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Welcome to the Shire! A place for hobbits to roam as we have the legendary Bilbo Baggins! Well, lets get on with the game. Bilbo and Gandalf are talking in a cutscene. Gandalf is worried of that ring Bilbo has. Enjoy this cutscene. Once the cutscene ends, go straight. Turn either for studs. Over the bridge, to right is a map of the Shire. More studs are to the left and right, too. Go over the bridge. Then go left then up then left then right then up then left then up then left then down. This will make a cutscene. If you want destroy the corn along the way. Black Riders! (or Nazgul or Ring wraiths) You will get control of Frodo. Get over the log and DO NOT STEP INTO THE LIGHT OR THE RIDERS WILL SEE YOU!! Destroy the rock nearby and aim by holding the button as said at the bottom of your screen. Aim at the bird and let go of the button when you want to throw it. The bird is in a tree at the right side of your screen. When you hit it the rider will be scared and run to the next phase. Change to Sam, go over the log and next to a bush, Sam can dig with his shovel. Do what it says on the bottom to dig. Its a rock And aim next to the huge rock at the side of your screen. The rock will roll and once again scaring the rider. Head straight on. There is a treasure chest behind the tree. Go to the right of the tree and get it. This time the rider is moving. Once it is right and the light is not to the left go and hide between the tree. When it goes to the opposite move and go through the hatch with what it says on the bottom. A bird is there once you got to the area. The black rider will go with the bird. Once you are up there go thre the branch and this will scare both the rider and the bird. DO NOT DROP DOWN! YOU WILL LOSE LIFE! Go through the hatch. Where it is glowing, change to Sam and stand and grow a plant as said on the bottom. Once you grow it plants will cover your view. Go through for a cutscene. This starts the second boss, Saurman the White. He will raise you and attack and he will attack too. Keep holding the attack until he lets you go. If you success, he will be stunned and on the floor. Attack at Saurman before he stands up. He will then attack starting the second phase. He will throw fireball objects as you are vulnerable to them. Dodge them. His other attack is jumping and in a straight line a flash of purple lightning goes through the floor. Jump over them. Them once you are close enough (not really close) and hold a button to lift Sauruman as said on the bottom. Throw him at a light. This is the third phase. The first phase begins once again. Do as you did before. Attack and dodge his attacks. Throw him through the window and a bird carries a treasure chest and he drops it, however, its behind Saurman! He will start the first phase, then, second and third. Once you get him get the treasure chest quickly. Gandalf! We take control of Frodo. Save at the save statue, if you desire. Destroy the rock to get a tile. Fix the tile to push a platform. Pick the other tile and place it there. Destroy the plant next to the rock you destroyed to get that tile. Fix it once again. Push the rock and this will scare the rider. Head straight and pick the item up. Throw it at a tree. This scares the rider. Then a apple is on the floor. Throw it at the owl. The rider sees what happened. Go to the rock and hide. It will go to the next area. Change to Sam and start planting. The log is too big for a hobbit to go through. So get up the rock and the flower can help you cross the log. Destroy the bush birds are in and this will scare the rider. The rider will patrol the bridge. Change to Merry and he can fish at the left corner. Do what it says to fish. Once you are done, pick up the item. Aim below the fire. This scares the rider. The rider leaves! But he calls to other riders and he is next to a beehive. Dig as Sam next to the spider web. A item will pop out and aim at the hive. This not only scares the rider, but gets stung by bees! This does not stop the rider. The web breaks to reveal a path the rider will not see. More bees chase the stung and poor rider. He leaves the area. Head through the log and you automatically scare the birds scaring the rider! A bird lands on a bush and a apple falls out! (Sam's favorite fruit.) Aim at the bird. This scares the rider. Head pas the arrow and this triggers a cutscene. But we are stopped by. B L A C K R I D E R S ! BLACK RIDERS! (COME ON!!!) Yay, a chase scene! Go the opposite way the rider is going. Try to out trick the rider. He could get closer. If he gets side by side by you just run! As fast as you can! Or you can lure him to hit a object. That is how you outrun foolish Black Riders. That ends chapter 2.