you do so, however, take your time destroying the various pots, dining equipment and seats in the room to get tons of studs. To escape, first take the grey object on the dining table and place it at the green area of the door's locking mechanism. Then, have Indy ring the bell to the right of the area with his whip. This will summon more guards to fight you, but it will also make a key drop from the bell. Defeat the guards, then take the key and insert it into the mechanism next to the door and turn it. This will raise a small grate, revealing a lever behind it. Pull the lever to make the door open, letting you leave the dining hall.

As you run across the hallways, expect to be assaulted by groups of guards. There aren't any puzzles here, just fight after fight with a lot of items you can destroy to rack up your studs. The guards will start carrying weapons the further you advance down the hallways, from just their bare hands to scimitars to thrown spears. A green hall marks the end of these winding hallways. Push the tree at the back as far as you can to reveal a hieroglyph panel nearby. You can't do anything about it without the book, so enter the room to the right.

Inside the guest room, you will be attacked by more guards, and some assassins as well. Defeat all of the enemies first so that you can investigate the room in peace. There are tons of destroyable items in the room, as well as some blocks that you can use to build the roof of the bed, letting you reach some studs near the ceiling. Ultimately, you must use Willie's scream to break the glass case containing the blue book, then take it back to the hieroglyph panel in the room before. Decipher the panel and a secret passage to another bedroom will open up.

Once you enter the bedroom, the secret passage will close and the previously-closed door back in the hallway will open up, letting assassins in. Quickly defeat them, then start investigating the room. There is a weird statue here, but you can't do anything about it yet. There is a bed that you can push around, so push it to the right. Have Indy jump from the stool to the top of the bed, then jump to the platform. Whip swing to another platform across the room, then pull the lever there to make the painting above the statue open up, dispensing some blocks. Use those blocks to complete the statue, then pull the statue back to open up a hidden tunnel. Enter it.

The tunnel to the secret temple[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 7, 8, 9 and 10

This decrepit tunnel is a big change of scenery from the beautiful architecture of the palace. There are also new dangers in this tunnel, which are huge gaps in the floor that cause instant death if you fall into them. Avoid the first few pits, then swing over the third with the vine. Go all the way down to the tunnel exit to reach a much larger subterranean cave.

Here, you must find a way to reach a small opening at the end of the rock path. First, pull the lever to make a nearby ladder appear, then climb up it. Have Indy swing across with his whip, then jump to the vine there to pull it down. Next, construct a chute for Short Round to crawl through using the pile of blocks below the left vine. Let Short Round crawl through it, then pull the right vine to make a rock platform rise up. Have both characters jump from the vine to the platform, then have Willie jump up the platform by grabbing the handrails. With all three characters close by, go to the room at the back.

There is a huge pit filled with spiders here, and falling into it means instant death. Luckily, spiders, like snakes, hate fire. First, have Indy whip swing across the pit to the other side, then grab a torch there. With the torch in hand, you are safe to wander around in the pit. Use it to let the other two characters safely across, then have all three of your characters press the three buttons at the other side simultaneously. This will open up a door leading to a stairwell. Walk down it to the very end to make a large door open up. With nowhere left to go, enter it.

Death trap[edit]

The door will close behind you once you leave the room, which means there is no way out. There is a whip platform here, and using Indy's whip while standing on it will make him pull a switch from the wall, causing two skeletons to drop down and spikes protrude out of the ceiling, which begins to descend! Quickly destroy both skeletons to make two boxes drop down. Carry both boxes to the green area in the center, then quickly build a column using the blocks form the boxes to stop the descent of the roof. A door will now open, letting you escape!

Indy, Willie and Short Round narrowly escapes certain death, with Indy almost losing his signature fedora. As they continue to explore the underground network of tunnels, the group witnesses a ritual underway from a high alcove. This is the hideout of the Thuggee cult, led by Mola Ram, an evil organization that worships Kali with human sacrifices. The person about to get sacrificed is locked in a cage, then lowered into a pit of lava. It doesn't kill him, but it does burn off all of his clothes.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. The first chest is located at the right of the area where you start. It's in plain sight, so you can't really miss it.
  2. The second chest is near the bridge. Go south along the bank of the river to find some blocks that you can use to build a raft. Have the shovel-holder row the raft down the river until you reach a secret area with a glowing dig spot. Use the shovel to dig up the second chest.
  3. Get a shovel for Indy if you have yet to do so (you can find one before the first gate). After the second drawbridge, have Indy swing across the gap with his whip. Use the shovel to dig up the treasure there.
  4. The chest is hidden inside the second potted plant in the hallways, close to a Thuggee statue. Destroy the plant to make it appear.
  5. This chest is hidden in one of the closets in the guest room. Break open the closet's locks to reveal it.
  6. In the second bedroom, use Willie to high jump to the plainly visible chest.
  7. This chest is located next to a vine over an instant-death pit. You will need to make a precise jump to reach it and live.
  8. This chest is in plain sight, and it requires Willie's high jump to collect it over a bottomless pit. Careful not to fall into the abyss.
  9. Use Indy's whip to pull out a door in spider pit room, then get close to it to make a skeleton drop down. Destroy the skeleton to reveal the chest.
  10. The last chest of the level is hidden in one of the pots in the hallway after the spider pit room. Destroy the pots to make it appear.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained in Free Play. At the palace dining hall, use a female character to reach a high ledge by jumping from the beige barrel. Switch to Indy and whip swing across to reach the parcel. Carry the parcel down to the ground and place it there temporarily. Then, open the gate and defeat the guards as usual while carrying the parcel along with you. Keep going down the hallways and eventually you will come across a Thuggee Statue, near the location of chest no. 4. Pray to the statue with a Thuggee character to make a wall panel slide open, revealing the mailbox that you can put your parcel in. You will be able to purchase the Poo Treasure extra once you do, which works like Fertilizer, except that you can make ride-able animals poop studs!