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Having spotted the ark being transported by a few soldiers, Indy is determined that he can still recover it from enemy troops. After an encounter with two enemy officers, Indy and Marion must now make their way across a military base alive, then do their best to prevent the ark from being transported out of Egypt.

  • True Adventurer: 47000 studs
  • Library Characters: Belloq (Robes), Captain Katanga, Enemy Boxer, First Mate
  • Artifact: Sphinx
  • Parcel: Fast Build

Excavation Site[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1, 2 and 3, Parcel.

There are a few enemy officers left to guard this site, and you will likely run into a few of them while roaming around the area. There are barrels you can hide in to avoid detection, but if you would like to return fire, there are also a couple of weapon caches that you can destroy for weapons, either a shotgun or a submachine gun. There are also barrels that contain shovels and toolboxes that contain wrenches, but those aren't as effective for defeating officers. There is, however, some chests that contain studs that you can dig up, and an elevator with a repairable motor to help you get more studs.

To proceed, you need to first fix the crane by finding two blue boxes and placing them on the green pads. The first box is nearby while the second box requires you to pull down the ladder beside the crane with your whip, then climb to the platform above to get. Once you've placed both boxes, use the blocks to assemble the crane. Jump into the crane and move the large cylinder on to the raised platform, which will cause it to descend and raise the platform next to it.

Next, you need to rebuild a section of the railtrack where the cart is. The first section is near the cart, but the remaining two are located at the bottom-right corner of the area. One of them requires you to push a minecart in to a hole, leaving parts for a section of the railtrack and a chute that you can't use in Story Mode. The last section is buried near where the minecart was. Place all three at the right locations and destroy the mound on the track to be able to move the cart.

Now, have one player jump on to the crate and the raised platform until they reach the highest wooden platform, then make your way to the cart. Jump on to it, then switch to the other character and have them push you to the other side. Once you're there, make a rope out of the loose blocks to let the other character up. Once both of you are on the wooden platform, pull on the ropes to cause the bridge to drop. Round the corner and go up the staircase to enter the next area.

The military camp[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Exploration will be a bit difficult in this area, since you will be constantly attacked by enemy soldiers, including the dreaded grenade throwers. If you do have time to roam around, you can get a bunch of studs, though you'll likely have enough for True Adventurer from the previous area. There are two towers near a gated area, one with a rope that you can pull to drop studs and another that you can high jump up for more studs. To get to the jeeps behind that gate, you need to have Marion jump up a wooden platform nearby, then fall into the gated area and ram a jeep into the gate to open it. Ultimately, you want to get an officer's hat and use it to fool the guard at the right gate to let you through.

Walk along the road until you arrive at another campsite. There are loads more stuff to destroy here, but once again, you need to find a way to open the gate at the right, this time by finding two motors to unlock it. The pieces for right motor can be found near the gate, so build it and take it there. The remaining motor requires a little more work to get. First, you need to dig up a chest near where the car was, then attack it to make it spit out a key. Then, get to the left tower with an unfinished crank and pull the rope to drop studs and the remaining parts of the crank. Repair the crank and have the character with the key grab the right rope, then turn the crank to send them to the other tower. Switch and jump to the second tower, then place the key into the crank. Turn it until the rope reaches the middle, then jump to the rope and to the third tower. Pull the lever there to drop the second motor. Take it and place it on the green spot to open the gate.

Boss: Enemy Boxer[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 8 and 9

Arriving just in time to see the Ark loaded on to a truck, Indy now has to face a buff boxer, one that can't be hurt by melee attacks or bullets! However, he won't attack you outside of the ring visible on the ground, so you're free to explore the area without worrying about him. While the boxer is certainly tough, he isn't very bright, and that is the trick to defeat him. Take the anvil nearby and walk into the ring. The boxer will attack you, but destroy the anvil instead, hurting his hand. A truck full of soldiers will arrive to help, so defeat them quickly. Jump into the aircraft in the middle and launch explosive bullets to destroy everything, including the truck the soldiers arrived in. Use the blocks from the truck to create another anvil, and make the boxer fight you to hurt himself again. Another truckload of soldiers will come, so do the same thing to finish the battle.

Ultimately, neither Indy nor the anvils defeated the boxer. He carelessly went too close to the propeller of the airplane and was unpleasantly beheaded. Despite being delayed by the fight, Indy still has time to catch up with the truck carrying the Ark, this time with help from Sallah.

Convoy chase[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 10

This section of the level takes place entirely on moving vehicles, so be careful not to fall to the ground, as it will result in instant-death. All you have to do is defeat every soldier that comes out of the trucks, hijack the truck that has lost its driver, then press the jump button to accelerate to the next convoy. You will eventually get to the truck with the Ark, so hijack that and accelerate until you ram into Belloq's car, which will end the level.

Having recovered the Ark of the Covenant, Indy decides to ship it back to America on Captain Tatanga's ship. However, they are intercepted by an enemy submarine and have the Ark forcefully taken. Luckily, Indy manages to sneak on to the submarine, and decides to stay on it until it reaches its destination, where he will throw a wrench in the villain's plans.

Artifact List[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) Go north from the start. Jump up the wooden walkway with the crates as a female character, then switch to an explosives user to blow up the metal gate behind the crates. Have a scholar decipher the hieroglyph panel to make a glass cage emerge on the altar nearby. Switch to Willie or an explosives user to break the glass cage. Inside is the artifact piece.
  2. (Free Play only) After pushing the cart into the sealed off mine for the track part, there is another pile of blocks left over that can be used to build a crawlspace. Crawl through the finished chute as a short character to get on a high walkway with the chest.
  3. While riding on the tall cart, jump to the dig spot at the middle of the track, then dig there to fall into the treasure.
  4. The chest is hidden behind a metal tank. You can obtain it in Story Mode by luring an officer to attack you with a grenade, or by driving the jeep into it.
  5. (Free Play only) Destroy the grills at the canteen, then takes the parts left behind and attach them to the watchtower behind the canteen. This lets you climb to the top of the watchtower, where a chest is imprisoned inside a metal cage. Destroy the cage with explosives to get the chest,
  6. This chest requires the automobile found near the tables. Park the car on the big yellow button next to the gate, lowering the platform enough to let you reach the chest with a high jump.
  7. Drive the car from before into the gate at the back to reach an oasis. There, smash the furniture and build a raft out of the pieces, then row over the rubber ducks that appear to reveal the chest.
  8. The chest requires you to find three blue boxes and place them on the green pads at the back of the area. The first box is buried near where you start, the second one can be found in one of the cabinets inside the hut while the third one is found by destroying a palm tree. Once you've placed all three boxes, assemble a gramophone from the loose parts to get the artifact piece.
  9. This chest involves a shooting range to the right of the area. Have a character with a pistol stand there and wait for the targets to come up, then shoot all five to get the chest
  10. One of the smaller trucks will be carrying the chest, but don't take too long to get to it. Otherwise, it will drive off.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. After finishing the crane, have an explosives user destroy the metal gate near the crane, which holds a lever behind it. After raising the two platforms with the crane, you want to catch your partner with the crane and move them to the wooden platform to the left. Drop them down and switch places, then go to the area behind the platform to get the parcel. Carry it next to the raised platforms and have your other character pull the lever. This temporarily causes stairs to rise up and the bars blocking the mailbox to retract. Take the parcel up the stairs and to the mailbox quickly to mail it off. The parcel for this level contains Fast Build, which increases the speed you build things out of loose blocks. As you will be building objects a lot, it is arguably the best fast action extra out of them all.