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Utah, 1912. Indiana Jones legendary adventures started when he was as young as 13 years old, when he was just a Boy Scout. Having stumbled upon Fedora and his lackeys, who unearthed the Cross of Coronado, Indy discovers that the cross is going to be sold to a private buyer. Deciding that the artifact belongs in a museum, Indy attempts to steal the cross with the help of a fellow scout, but they are noticed by the treasure hunters!

  • Method of Unlocking: Collect every artifact from any 10 levels.
  • Characters Obtained: Young Indy, Boy Scout
  • Library Characters Unlocked: Fedora

Cave with the cross[edit]

Destroy the nearby objects and collect studs, then head right. You will be attacked by some baddies with pistols. Defeat them, then jump over the gap using the rope. Past the gap are some more hostile treasure hunters armed with pistols. Take them all out, then go to the upper-left corner of the room. Jump across the deadly ant pit here to reach a chamber with a load of studs and a shovel. Back across the ant pit, go to the nearest glowing patch of soil and dig it to unearth a chest for some studs.

Return to the starting area and dig up the buried object, which turns out to be an odd clown bust. This causes the ground to collapse, revealing a key buried deeper in the ground. Take the key back across the pit and insert it into the crank. Turn the crank to open the nearby door. Through the door are a series of stone pillars that you have to carefully jump on to cross a wide abyss. You will need to use the ropes hanging from the ceiling to swing to each pillar. The second pillar will even break when you step on it. After jumping across the pillars, you must climb up some handrails to the cave exit.

Cliffside stable[edit]

Right next to the cave exit is a buried chest. If you don't have the shovel from before, there is one beside the horse's cage. Dig it up and carry it to the right, and place it on the green plates on the ground. Go south from where you dug up the chest to find another buried object. You can dig up another chest in this spot, but this one only gives you studs. Destroy the crates and cart to your right. A second chest will be left behind, the last one you have to place on the green spots on the ground.

Once you place both chests, you will get some blocks that you can use to build a lever with a rope hanging from it. Grab the rope to open a hatch in the cliff wall, dropping a key to the ground. Use the key to open the gate to the fence surrounding the horses. Go through the gate to trigger a cutscene. Indy and his friend make their escape on horseback, but realize they're being pursued by Fedora's gang in a jeep. Knowing that they can't outspeed a motorized vehicle, Indy and the other scout jumps on to a passing circus train!

Train exterior[edit]

To your left is the deadly steam of the train's engine, so you're forced to go right. Destroy any boxes in your way, and try to stay on the train, since falling off is instant death. Be careful when you're on the shorter cars, as Fedora's henchmen will climb on to the train an attack you on these areas. When you get to the car with the giraffes, go around them using the ledge below. Eventually you will get to a dead end. Destroy the boxes on this last car to get a bunch of tiles. Assemble the tiles into a checkerboard path, then push the remaining purple box to the left, letting you drop into the train.

Inside the circus train[edit]

Having just fallen into a box filled with snakes, Indy has acquired his trademark phobia of snakes. Unfortunately, you must cross a huge snake pit to proceed forward. Both Indy and his friend are afraid of snakes, but you can protect yourself from them by holding a torch, which you can get from either wall of the train. Go on to the bridge over the snake pit, which collapses when you stand on it, then grab the purple stud within the snake pit for an easy 10,000 studs. Go past the snake pit and the door will automatically open to the next car.

Your next obstacle is a fearsome lion. You have no way of defeating this beast, but there are whips hanging on the walls of the car, which Indy will automatically grab. You have now obtained Indy's signature whip, and you must use it to tame the lion. Just approach the lion and hit it several times with the whip, and be careful when it pounces. After enough hits, the lion will bail, letting you continue to the next car.

All this car contains are circus props. Destroy everything here until you're left with just three boxes filled with purple parts. Put all three on to the green spot at the center. Use the parts inside the boxes to build a big chest. Jump into it to end the level!

Fedora enters the last car, feeling sure that he has cornered the two boy scouts. However, they have already made their escape, and Fedora can only watch as they run off with his treasure.