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Winning Condition: -Death of all enemies in 22 turns
                   -Elwin reaches top of map in 22 turns
Losing Condition:  -Death of Elwin
                   -Run out of time
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry

Enemies:  Morgan Sorcerer L10 Dark Elf x4, Horseman x2

          Imperial General Warlock L8 Soldier x6
          Imperial General Thief L6 Pikeman x4, Soldier x2

        ( Werewolf L1 Wolf man x6 ) x2

    After crossing point where road turns right for a couple of spaces:
        ( Werewolf L3 Wolf man x5 ) x2

    After reaching the hill after crossing the second bridge
    or defeat of Morgan:
        ( Werewolf L5 Wolf man x4 ) x2

No matter what you do, Morgan will always survive to be in the next scenario, although it is possible to wound him here, forcing him to retreat. This scenario is essentially a very long chase, and how much you get out of it depends on how much you put into it.

Despite what Sherry says, werewolves are not very tough - about as hard as a low or mid level lord. The main threat is the thief. His attack is high enough to kill your weaker characters. Kill him using Sherry, Elwin, or Scott, who by this point should have class changed or at least be close to it. Keep Hain and Riana behind them, but try not to neglect them. Riana especially really needs experience. Have Hain cast attack on her guardsmen to help her.

If you wish to kill Morgan or his Warlock companion, chase after them using a knight and/or hawk knight. If you have a hawk knight, you can use griffins to sweep out the pikemen - if you don't, you'll have to wait for the soldiers to do it. You will have to move fast, or else the werewolves will surround you and block your movement. Bypass the warlock at first and go for Morgan himself. Attack him directly as soon as possible. Because of his low defense, you should be able to either kill him or cripple him so much he'll be stuck using the health command for 2-3 turns. The scenario will continue even after Morgan leaves. Once you've done that, backtrack and kill the warlock.