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Only expert archaeologists who have located every artifact can access this secret warehouse, where most of Indiana Jones's more secret and mysterious items are stored. Collect 1,000,000 studs as fast as you can, or just enjoy the various fun distractions offered. From custom-built racetracks to target practice, you'll have plenty of things to play around here!

  • Method of Unlocking: Collect all artifacts from every level.

Warehouse games[edit]

The main attraction of this level is the ability to make your own racetrack. There are green spots scattered all over the floor, which are spots where you place your track parts. The tracks come in long boxes: blue ones contain two straightaways, red boxes hold a U-turn, and green boxes contain a corner bend. Once a track part is placed, it appears as markings on the floor, with a crank on the green spot. You can rotate the crank to move and align the markings.

Other than the track parts, you can destroy crates or explore to find parts like traffic cones or barriers, which you can place on the track to serve as obstacles. There are also levers that alter your camera angle. Once you have a completed track, you need a vehicle to drive on it. Fortunately, there are plenty of vehicles for you to choose from. Exploring the warehouse, you'll find jeeps and bikes that appeared in previous levels, including Vogel's tank!

If you are focused on completing the level, there are tons of sources if you want to collect studs. Purple studs can often be found on ropes, and there are plenty of crates for you to break apart. However, the single best way to farm studs if to have an explosives user and take them to the right end of the area. Here, you will find a single target that can be locked on by your explosives user. Simply spam attack while aimed at the target to rack up tons of studs, letting you finish the level as fast as possible.