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Shanghai, 1935. Indiana Jones watches a performance by Willie Scott, an American singer who happens to work in China. He is here to meet Lao Che, a powerful crime boss who hired him to retrieve the ashes of his ancestor. Indy gives the requested item and gets a huge diamond in return. However, Lao Che doesn't want to keep his end of the deal, and poisons Indy's drink. Indy returns the diamond for the antidote, but Lao Che is determined to kill him off in this very nightclub. It is up to Willie to take the antidote back, or this archeologist's legend could end tonight.

  • True Adventurer: 52,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit), Willie, Short Round
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Kao Kan, Wu Han, Lao Che, Chen, Dancing Girl
  • Artifact: Jade Dragon
  • Mailbox: Treasure x4

Nightclub chaos[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1 and 2

Throughout most of this section of the level Indiana Jones will be severely weakened due to the poison, so you must do most of the fighting as Willie. The objective here is to get the antidote from Lao Che and his men, and you must take advantage of their greed to get it. There are 4 diamonds scattered around the area. You must toss it to each men when they're holding the vial with the antidote to make them toss the antidote away. Watch out for the gunmen that continuously assaults you, as one even has a machine gun. You can pick up the guns of a fallen gunman to use yourself, or you can throw chairs at them if you lack a weapon and it's not safe to get close. As a small easter egg, you can reassemble the piano at the upper left of the room to make it play a nice solo of the movies' theme song.

The first diamond is right next where you started, on a metal table. Take the diamond and toss it to the man at the upper left. Make sure your reticule is aimed at him before you throw. The gangster will gladly take the diamond, but throws the antidote to a fellow gangster. To obtain the second diamond, jump up and grab the rope in the center of the room as Willie to cause some balloons to drop down. Walk around the balloons to pop them, and you will find a diamond in one of the balloons. This time, throw it to the man at the lower right of the room. He will also take the diamond, then toss the antidote to the other side.

Next, go to the lower left corner of the room and have both characters stand on the button. This will cause the container to open up, revealing a diamond hidden inside. Take that and throw it to the man at the lower left corner. Again, he will keep the diamond and toss the antidote to the final gangster at the right side of the room. Go to the right side of the room and you will see a diamond behind some glass. Now is the time to illustrate Willie's special ability! You can make her scream in the same way you would make Indy swing his whip or a digger use his shovel, but Willie's shriek is high-pitched enough to break glass! Once the glass is broken, take the diamond and toss it to the final gangster to make him give you the antidote.

Indy makes one desperate attempt to get the antidote and succeeds, consuming the antidote and curing the poison. However, one of the gangsters, Kao Kan, realizes that the diamonds are actually fakes! He grabs his machine gun and leaps to the floor to gun down both Indy and Willie. While Kao Kan is no different from the average gun-toting criminal in terms of attacks, he is actually completely invincible, so instead of defeating him, you must escape. Go to the top of the room and have both characters step on the buttons beside the dragon head at once to make it open up its mouth. Take the scimitar inside, then throw it at one of the two gongs in the room. You can now ride the gong, which is quite sturdy for a makeshift vehicle. It can not only deflect machine gun bullets, but also destroy the metal tables in the room! To escape, simply ram the gong into the window at the upper right corner.

The streets of Shanghai[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

Having busted out of the dangerous nightclub, Indiana Jones and Willie prepare to leave by car, driven by Indy's juvenile sidekick Short Round. However, the gong that helped them escape also destroys part of their car. The three must now repair the vehicle and escape from these streets before Lao Che's men catches up to them. The first vehicle piece can be obtained by grabbing the rope at the lower-left section of the area. Climb up and go north. You will soon reach some gaps along the corridor. Switch to Willie and have her pull down the awnings to let you across. Do this twice and you will reach the first car part. Take it and move it to the green patch next to the car and place it down there.

To get the second car part, you're going to need to switch to Short Round. He is short enough to climb through the chute located near the broken car. Going through the chute will leave you on the balcony above. Jump to the handrails, and jump from there to the rope, then to the bouncy awning, then to the balcony on the right. Get the car part there and take it back to the car. Put it on the green patch and then reassemble the car. Even after every part of the car is back where it should be, it still can't be driven until repaired with a wrench. At this moment, the nightclub's garage door will open, and Lao Che's men will attack you! Fortunately, there is also a wrench inside the garage which you can take to fix the car. Get the wrench and hurry back to the car, then fix it as fast as you can. Once the car is back in working order, hop into it and drive it straight into the door at the back.

Plane ride to safety[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 8, 9, and 10, Parcel

The only way you're going to escape Lao Che is to take the plane and fly out of China. However, the only aircraft left here is a plane with a missing propeller. Like the car, you must find two boxes containing the propeller parts and place them on the green patch next to the plane. Watch out for the constant stream of gunmen who will continue to attack you while you're gathering the parts. You can take their machine guns after killing one of them if you want something to defend yourself or take them out quickly. The first box is near where you enter. Use Willie to jump on to the alcove with the crate, then have her push the crate down to the ground. Use the blocks from the broken crate to make a chute for Short Round to go through. You will emerge on an elevated platform. Grab on to the handrail and jump to the roof, then destroy the crates at the back to find the first box. Carry it to the plane and place it there.

For the second box, go to the hangar to the left of the plane and have Indy jump up the crates to the walkway above. Leap across the gap and grab the handrail on the other walkway, then jump up to it. Run to the wooden platform and swing to the other side. Take the box there and haul it back to the plane. Once you have placed both boxes there, use the blocks to assemble the plane's propeller. One working propeller isn't enough to make it fly, so you must also activate the two propellers on its wings. Have someone other than Indy hop into the forklift you can find outside the left hangar, and Indy will hop on to the forklift's platform. Move the forklift to either elevated wooden platforms and raise the forklift's platform to have Indy hop from it to the wooden platform. On the wooden platform, use the whip to wind up the propeller and start it. Do this for both propellers and you've beaten the level!

Indiana Jones, Willie and Short Round all get on to the plane, which takes off just as Lao Che catches up to them. Little do they know, the plane they're escaping on is in fact Lao Che's, and the pilots are ordered to get rid of them. While the group of three are asleep and the plane is cruising over the Himalayas, the pilots silently abandon the plane. The group soon wakes up and realizes that the pilotless plane is about to crash into the mountainside. Without any parachutes, Indy, Willie and Short Wound are forced to leap off the plane in an inflatable boat and hopefully into a river to cushion their fall. They abandon the plane mere moments before it crashes and disintegrates in the Himalayas.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. The first chest of the level is in plain sight. Move the large drum at the top-left corner of the room as far right as possible, then use Willie to jump from it to the chest.
  2. After getting on the gong, use it to destroy the three metal tables in the club. Destroy all three and the chest will appear at the center of the room. During Free Play, you can use an explosives-wielding character to destroy the tables instead.
  3. (Free Play only) In the bottom-right corner of the first street section, destroy the flowerbed and use a digger to unearth an anvil buried within the flowerbed. Switch to an explosives user to blow up the nearby gate, then place the anvil on the button inside, this will cause the door behind the button to open, revealing the chest.
  4. (Free Play only) After climbing up the rope during the path to the first car part, go left to a Thuggee statue. Pray to it using a Thuggee character to make it release a balloon. Hold on to the rope of the balloon and let it carry you to an otherwise inaccessible awning, where an artifact piece can be found.
  5. While fetching the first car part, leap to the awnings on the right, and keep bouncing up the awnings to reach the first chest high above on the north part of the level.
  6. Before getting the second car part, destroy the buckets and boxes to the right of it. Build a door out of the LEGO blocks left over, and the chest will be behind it.
  7. (Free Play only) On the streets below where you find the second car part, have a scholar decipher the hieroglyph panel on the wall to make it open, revealing some parts behind it. Use the parts to make a crank. Switch to an explosives character to blow up the metal trash cans to the north, then use those parts to make a crawlspace. Crawl through the chute with a short character, then stand on the pot on the other side. Switch to the other character and have him or her turn the crank until the character on the pot hops off above. Switch back to that character to collect the chest.
  8. While getting the first box for the plane, you can jump to a chest on the high ledge from the grey pedestal as Short Round. This will likely take multiple tries since you can only make it with a well-timed and well-positioned double jump. If you really can't reach it, you can have an easier time getting this during Free Play by switching to a female character after climbing out of the chute.
  9. The second-to-last chest is in plain view outside the hangar containing the second box. Have someone stand on the forklift's platform, then have another character drive it below the chest and raise the platform. Switch back and jump to the chest to collect it.
  10. (Free Play only)Follow the instructions below to enter the area where you can find the parcel and mailbox. There is a guard post here. Switch to someone with an enemy disguise and knock on the door. Once the guard finishes scrutinizing you, the door nearby will open, revealing the artifact behind it.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. At the western end of the hangars is a gate that's locked by rope. To open the gate you must use a sword, which you might find on one of your Free Play characters. Fret not if you don't, as you can use an explosives character to destroy the metal crate nearby that contains one. Throw the sword at the rope above the gate to make the gate open.

Going through the gate takes you to a room with a rather odd mechanism. Hang on to the rope to get the machine spinning. You need to carefully jump on to the arms of the machine while it is spinning and get to the center to grab the parcel. Take it and fall down, then carry it to the mailbox to mail it to Barnett College. Opulent Shanghai is where the rich congregate, and you can get pretty rich yourself with the extra in this level, Treasure x4. As its name states, this will multiply the value of every stud by four. It even stacks with other treasure multipliers.