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Using the Staff of Ra, Indiana Jones and Sallah have discovered the location of the secret Well of Souls. They manage to unearth the well, but discover that it is filled with snakes, Indy's worst fear. Fortunately, a torch is enough to cause them to disperse. Thus, Indy and Sallah venture into the Well of Souls, to try and recover the ark before it can fall into the hands of Belloq and Colonel Dietrich.

  • True Adventurer: 57000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: Sallah (Desert), Marion (Evening Dress)
  • Library Characters Unlocked: Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise), Belloq, Enemy Officer (Desert), Bandit
  • Artifact: Anubis Statue
  • Parcel: Fast Dig

The snake trenches[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 1

Indy's fear of snakes is quite justified, since falling into the snake-filled trench that surrounds the platform you're on results in instant-death. You want to pick up the blue book at the beginning, as it grants you the ability to decipher hieroglyphs, an ability that will certainly come in handy in this level. Have Indy use his whip on the wooden platform to pull the bridge halfway across, then switch to Sallah to jump to it, as Indy will be too afraid to do so.

On the other side, push the two Anubis statues as far back as you can, making the left one spout LEGO blocks and the right one provide you with a torch. Use the blocks to build a campfire, then light it with the torch to cause the bridge to fall into the trench, causing the snakes to move away and letting Indy jump across. With the torch, you will scare away snakes, letting you roam around in the trench without fear of dying. Press both buttons with both characters at the other side to open the gate, then proceed through it into a new area.

The chamber of traps[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 2 and 3

Right as you enter the area you will reach a very obvious trap. Pressing the large button will cause spikes to spring from the ground and the walls, though these can simply be destroyed with attacks for some extra studs. Snakes will also drop from the ceiling. While they won't catch you off-guard, they can certainly make it inconvenient for Indy, and their quick strikes make it hard to defeat them without taking some damage of your own. In Story Mode, you can ignore all of the peculiar features of the room and make your way to the back, disarming another spike trap. There is a hieroglyph panel here, and is likely the first you will solve. If you don't have the blue book, you can get one from destroying a nearby urn. Interact with the panel and recreate the pattern it shows to open the gate, then move on.

The underground Sphinx[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 4 and 5

This room can be a bit confusing at first, as there are a bunch of platforms that you can rotate, but with no purpose for them. You can lift the orange grab pad and place it on the green patch of the upper-right platform to let you rotate that platform too, so that you can reach the bottom-right platform, which contains an item has an unclear purpose. There is a key placed on the middle of the golden staircase, but halfway up it the stairs will turn into a slant, causing you and the key to slide off. Fours scarabs will also move down the staircase to attack you, but they can be defeated easily. Use the key on the crank and turn it to open the gate nearby. Destroy the wall the blocks the chamber behind and the scarabs that emerge from it, then use the blocks to create an Anubis head.

There happens to be a headless statue at the bottom of the staircase, which retracted when it turned into a slant. Place the head on the lowered statue to extend it back up, turning the slant back to a staircase and removing the railings blocking you from the Anubis statues. At the top of the staircase, take the object from the Sphinx's left paw, ride the ascending platform and place it in the Sphinx's eyes, which will partially unlock the gate. Take the object on the right paw and place it on the green pad on the ground to create another ascending platform to the right eye. Now all you need to do is to retrieve the right eye of the Sphinx.

Return to the bottom of the staircase to solve the rotating platform puzzle. Starting off, rotate the platforms so that the bottom-left platform is facing north, the upper-left platform is facing south and the upper-right platform is facing west. Get on top of the lower-left platform using the rope as Indy and jump to the upper-left platform. Then, have Sallah rotate the platform Indy is on until it faces east, so that the wooden platform will move into place, letting you whip swing to the other side. Switch and rotate that platform so that it faces south, then jump to the lower-right platform, hitting a button and lowering the whole platform. From there, just take the right eye and make your way up the staircase and on to the raised platform to place it in the Sphinx. The gate will soon open, so proceed into the next area.

The chamber of the Ark[edit]

In this room, you need to find three orbs and place them into the three holes in the walls of the chamber. The left orb is easy enough to get, as it is just lying on the floor for you to pick up and place in the nearby hole. The right orb takes a bit more effort. You must solve the hieroglyph panel (there is a blue book you can dig up nearby if you don't have it) to create handrails that will let you reach the alcove. Jump on to the alcove as Indy, then use your whip to snatch the orb and take it to the hole. For the third orb, destroy the wall at the left part of the room, take the object inside and place it on the green pad to create an ascending platform. Then, dig up the orb at the left dig spot and take that to the middle hole. Once all the orbs are in the holes, the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed. Walk up to it to activate a cutscene.

The ark has been successfully recovered, but Indy and Sallah were discovered by Belloq and Major Toht! They take away the ark, then seals Indy in the Well of Souls with Marion.

Back at the beginning[edit]

You've returned to the room with snake-filled pits, but now you must find a way to escape. Go to the right statue and pull on the ropes to bring down the two supports. Now, move to the left statue. Have Indy jump on the wooden platform and use Marion to grab the rope and pull it down, making Indy ascend. Switch to Indy and swing to the other statue. Indy's weight will cause the statue to topple, smashing a huge hole in the wall and revealing a secret passage.

The hidden passage[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 6 and 7

This passageway has mostly collapsed, making crossing it a treacherous task. Make use of the handrails and vines to proceed along this section. At the final gap, have Indy swing to the other side. Destroy the cobwebs covering the skeleton to take the shovel it was holding, then dig up the lever nearby and activate it. A stone bridge will extend, letting Marion across. Pull the ropes with both characters to open the gate to the next area.

Snake dispensers[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 8

To progress along in this room, you need to assemble to machine next to the giant stone slab. You need to get two cogs, one out in the open and one buried nearby, and a key, which is hidden behind some urns. Put the cogs into their positions in the mechanism, then use the key to turn the crank that operates it. Doing so will raise the stone platform, letting you reach the right side of the second floor of this room.

Jump up the alcove with Marion and you will encounter the first of three snake dispensers. These holes will continuously send out snakes until you shut them off, which you can do so by pulling on the handrail above the hole. You can do so with the first snake dispenser by jumping to the rope and jumping from there to the handrail. Leap to the other side to find another snake dispenser. You will need to shut this off to, but you can jump again as soon as you grab the handrail to reach the rare purple stud. Move past the buttons to find the third snake dispenser. This one is more troublesome to shut off, as you must build a rope holder while snakes constantly fall out nearby.

After you've shut off the dispensers, you can safely help Indy climb to the second floor. Use the blocks in the middle of the room to complete the tan pillar, then push it to the upper-left corner (do not do this before getting Chest No. 8) to let Indy climb to the second floor. Have both characters step on the buttons to open the gate to the next area.

The corridor of coffins[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 9

The way forward is lined with coffins, which form another deadly trap in this underground labyrinth. The coffins with decorated covers are harmless, but the coffins with plain covers contain spikes that shoot out when you get close, so you need to tread carefully. There is a wall to the left that you can destroy, but you can't do much about it in Story Mode. Just make your way to the end of the corridor to reach the next area.

Almost to freedom[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 10, Parcel

There are two paths that can only accessed by one of your two characters, and you can do them in any order. For Indy, swing to the far ledge, then dig up the lose handrails and attach them to the wall. Jump from these handrails to another wooden platform, where you can use your whip to pull down a bridge, letting reach a key. Switch to Marion and have her jump to the rope, then to another platform with a key, then to the platform with two cranks. Place both keys in the cranks and have both characters turn them simultaneously to raise the platform in the back. However, you'll soon get a nasty surprise. A giant serpent drops from the ceiling! Your second boss battle will begin.

Boss: Giant Serpent[edit]

Strangely, despite being a giant snake, Indiana Jones doesn't show any sign of fear when fighting it, which is also quite fortunate, as you'll need him a lot in this battle. The snake won't attack you directly, but it can launch toxic projectiles that hurt as much as bullets. You must dodge these shots and use Indy's whip to grab the torches hanging from the pillars, then throw the torches at the snake. Hit it five times to put down this beast for good.

While you can finish the level right now, you can still explore a bit further for the only parcel that you can obtain in Story Mode, as well as an additional chest, as detailed in the section below. If you wish to leave now, go to the platform where you killed the serpent. Use its remains to construct an elevator that will take you to the higher alcove, then push the tan brick out to complete the level.

Having escaped the well, Indy must now find Belloq and get the ark back before he can deliver it to Germany.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. While holding the torch, walk to the top left corner of the room to get the chest.
  2. (Free Play only) In the second chamber is a large snake pit. If you don't already have a swordsman in your Free Play party, switch to a short character and crawl through the crawlspace. Take the sword that lies there and crawl back, then throw the sword at the chains holding the bridge across the snake pit. This will sever the chains, letting you cross over to the other side by just walking. Now, destroy the two metal statues at the opposite end of the snake pit with explosives. Grab the object the statues were holding and place it on the orange button at the right side of the chamber. This will cause a wall to slide away, revealing another chamber with a chest.
  3. (Free Play only) At the chamber where you get the second chest, destroy the pots lining the wall to open up a secret passage that leads to another room. Inside, push the orange box down the checkerboard path to cause a building model to retract into the ground, revealing the crank hidden within it. Turn the crank to raise the prisms from the ground, causing them to refract light into the yellow ball. The ball will open, letting you get the chest inside.
  4. At the left of the chamber is a gate with a crank. Turn the crank to open the gate and reveal a stone wall. Destroy the wall and another section of the wall in the room inside to reveal a chamber containing a chest.
  5. Among the Anubis statues lining the staircase, one of them is metal. Destroy it with explosives to get the chest within it.
  6. The chest can be reached while in the decrepit tunnel by descending to the lowest part of the first vine and leaping to a hidden alcove containing the chest.
  7. After the vine, smash a bunch of urns and cobwebs that appear to be blocking a doorway to access a secret room. This room will be tricky as it requires you to grab on to handrails on rotating pillars and make your way to the other side, where the chest is. It is recommended that you use Marion for her high jump. Don't worry about getting back, as a bridge will automatically extend when you reach the chest.
  8. Close the three snake chutes to make it appear. You must then complete the tan pillar in the middle of the room and use Marion to jump from it to the chest. You can't obtain it if you've already pushed the pillar into the depression.
  9. At the hallway with sarcophagi, there is breakable part of the wall that leads you to a secret chamber. Inside a chamber is a pit of spikes. Step on the button to temporarily retract the spikes, then quickly cross to the other side. Destroy the pot there to find a key. Place the key in the crank and turn it to make a walkway form across the spikes. Now you can take the hieroglyph panel piece on the pedestal and carry it to the glyph panel located within this chamber. Solve the now complete panel to make the wall it is on slide away, revealing the chest behind it.
  10. On the alcove outside the secret chamber containing the parcel.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

After defeating the giant serpent, use Indy to swing to the far corner of the room, then jump to the rope and then the handrail until you reach a small alcove, collecting the last chest of the level as you land. Destroy the five jars to open a secret door behind them, then walk in to enter a hidden chamber. In this chamber, pull the lever on the far wall to open up another hidden section of the chamber.

Here, use the pile of red blocks to construct a mailbox. Then, you need to cause all three water spouts to channel water into the pool. The first one is activated by a lever, the second must be finished using blocks while the third one requires you to get a key by destroying an urn near the second spout, letting you operate the crank nearby. Doing so will let water flow into the previous area, causing all the plants to bloom. Destroy the plants to cause the parcel to appear, one of the few that you can obtain in Story Mode, and deliver it to the mailbox to get the Fast Dig extra. Fast Dig enables anyone with a shovel to dig very quickly.