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Italy, 1938. Indiana Jones' father, Henry Jones, hastily mails a journal before getting knocked unconscious and kidnapped by an unknown person. Back at Barnett College, Indy receives the package, which contains information about a biblical artifact known as the Holy Grail, said to grant immortality to those who drink from it. After being informed that his father had disappeared while searching for the grail, Indy and his friend Brody decide to travel to Venice. There, they meet Elsa Schneider, Henry's colleague, and set out to find any clues to Henry's whereabouts.

  • True Adventurer: 50,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Indiana Jones (Professor), Brody, Elsa
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Kazim
  • Artifact: Crusader Shield
  • Mailbox: Parcel Detector

Across the canal[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1, 2 and 3, Parcel

You start off by the docks of one of the canals, and the bridge to the other side is out of order. Walk around the area and find two levers, then pull them to extend the awnings above them. Have Elsa jump to the rope near where you start, then jump to the awning and across the balconies. Jump on to a couple more awnings to reach a round balcony containing a key. Take the key and put it in the crank by the bridge, then turn the crank to raise a wooden platform. Have Indy stand on that platform and whip swing to the other side.

Now that you got Indy to the right side, go to the back of the area where there is a key behind some bars. Destroy the bars with any attack and grab the key. Put the key in the crank near the bridge and turn it to raise the bridge, letting Brody and Elsa rejoin you. Once you go right, you will be attacked by members of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword. The brotherhood's job is to prevent the Holy Grail from being recovered and misused and will try to stop anyone searching for it, which includes you, so be prepared to take them down. Once the threat is gone, you now need to enter the library. Access is only granted to scholars who can decipher the hieroglyph panel at the entrance, so have Brody or Elsa operate it to open its door.

The secret of the library[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 4 and 5

There are four green patches of ground and four boxes scattered around the library, and your job is to find each box and place it on each of the green spots at the center of the library. For the first box, use the pieces near the lower-right green spot to build push pads on the ladder to the right of it, then push the ladder all the way to the right. Use the ladder to climb on the bookshelves and take the box there, and carry it to any of the green spots at the center of the library. The next box is simply located at the very back of the room, below the stained glass window. Just take it and place it on one of the remaining three spots.

For the third box, go to the lower-left corner of the library. Destroy the brightly-colored books on the bookshelves to expose a lever. Pull the lever to rotate one of the bookshelves, revealing a box behind it. Carry it to any of the two spots left and place it there. On to the last box, go to the wooden platform at the back of the building and have Indy use his whip to pull at the lever, which will cause a crank to rise from the ground. Turn the crank 360 degrees to make the grey pillar nearby turn into a spiral staircase. Go upstairs using the staircase and have either Elsa or Brody decipher the hieroglyph panel to make the safe to the left of it open up, dropping the last box on the floor. Take it to the last green spot and place it there.

Now that you have all the pieces from the four boxes gathered around the library, assemble them all to form a huge X at the center of the floor. This will cause some handrails to extend between the stained glass windows and make a wooden platform rise up on the right section of the second floor. Go upstairs and jump to the rope, then on to the ledge by the window. Jump across the handrails to reach the ledge on the other side, which lets you walk straight to the isolated section of the second floor. Have Indy stand on the wooden platform and pull at the chandelier with his whip to send it crashing down on to the X below. This will cause a gap to appear. Jump into it to reach a new area!

The ancient catacombs[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 6

Elsa and Indy eagerly hop into the hole to investigate, but Brody prefers to stay at the surface. The two explorers now find themselves in some ancient catacombs. You can finish the ladder with the nearby parts if you wish to return to the library, but there isn't any reason to do so. There are a lot of coffins scattered around the area, but most are booby-trapped with spikes, so be careful when investigating them. Two of these booby-trapped coffins drop shovels, which you will definitely want to pick up. Some coffins also have skeletons pop out of them that is required to get a chest, but you can't find them all in Story Mode.

Continue deeper in to the catacombs. Dig in the first glowing spot you come across o get a box of brick blocks, then carry it further down the catacombs and place it on the green spot. Assemble the parts to create a fan pointing at the wall. Pull out the large block from the wall, then stand on the button at the top to activate the fan. The wind blows away the dust and sand covering the wall, revealing a hieroglyph panel behind it. Have Elsa decipher the panel to make the wall itself collapse, opening up another section of the catacombs.

There is a pit of rats, which happens to be Elsa's worst fear. Double jump across the pit as Indy, then take one of the torches on other side. Use the torches to light the two wall torches on either side of the pit to clear the rate, letting Elsa cross safely. Have Elsa jump up to reach the rope to retract the deadly spiked around the lever, then switch to Indy and pull the lever to make the wall open up, letting you continue even deeper into the catacombs.

Subterranean pool[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 7

There is a large pool of water here, which you can cross with both characters, though having Indy whip swing past it is the quickest way. Once both characters are on the other side, have Elsa pull on the rope to cause two platforms to rise up. Switch to Indy and jump to the higher platform, then use your whip to destroy the spider web, revealing a hook behind it. Use the whip again to pull on the hook, which causes platforms to rise up from the pool. Jump to the platforms and to the two levers, then have both characters pull the levers at once to make a door open, letting you continue further.

The tomb of Sir Richard[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 8

This room's puzzle might seem confusing, but it is really quite simple. First, you have to get two crates to drop on the upper checkerboard floor. The first crate must be pulled down with Indy's whip from a wooden platform north of the entrance of the room. For the second crate, have Elsa push the coffin at the very front of the room, then jump from the coffin to the ledge. Push the crate there all the way to the end to make it drop down to the floor below. Now you must push both crates on to the two spots on the ground. The water makes the crates slide a bit, which can make it tricky to push the boxes precisely where you want them.

Once both crates are in place, have both characters stand on either box to make another coffin appear. Push the coffin to the very top and jump to the alcove to reach the true coffin. Indy will recognize the body within as the corpse of Sir Richard, one of the knights in the crusades. Indy completes the impression of the crusade's knights' shield, giving them all the information they need to find the grail. However, the leader of the Brotherhood, Kazim knocks out Brody, then sets the catacombs on fire. Indy and Elsa narrowly escape, but find themselves attacked from all sides by Brotherhood members!

Boss: Kazim[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 9 and 10

Kazim will appear to fight you with some fellow Brotherhood members. He is the man in the white suit, so focus on hitting him. Once you take two hearts off of him, he will jump on to a speedboat and flee. You must now chase after him on one of the other speedboats at the dock and ram into him to damage his boat. Once the boat is down to one heart, Kazim will abandon ship and jump to the island in the middle of the lake. Go to the island and continue fighting him normally until you hit him two more times, which will make him call a Brotherhood member over to fight you, then escape on a new speedboat. Defeat the Brotherhood member and ram into Kazim a few more time in your own speedboat to make him move to the right of the area and jump out of the boat. Go after him and attack him two more times to end the battle.

While Indy and Kazim are fighting, Kazim's boat starts getting grinded up by a spinning boat propeller. Indy saves Kazim just moments before the boat gets torn apart. Kazim thanks him, and decides to tell him the location of his father. Henry Jones is currently being held prisoner at a castle somewhere, and Indy and Elsa must find him as well as rescue him.

Artifact List[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) After climbing up the rope, have either Willie or an explosives user break the glass windows of the building. Go inside for the chest.
  2. (Free Play only) Destroy the counter near where the key to the drawbridge was to get parts to build a crawlspace. Use a short character to crawl through it and on to the balcony above. Go left down the sky corridor to get the chest.
  3. (Free Play only) At the right end of the area are some motorbikes behind a glass window. Break it with Willie's scream or an explosives user to make a trail of cones drop down. Ride the motorcycles following the cones, running over every cone on the way, until you get to the first lever. The chest appears there once you destroy every cone.
  4. Go to the top-left corner of the room where there is a knight statue and some plants. Destroy the plants to make some tiles appear, then assemble the tiles to complete the checkerboard pattern on the floor. Push the statue to the big orange button to cause two paintings upstairs to slide open, revealing two swords hidden behind them. Go upstairs and take the swords, then walk towards the screen while hugging the left wall. You should see a chest in a cage. Throw swords at each of the ropes holding the gate down to cut them, letting you collect the chest.
  5. (Free Play only) On the second floor section across the stained glass window, there are three metal plates that you can destroy using explosives, revealing a set of Roman numerals behind them. Use the loose parts to build push pads on the ladder, and push it to the right. Have a character with an enemy disguise knock on the guard post on the shelf accessible with the ladder to open a secret military radio station nearby. Defeat the radio operators inside and destroy the four consoles they were operating to get two pads for the machines to the left, one of which requires you to haul the pad to it. Jump on the pads to make Roman numerals appear on the machines. Recreate the series of numerals you saw behind the plates to make the artifact piece appear.
  6. (Free Play only) The method for getting his chest is rather convoluted. You can see it behind bars near the entrance to the catacombs, but you need to find five skeletons in the catacombs to raise the bars. The first skeleton is in one of the coffins nearby. After crossing the first archway, pull on the large coffin in the alcove to make the second skeleton pop out. Next, pray to the only Thuggee statue in the catacombs for the third skeleton. For the fourth skeleton, destroy the wooden gate to the right of the lever surrounded by spikes. Finally, in the area with the large pool of water, dive deep when you see three valves and push all three in at once to make the final skeleton float to the surface. Backtrack to the entrance to get the chest.
  7. (Free Play only) Once across the first stretch of water, have a female character jump up and pull the rope. Switch to a short character and quickly enter the crawlspace below the timer. Go right and switch to a digger to dig a hole to the level below, hitting a button when you fall. The switch raises the bars surrounding the button and the chest to the left, letting you collect it.
  8. (Free Play only) On the wooden platform where you need to pull down the hanging crate, switch to a female character and jump up the ledge. Switch to Indy and whip swing across the room to get to a ledge with the artifact.
  9. There are 10 buoys on the lake. Drive your speedboat into them to destroy them. Destroy all 10 to make the chest appear on the island in the middle.
  10. (Free Play only) Get to the right pier of the area on the speedboat, where a broken crane can be found. Use a female character to jump on to the ledge, then switch to a fixer to repair the crane. Use the crane to grab the other character and drop them off on the ledge to the right. There is a pulley system here with two crates. Grab on to the handrail of the crate on the left, then jump to the handrail of the crate on the right. This will cause that crate to descend, making the left crate rise. Jump back to the left crate and quickly jump to the handrails on the tower. Get on the top of the tower and switch to an explosives user to blow the metal cover on the tower. Drop down to collect your chest, then blow up the cover there to return back to the canals.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

After getting Chest No. 2, pull the lever outside the sky corridor. This causes a gate to raise, letting you swim to the canals at the back, which takes you to a small sub-area. Jump out of the water once you come to the first flight of stairs, then use Indy to pull the parcel down from the ledge with his whip. Destroy the wooden barricade next to the lift to access the lever behind it, which activates the lift. Get on the lift while carrying the parcel to be taken to the balcony. As you try to get on the balcony, the parcel should automatically fall out of your hands and land on the middle of the floor.

On the balcony, destroy the wooden barricade to the left, and hit the drawers inside to find a key. Now destroy the right barricade and insert the key in the crank. Turn the crank to raise a wooden platform. Take the parcel, then carefully jump on the wooden platform and on to the stone column beyond it. Set the parcel down and jump across the gap, then use Indy to grab it across the hole with his whip. Drop down to the lower ledge and put the parcel into the mailbox there. This parcel contains the Parcel Detector extra, which points you in the general direction of the parcel whenever you're in an area that has it. Not a very useful extra, since the detector offers vague instructions on how to get the parcel, especially when you can consult a walkthrough if you ever have trouble finding it.