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South America, 1936. Indy is searching for a temple that is rumored to contain a golden idol. He is joined by Satipo and 3 other assistants, though all three of them were either accidentally dispatched by the natives or scared away. Indy is confident that he is on the right track, but he has a little more to go to reach the temple's entrance.

  • True Adventurer: 30000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Indiana Jones, Satipo, Jock
  • Unlocked Characters in Library: Barranca, Belloq (Jungle), Hovitos Tribesman, Jungle Guide
  • Artifact: Hovitos Idol
  • Parcel: Fast Fix

The jungle[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 1 and 2

Starting off, destroy the various plants and collect all the studs lying around. Be careful of red spiders that sometimes appear after you destroy a plant. There is an elevated platform behind where you start off. You can hang on the vine to open the hatch that leads to the platform. Have Indy get on the platform and move to the bright spot, then use your whip to swing across the air, netting yourself some more studs. With nothing left for you to do here, swing across the gap using the vine.

There is a trap in this area that can fool greedy players. There is a blue stud located on top of a button that will activate the stone head to launch an arrow, but attacking the head makes it spit endless silver studs instead, which you can use to grind studs if you have a lot of free time. There is also a pile of blocks lying nearby that you can use to build a trampoline, which will let you bounce high enough to collect a column of coins in midair. You can swing to the other platform using Indy's whip, but you'll have to leave Satipo behind, at least temporarily.

On this new platform, there doesn't seem to be a way across without Satipo's help. You can help him reach this spot by destroying a structure that is holding a wine in place, which will free the vine and let Satipo swing to where you are. Dig up the object in the ground and place it on the green spot, which will make it unroll into a rope bridge. Be careful when making your way across, as the railings doesn't prevent you from falling off.

There is another one of these traps on this platform, which shouldn't fool you at all, and you can attack it to turn it into a stud dispenser. The next trap is already disarmed for you, but it only serves to throw you off so that you will fall for the third trap, which is still fairly easy to disarm. A new kind of trap lies in this level, a fairly obvious one too. Stepping on the long button on the ground will cause spikes to eject, which will retract after a while. Jump over the button to avoid springing the trap.

After the spikes is a stone gate, and there doesn't seem to be a way to open it. Pushing a small statue to the right will move one of the columns to reveal a button, which only lowers to gate slightly when pressed. Dig in the glowing spot to get the head of the left statue, letting you push that in and press the revealed button to fully open the gate. Go through it to reach the next area.

The treacherous lake[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 3 and 4

The sound of the waterfall echoes throughout this area. You will have to get across the lake to progress, but even though you can swim across, the crocodiles that live in the lake should be enough to deter you from doing so. You can defeat them safely with Indy's whip, but you still can't reach the dock at the other end of the lake. Constructing a raft from the pile of blocks nearby solves both problems, as crocs can't attack you and you can reach the dock on the other side.

As you approach the entrance, two giant spiders will drop from above. Even though they're huge, they're as easy to defeat as their smaller red counterparts. More will continue to drop down, so be quick to enter the temple. Right before the gate are more traps, spears that pop out when you approach them. However, you can destroy them with a shovel for more studs or pick them up and use them to attack the giant spiders. In between spider attacks, quickly pull one of the vines at the entrance and have your partner pull the other to open the gate.

The temple[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 5

There seems to be no way to proceed due to the spiked platforms in front of you. However, you can climb to the ledge above using the ladder and the grabbable handrails. From there, use Indy to swing to another ledge that contains three buttons. Each button will retract the spikes from its corresponding platform below, but they need to stay pressed down, or else the spikes will spring back up. It is impossible to let Satipo across the platforms alone, so you must put the box down on the middle button so that no spikes will remain on the middle platform. Once Satipo have made it across, have him turn the clockwork lever to retract all the spikes permanently, letting Indy get across.

There's another spot where Indy can use his whip, and doing so will cause the spikes blocking the mouth of the statue to retract and make the statue spit out a pile of blocks. You can use these blocks to build a ladder, which lets you reach an alcove and some vines. You can swing and climb the vines to get studs, but you must swing to the right to progress.

You will come to a rope bridge, but being in a cave for so long has weakened it considerably. There are three planks that will fall off when you move over them, so make your way across carefully. After that is a classic Indiana Jones trap. All the tiles on the floor will cause the skulls on both sides to shoot arrows at you, likely killing you instantly. You need to step on the darker-coloured tiles to avoid triggering the trap, so use your shadow when jumping to make sure you land on the right tile. After landing on all four tiles, you will unlock the gate, which leads a short corridor. You will find the same defenses in this corridor as you've encountered at the entrance. Spears will put out from certain tiles and spiders will continueously drop down to attack you.

The Idol[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 6, C-3PO

The idol you're after is in the center of the room, but you can't reach it by jumping, and falling will result in you landing a crocodile pool below. You must pull the vine to get a key, which you must then use to activate the crank. Turn the crank until the rock platforms line up, then make your way to the center of the room. After a cutscene where Indy fails to replace the idol with another object on the pedestal, the temple begins to collapse! A gate behind you will open, so go through it to escape.

A crumbling corridor[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 7, Parcel

In this corridor, just keep moving to the right, as you can't do much here during Story Mode. There will be stone heads that fall from the ceiling and roll across the path, which will crush you if you come in contact with them. If you can't outrun them, there are multiple caves along the corridor which you can use to hide from them. At the end of the corridor, swing across using the wine and have both characters pull the vines. The weight of both will raise a slanted part of the corridor, letting a stone head roll into the planks blocking the exit, destroying it completely.

Boulder dash[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 8

In this scene, just run. You can collect any studs along the way, but don't bother destroying any object, as it will slow you down too much. Getting crushed by the boulder means you'll have to start all over. Jump over any pit along the ground, including spike pits, as dying will slow you down significantly.

Betrayal and escape[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 9 and 10

After the cutscene, you'll need to reconstruct Jock's plane while constantly being attacked by Hovitos tribesmen. You need to take both blue boxes and place them on the green spaces, though one of the boxes requires you to use your whip to get it. Once you've placed both blue boxes and reassembled the propeller of the plane, you just need to make Jock fix the plane, and you'll be home free!

Artifact list[edit]

  1. Right from the start you can obtain your first chest, poorly hidden behind a tree. You can easily spot it by its glow.
  2. There are three golden monkey heads that you need to unearth for this artifact to appear. The first one is located right where you start, while the second one is between two stud-dispensing statues, hidden under a stone face. For the last monkey head, head to the gate leading to the waterfall area. Drop down the ladder and move to the left along the ledge until you see a glowing spot within some grass. Dig up the golden monkey head and the chest will appear by the ladder.
  3. After crossing the lake, jump up the rocks to the left to reach a ledge with a lever. Pulling the lever lowers a metal gate around the waterfall. If you swim through the waterfall now, you can reach a hidden cave. Inside, pull the lever to make a platform extend from the wall. Head up to the alcove to reach the chest.
  4. This chest doesn't make much of an effort to hide itself, as you can spot its glow behind some bushes just before the stairs leading to the temple entrance.
  5. Near the ladder you built in the temple, there is a ledge running around the pillar. At the end is a chest, hidden at just the right angle that you can't see it until you progress a bit further.
  6. (Free Play only) From the idol's pedestal, use an explosives character to blow up the metal grate to the right. Enter the opening that was once blocked by the grate to reach a sub-area. The chest is right there for you to collect.
  7. (Free Play only) When escaping from the temple, there is a Thuggee statue right in your path. Pray to it using a Thuggee character to cause the spikes on the floor below to retract, letting you get down there. The stone heads will continue to roll along this lower path, so don't let your guard down. Move to the end of the path to reach a hieroglyph panel. Decipher it with a scholar to cause a bridge to extend to the left. An incoming stone head will break the wooden blockage at the end of the bridge, letting you enter the cave within. The seventh chest is inside.
  8. One chest is located near the end of the boulder segment. It's right in your path, so it's hard to miss.
  9. To the right of where you start out after the boulder chase is an area with a giant skull. You need to take a spear thrown by a Hovitos warrior and use it on both eyes of the skull to make it open its mouth, letting you get the chest within.
  10. The last chest is at the left of the final area, out in the open.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained in Free Play. After dropping down to the lower path described in Chest No. 7, go down the path until you see a container decorated with two skulls. Use Willie's scream or an explosives wielder to shatter the glass, and take the parcel inside. Now comes the hard part. You must carry the parcel to the mailbox, against the path of the stone heads. Duck into an alcove whenever you see one coming, and move as fast as you can after it passes. Keep doing so until you reach the mailbox, and mail it away. The parcel contains the Fast Fix extra, which increases the speed you repair things with a wrench. It'd certainly come in handy when escaping angry natives!

Saving C-3PO[edit]

During Free Play, when getting Chest No. 6, you may notice a barrel with a gold-colored object sticking out of it. Destroy the barrel to free C-3PO, one of the memorable characters in Star Wars. He is not the only one making a cameo appearance; four other Star Wars characters are hidden in levels as well. Find them all, and you can get a special reward!