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Seeking a way out of enemy territory, Indiana Jones and his father boards a zeppelin leaving the country. As both of them settle down for the journey ahead, they are suddenly surrounded by Vogel's men. High in the air, how can they escape from the evil colonel's army?

  • True Adventurer: 80,000 studs
  • Characters Obtained: None
  • Library Characters Unlocked: Colonel Vogel, Enemy Pilot
  • Artifact: Eagle Statue
  • Parcel: Treasure Magnet

Boss: Colonel Vogel[edit]

  • Collectables: Chest No. 1

The level starts with a surreal calmness. Enemy officers patrol the room, but none of them seem to notice you. Use this time to collect the studs in the room. Once you're ready to start the fight, either pull the lever or attack any one of the enemy officers. As the battle starts, the curtain at the back will be drawn, and Vogel will leap to the high ledge behind it. You can't reach him while he is in that position, and he can throw chairs at you. Meanwhile, you must deal with a continuous stream of enemy officers, some even wielding deadly grenades. You must grab the glass bottles on the tables and throw them at Colonel Vogel four times. Once his health it low, he will jump back to the center and fight you himself. Attack him a few more times to defeat him.

Indiana Jones succeeds at knocking Vogel out of the blimp, but Vogel safely lands in a pile of luggage. Just as Indy and Henry start to rest for the remainder of the journey, the blimp suddenly turns around and heads back where it came. Both Indy and Henry make their escape on a biplane attached to the blimp. However, they're soon chased by two enemy warplanes, and ultimately crashes once their rudder is shot out.

Crash landing[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 2 and 3, Parcel

After the crash, you end up in a small arid village. With the plane broken beyond repair, it's not going to be of much use for you anymore, so attack it multiple times to destroy parts of it. One of its destroyed parts will drop an engine block. Take the engine and place it on the green spot next to the detached propeller. Use the parts to build a large fan so that it can blow you over the fence to the left. On the other side, use your whip to pull down the wooden fence so that you can return to the crash site whenever you want.

Go all the way to the left on to the wooden platform, then use Indy's whip to pull the lever, causing the ladder beside him to drop down. Climb up the ladder on to the roof, then use the handrails to reach the roof of the clock tower. Attack the large clock to destroy it, leaving a cog behind. You can piece the clock back together for some extra studs. Carry the cog over to the lever to the right of the crash site and place it there to fix the lever. Pull the lever to make the gate open, letting you proceed.

Past the gate, you will start to be bombarded from above, first from explosive rockets that explode after a while and then by a group of paratroopers. Naturally, you want to stay away from the bombs when they explode and take down the paratroopers as soon as they descend to the ground. Keep going to the left until you reach a small house. Destroy the door to the shed beside the house and grab the shovel inside. Dig at the glowing spot to unearth a beige lift. Pull the rope beside the lift to activate it, letting you reach the roof with the lift. Jump from the roof to the rope hanging from the rock, then jump to the tall wooden platform.

On the platform, jump to the right once more to clear the stone fence. The wooden platform will collapse once you do. On the other side, there is a bunch of enemy soldiers that will attack you once you drop down. Outside of some destroyable items and a load of studs, there is not much else to do in this area. There is a ladder for you to climb back to the left side of the fence. To advance, go through the gate at the back of the area.

Arid village[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests 4, 5 and 6

Throughout this area, the bombing will continue, so avoid the bombs and defeat the paratroopers as they arrive to attack. There is a broken-down car her that you must fix. First, use the pieces scattered near the car to piece it back together. Go south and destroy the grey cart to get s steering wheel. Place it on the car to complete it. The car still needs some repairs, but you don't have a wrench. Destroy the three tractors around the area to make them drop parts. Carry the three parts to the small barn at the back and place them on the green spots near the machine. This will cause a button to pop up. Stand on the button to operate the machine nearby, which extends a ladder to the balcony of one of the houses, where the wrench is located. Now that you have a wrench, fix the car and hop in.

Now that you're on the car continue to the right. Watch out for anymore bombs along the path. Boulders can also roll down from the hillside, which you'll need to avoid. Eventually you will reach an unfinished bridge. You can't drive across the gap, so have Indy whip swing to the opposite side. Destroy the crate there to get some wooden panels. Use the panels to reconstruct the bridge, then return to the car and drive across. Ram straight into the metal gates to advance to the next area.

Beachside bombardment[edit]

  • Collectables: Chests No. 7, 8, 9, and 10

After a minor incident while passing through the tunnel, you can no longer drive the car. Go along the winding path, taking out the groups of enemy soldiers along the way. Once you reach the bottom, more bombs and paratroopers will drop from the skies. Go south and you will quickly startle a flock of seagulls. They will fly up and damage the enemy plane in the sky. Now you need to find two more flocks and startle them to bring down the aircraft.

From the first seagull flock, go right and you will see a ledge and some handrails. Climb up the lower set of handrails to reach a high alcove. Jump to the vine and swing to the next handrail, then jump to the right ledge. Jump from the ledge to the handrail, then to the final ledge to startle the second flock, leaving the enemy warplane barely airborne.

Drop down and walk along the coast until you see a shed with a shovel. Take the shovel and go all left. Dig in the glowing spot near the crank to find a treasure chest. Destroy it and grab the key inside, then place it in the crank. Turn the crank to cause the plank nearby to become a ladder, letting you reach an isolated area to the left. Go to the shipwreck and climb up the vine to the crow's nest at the top to find two purple studs. Finally, jump up to the flock of seagulls to startle them.

With the plane damaged beyond repair, the aircraft crashes into the cave wall. Before Indy can plan out how to get to the Holy Grail, they are greeted by an old friend, Salah. Boarding the bus, they set off toward Hatay to stop Vogel's expedition from taking the Holy Grail.

Artifact list[edit]

  1. (Free Play only) On the airship, there is an elevated ledge with a railing around it. Use a female character to jump over the railing, then use an explosives user or Willie to break the glass case encasing the artifact.
  2. (Free Play only) After you destroy and rebuild the clock, fall down. Use an explosives-wielding character to destroy the shiny metal cart, leaving a key behind. Take the key and insert it into the crank. You can turn the clock hands with the crank, and you want to make it so that the clock shows the time 12:45, as the writing on the wall nearby indicates. The door beside you will open, letting you get the chest.
  3. There is a wooden platform under the water tower. Use Indy's whip to pull out a blue handle from the tower and place the handle on the grey door to the left of the tower. The door will open, letting you get the chest inside.
  4. (Free Play only) At the area after the orchard, go right and break the beige pile of sand. There is a crawlspace behind it which you can use with a short character. Crawl through to end up on a ledge with an artifact.
  5. Next to the blocked tunnel is a hieroglyph panel. Have Henry decipher the panel to cause some handrails to appear. Use the handrails to reach the ledge where the chest is.
  6. At the barn where you got the wrench, pull the grey cart all the way to the right to fill it up with grain. Once it is filled, push it back all the way to the left. Jump on to the small hill of grain to reach the second floor of the house to the left. Pull the lever there to open the door to the shed containing the chest.
  7. This artifact can be reached by going up the higher set of handrails while going for the second seagull flock.
  8. The chest is hidden behind some rocks at the right end of the area.
  9. This artifact requires you to unearth three sandcastles. The first sandcastle is right beside the shed where you find the shovel. The second is buried near the rightmost shed. The final sandcastle is south of the shipwreck.
  10. For this chest, go along the beach near the shipwreck until you see a series of stone jutting out of the water. Jump across these stones to reach a small island with a large wall. Climb up the wall through the small platforms to get to the top, where the chest is.

Mailing the parcel[edit]

This parcel can only be obtained during Free Play. When you get to the barn at the outhouse, there will be a tractor sitting there that only appears in Free Play. Drive the tractor into the area being bombed and run over three patches of grass to cause a mushroom to grow where they were. Get off the tractor and destroy the mushrooms to make the parcel appear on the last mushroom. Take it to the mailbox by the barn to mail it away. This parcel contains Treasure Magnet, a helpful cheat that pulls studs toward you, making it easier to collect them.