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Having defeated Vogel, Indy, Sallah, Henry and a previously rescued Brody reach the entrance to the temple where the Holy Grail is said to be located. Vogel's convoy had already reached the temple before them, so a violent confrontation is inevitable. Can Indy and his allies reach the Holy Grail in time after this long adventure?

  • True Adventurer: 80,000
  • Characters Obtained: None
  • Characters Unlocked in Library: Donovan, Grail Knight
  • Artifact: Fake Holy Grail
  • Parcel: Invincibility

Entering the temple[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 1, Parcel

As soon as you start, you will be attacked by a group of soldiers. Countless soldiers will pour out from the two trucks, but you can stop them from spawning by destroying the poles holding up the covers at the back of the truck. Once you've stopped more soldiers from appearing, have Sallah dig in the glowing spot to unearth a strange statue. Destroy the statue and use the parts left behind to build a ladder. Have either Henry or Brody jump up the ladder, then climb the handrails, then jump to the rope, then jump to the roof of the temple. Activate the hieroglyph panel to cause a passage to the left side of the roof to appear. Go to the left and activate the hieroglyph panel there to cause two levers to appear. Have two characters pull both levers at once to open the temple gates.

Ancient hall[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 2

The gate that leads further into the temple is locked with a unique mechanism. You must complete the pattern on the left side of the gate according to the right. First, destroy the statues in the room, and one of them will have a glowing spot underneath. Use Sallah to dig up the red block from the spot, then place it on the left column of the gate. Next, grab a torch and run to the room to the right, then throw the torch into one of the two large torches. This will let you use the hieroglyph panel between the two torches, which will let you take the blue block. Carry it over to the gate and place it on the left column to open the path forward.

Indy and the rest are surrounded by enemy soldiers, now led by Donovan, an acquaintance of Vogel. He forces Indy and Sallah to retrieve the Holy Grail, and even shoots Henry to motivate Indy to find the grail. With no choice but to proceed forward, Indy and Sallah must now confront the traps and dangers within the temple.

The temple's traps[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 3, 4 and 5

There are a lot of deadly booby traps scattered around this area, primarily the spinning blades and the spikes jutting out from various surfaces of the cave. Indy will have a blue book equipped, so use it to solve the hieroglyph panel nearby. This will actually cause the stationary blades to start moving. Although this only makes it harder to evade them, you need to make them move in order to get across. There is also a blockade of spikes up ahead, which you must cross only when they retract. Cross the rope bridge after that carefully, as parts of it will fall off when you walk across.

Have Sallah dig at the glowing spot to unearth a barrel, then destroy it. Use the pieces in the barrel to build two handrails on the wall. This will cause the blades and spikes jutting out from the wall to start moving. Use must carefully climb along the wall using the handrails to reach the other side. Once you make it past the deadly wall, have Indy pull down a bridge with his whip, then cross the bridge to another ledge. Have Sallah dig up a statue from the glowing spot and destroy it. Use the blocks from the statue to build a handle on the nearby bridge, then push the bridge as far up as you can so that it bridges the gap to the northern side of the room.

Cross the bridge, then go left and up to the green crank. Turn the crank to retract the spikes blocking the path to the right below. Jump to the lower path and grab the green object. Carry it to the green pad on the pillar, then place it there to form a handle on the pillar. Push on the handle to turn the entire pillar, which will open up the door to the next area.

Deeper into the temple[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 6 and 7

Go right and swing across the gap with the hanging vine. Have Indy decipher the hieroglyph panel to open up a hidden compartment nearby. Stand on the wooden platform and use Indy's whip to grab the object that is stuck on the rock. Place the object on the statue in the compartment to make it open up, revealing a key sitting on a pedestal. Take the key and put it in the crank, then have both characters turn both cranks at the same time to raise a short bridge. Run to the end of the bridge and jump from there to the handrails, letting you cross to the other alcove.

There is another gate here with a lock similar to the one from before, but this time it is only missing the blue block. Have Indy swing over the gap, then use the pile of blocks there to build a rope, letting Sallah reach Indy's location. Use Sallah to jump across the snake pit. Grab a torch on the other side and toss it into the pit to disperse the snakes, letting Indy cross it without fear. Have Indy pull the blue block behind the spikes, then place it on the mechanism beside the lever. Pull the lever to transport the block to the left side, where you can carry it over to the gate. Enter the open gate.

In the following area, there is a mass of floating tiles with letters on them. Most of the tiles will fall into the abyss if you stand on them, so you must only stand on the tiles with light green letters to cross safely. You must jump on to the following letters in order: I, E, H, O, V, A, H. The next tile in the sequence will always light up, so you don't have to worry about stepping on the wrong tiles. After you jumped on all the tiles with green letters, the door forward. will open up, and all of the unneeded tiles will crumble and fall.

Crossing the abyss[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 8, 9 and 10

As you enter the room, there appears to be no way to cross to other platforms. However, there are actually invisible bridges connecting the different platforms in this area, and you can safely walk across them as if you're floating on air. Use the two small structures at either end of the bridge to locate the bridges. Once you cross the second invisible bridge, use Indy's whip to pull down an actual bridge, letting you cross to the right. Grab the box there and place it on the green spot to the left, then use the pieces to build a crank. Turn the crank to open the door to the final area of the temple.

The Holy Grail[edit]

As Indy and Sallah enters the inner sanctuary of the temple, they are greeted by the Grail Knight. However, they are interrupted by Donovan, who poorly chooses one of the fake grails and dies horrifically. The Grail Knight will now fight you to protect the Holy Grail. Centuries of drinking from it has made him effectively immortal, so you cannot defeat him. However, his extreme old age has also made him very weak, so a few hits should temporarily incapacitate him.

You must now find the true Holy Grail from the vast collection of fakes to save Indy's father, then bring it to the fountain of Holy Water at the center of the area to drink from it. Bringing the wrong grail causes instant death, so choose carefully. To find the real Holy Grail, have Indy decipher the hieroglyph panel at the left part of the area to open up another room full of grails. Swing across the gap, then pick up the one cup that looks distinctly different from the rest. Return to the fountain and drink from it to end the last level in the game!

Having chosen the correct grail, Indy heals his father with a drink from it. Elsa steals the grail from the group, but unknowingly crosses the Great Seal with the grail. This causes the temple to collapse, causing Elsa and the Holy Grail to fall into the ground. Our adventure ends with Indy, Henry, Sallah and Brody riding off into the sunset...

Artifact list[edit]

  1. There is a horse pen to the right of the trucks. Ride a horse, then leap off of it and grab the handrail on the canyon wall. Jump up to reach a small alcove with a key. Grab the key and insert it into the crank of the horse pen, then turn the crank to open the gate. With the horses freed, ride one along the left canyon wall until you see a small alcove with a chest inside. Leap off of the horse and on to the alcove to get the chest.
  2. (Free Play only) At the chamber where you must get the blue block, there is a Thuggee statue. Pray to it with a Thuggee character to make a part of the wall slide open.
  3. (Free Play only) After the first series of moving blades, switch to a short character and crawl through the chute there. You will emerge at a second level. Pull the lever to make a stone door below open up, letting you reach a small chamber with a giant scale. Have both characters stand on the left side of the scale the raise the cage at the right, letting you get the chest.
  4. After the first rope bridge, a chest is visible between two moving blades. There isn't any tricks for getting this one. You just have to quickly dash into the small space and get the chest, then try to jump back out to hopefully make it out alive.
  5. (Free Play only) Near the exit of the area is a cage that contains a chest. You must switch to a swordsman and aim your sword at the rope of the pulley system, then throw your sword at it. The blade will cut the rope, causing the cage to fall into the ground and letting you get the chest.
  6. (Free Play only) Switch to a short character and crawl through the crawlspace after the stone steps. You will emerge on an elevated platform with a crank. Turn the crank to raise the bars covering the alcove with the chest as well as the stone steps leading up to it. Use the steps to reach the chest.
  7. (Free Play only) After the bridge that must be raised with two cranks, there is a machine that needs repairs. Switch to a character with a wrench and fix the machine. This will activate the handrails nearby. The handrails will jut out and retract into the cave wall periodically, so you must time your jumps to climb up the wall. The handrails lead to a platform high up containing the chest.
  8. (Free Play only) At the start of the invisible bridges area, there is a chest in a sculpture of a lion's head, blocked by its metal fangs. Use an explosives character to blow the fangs up, letting you get the chest.
  9. After crossing the first invisible bridge, simply use Indy's whip to tug on the lever, opening a hatch containing the chest.
  10. take a torch from the entrance of the area and use it to light up one of the torches around the hieroglyph panel to the left of the exit. This will let you use the panel, and solving it will make the chest appear.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained in Free Play. At the entrance of the temple, use an explosives user to destroy the right truck, exposing the mailbox inside. Now, go toward the screen until you find a glowing spot. Dig there to unearth the parcel, then simply carry the parcel to the mailbox to mail it. Fittingly, the parcel contains the Invincibility extra, which makes you impervious to all forms of damage. Falling into pits are still instant-death, so keep that in mind.